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Macedonia 22.01.22 | 12:25

Trafficker with nine illegal migrants stopped near Gevgelija

Gevgelija police arrested a human trafficker from Skopje who as transporting nine illegal migrants. The group included five people from Syria and four from India. They were all crammed into a Golf car, that was intercepted north of Gevgelija, along what is one of the main Balkan migrant routes.

Macedonia 13.01.22 | 11:46

Nine Cuban migrants stopped north of Gevgelija

Gevgelija police arrested two Serbian citizens who were carrying nine illegal migrants from Cuba. The migrants likely crossed over from Greece and secured a ride toward Serbia. They were stopped early on their trip, near Smokvica. The two smugglers, aged 20 and 19, have been detained and the Cubans are...

Macedonia 30.10.21 | 23:19

Gevgelija police filmed while it escorts party activists who are buying votes

A video recorded this evening shows a police patrol accompanying a vehicle in Gevgelija as it apparently distributes bribes to voters ahead of the second round of the local elections tomorrow. Gevgelija is one of the cities that did not elect a mayor in the first round, and is contested between the SDSM...

Macedonia 26.10.21 | 15:02

Mickoski with a message to the citizens: Come out and vote en masse, there will be no revanchism, we need every person

Today we are here in Gevgelija to hank the people of Gevgelija for the support received by our candidate for mayor here in Gevgelija Andon in the first round, but also the victory of the councilor list that VMRO-DPMNE and the Coalition achieved here in Gevgelija, said Hristijan Mickoski,  VMRO-DPMNE...

Macedonia 15.08.21 | 17:26

Seven migrants from Cuba found in Gevgelija

The Gevgelija police found seven migrants from Cuba in a vehicle driven by a man from Veles late on Saturday. The persons were detained in a police station. In coordination with the Public Prosecutor charges will be filed against the driver, and the migrants will be accommodated in the Vinojug –...

Macedonia 10.07.21 | 15:04

The unusually large number of infections in children in Gevgelija is not caused by the coronavirus, Minister Filipce claims

Healthcare Minister Venko Filipce assured parents in Gevgelija that the unusually large number of children who have respiratory issues in summer is not linked with the coronavirus. About five dozen children were treated over the past month for respiratory infections. Most of the cases were not difficult,...

Macedonia 28.06.21 | 12:32

Taseveski calls on the President and all those who supported the Pride Parade, to support the protest against a plant for imported waste in Gevgelija

I call on President Stevo Pendarovski and the other ministers who yesterday on behalf of human rights supported the so-called Pride Parade in Skopje, to come to Gevgelija and support the people of Gevgelija in the commitment AGAINST the construction of a plant for processing imported waste in our city,...

Macedonia 21.05.21 | 20:20

Mickoski meets health and education workers in Gevgelija: VMRO-DPMNE offers better solutions in education and health

VMRO DPMNE offers solutions for better health and real reforms in education in the Republic of Macedonia, said Hristijan Mickoski, leader of VMRO DPMNE who today visited Gevgelija where he met with health and education workers. Health and education workers are disappointed with the delay of vaccination,...

Macedonia 22.03.21 | 15:15

Gevgelija hospital ran out of spare beds in its Covid ward

Gevgelija hospital manager Mitko Krdzev said that they have ran out of spare beds in the Covid ward. The hospital is now looking into converting other wards for coronavirus patients. We have 14 patients in the modular Covid ward and nine more are in the adapted ward in the former neurology department....

Macedonia 08.03.21 | 12:46

Gevgelija general hospital and physical therapy center forced to scale down operations as the virus spreads among the medical staff

The Negorci spa near Gevgelija closed its physical therapy department after a number of doctors and nurses contracted the coronavirus. Doctor Mitko Krdzev from the Gevgelija general hospital said that the spa and therapy centar also suffered a fatality due to the illness. Due to the situation, the hospital...

News 05.03.21 | 17:53

City of Gevgelija asks for permission to impose an overnight curfew

Local authorities in Gevgelija asked the Government to allow them to declare an overnight curfew after the latest surge of the coronavirus. Yesterday similar demands came from Negotino and Prilep. Authorities in Gevgelija want to impose a curfew from 21h until 5h – mainly to more efficiently prevent...

Macedonia 10.12.20 | 16:53

Greek citizen found dead in Gevgelija

A Greek citizen was found dead in an apartment in Gevgelija yesterday. The 46 year old man was a resident of Gevgelija. An autopsy has been ordered to determine the cause of death.

Macedonia 02.11.20 | 15:09

Gevgelija: Debtor tried to kill the lender and his lawyer

A man from Gevgelija pulled a gun on a man he owed money to and his lawyer, during a procedure when he was required to settle the debt. The incident happened on Thursday in the office of a court appointment enforcement agent. While the talks were on-going, the debtor pulled a gun and pointed it at the...

Macedonia 07.08.20 | 17:02

Greece closes the Gevgelija crossing for overnight arrivals

Greece informed that it will close the Gevgelija border crossing with Macedonia for arriving traffic for eight hours each night. The border is already closed for Macedonian citizens, but open for tourists from many other countries. Starting today until August 15, there will be no night shift for arriving...

Macedonia 31.07.20 | 12:28

Police stops 11 Bangladeshi migrants near Negotino

Police found 11 illegal immigrants from Bangladesh during a raid on the E-75 highway, between Gevgelija and Negotino. The migrants were driven in two vehicles, operated by two men from a village near Veles. The traffickers are being charged, and the migrants were sent to the Gevgelija migrant center...

Macedonia 09.07.20 | 10:07

Mickoski calls on citizens to vote for VMRO-DPMNE’s winning list and send Zaev to the dark side of history

The leader of VMRO-DPMNE, Hristijan Mickoski said Wednesday in Gevgelija said that in these elections the people are deciding for Macedonia. These are elections where we decide for Macedonia, these are elections between different concepts, these are elections where the choice is between transitional...

Macedonia 08.07.20 | 17:09

Mickoski: Zaev ignored all the promises he made to the south-eastern region

SDSM accomplished nothing of the many promises it made in 2016 and it deserve to be defeated, said VMRO-DPMNE President Hristijan Mickoski, who was campaigning in the south-eastern parts of Macedonia today. Mickoski is visiting Gevgelija, Dojran, Bogdanci and Valandovo. This region was badly affected...

Macedonia 29.06.20 | 12:50

Greece will allow entry at the Gevgelija border crossing on Wednesday

Greece announced it will open the Gevgelija border crossing for transit tourists on Wednesday. The main crossing between Macedonia and Greece has been closed for months. It will remain closed for Macedonian citizens, as the country is on a EU wide black list after having a major Second Wave of the epidemic....

Macedonia 18.06.20 | 16:36

Border police reports it stopped the transport of 142 illegal migrants a week ago

The Interior Ministry informed that a week ago the border police patrol captured 142 illegal migrants hiding in a truck that was heading north along the A1 highway near Gevgelija. The migrants were transported by two men from Gevgelija, who are arrested and are being charged. Once the police spotted...

Macedonia 22.05.20 | 16:08

The removal of coronavirus restrictions will cause a spike in illegal migration in the Balkans, Interior Minister Culev warns

Interior Minister Nake Culev arned that the lifting of the coronavirus linked restrictions across the region will again re-active the migrant smuggling routes in the Balkans. Migrants were easy to catch with the evening curfews that were introduced because of the coronavirus epidemic, and he border closures,...

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