Twelve people have been taken into police custody for their alleged role in a deadly fire in central China’s Jiangxi province, state media said today.

At least 39 people died and nine were injured after a fire broke out at a store in the city of Xinyu Wednesday.

President Xi Jinping called for “deep reflection” after the fire and greater efforts to “curb the frequent occurrence of safety accidents”.

Citing local authorities, state news agency Xinhua reported that the cause of the blaze had been the “illegal” use of fire by workers in the store’s basement.“Heavy smoke soon engulfed the first and second floor, trapping students at training facilities there and people in a hotel,” Xinhua quoted the city’s mayor Xu Hong as saying.

Twelve people have been taken into custody and are under investigation by police for their alleged role in the fire, Xinhua said.

Wednesday’s fire came just days after a late-evening blaze at a school in central China’s Henan province killed 13 students.