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Macedonia 29.03.20 | 14:53

Strumica and Gevgelija register their first coronavirus cases, total number reaches 259

The number of coronavirus patients in Macedonia grew to 259, after 18 more were diagnosed in the past 24 hours. Strumica and Gevgelija registered their first cases – one each. Most of the patients are in the capital Skopje – 145, followed by Debar with 45 and Kumanovo with 21.

Macedonia 09.03.20 | 11:40

Macedonia deports 180 illegal migrants back to Greece

Macedonian police has deported 180 illegal migrants who were intercepted over the weekend back to Greece. Reports of groups numbering from a dozen up to a 100 people being stopped on the Macedonian stretch of the Balkan Route come daily. The traffickers are being prosecuted, while the migrants are temporarily...

Economy 03.02.20 | 09:42

Zaev plays with 300,000 pensioners and their dignity

VMRO-DPMNE leader Hristijan Mickoski met Sunday with Gevgelija pensioners, who expressed their dissatisfaction with the policies of the current government. They say that the government has disappointed and them and deceived them. Zaev is playing with 300,000 pensioners and their dignity, Mickoski said. Mickoski...

Macedonia 01.02.20 | 13:23

Fourteen migrants from Afghanistan and Syria stopped north of Gevgelija

Macedonian police found 14 illegal migrants in a vehicle that was moving north from Gevgelija toward Demir Kapija, which is part of the main Balkan migrant route. Twelve of the migrants are Afgans and two are from Syria. The driver was a 25 year old man from Studenicani near Skopje and he was using the...

Macedonia 17.10.19 | 22:02

Mickoski: The patience of VMRO-DPMNE is over, join us in the streets

VMRO-DPMNE President Hristijan Mickoski said that the patience of the opposition ran out today, with the negative news coming from Brussels. During a rally in Gevgelija, Mickoski said that the people understand there is a better way and demand and end to the crime and the betrayed expectations. This...

Economy 25.08.19 | 21:35

The most expensive toll in Macedonia starts operation Monday

The Gevgelija toll station will start operating tomorrow, 26.08.2019 at 7 am, AMSM informed Sunday. The toll station near Smokvica will have 10 tolls, five to Gevgelija and neighboring Greece and five to Skopje. Putting into operation of this toll station comes after JP “Public Roads” build...

Macedonia 04.08.19 | 11:58

Five border police officers caught accepting bribes

Five police officers from the Gevgelija border crossing with Greece were arrested on bribery charges. The men were caught in by the internal police control. Following a search, more than 800 EUR and alcohol which they also accepted as bribes were found with the five men. It was not specified what exactly...

Macedonia 04.08.19 | 11:48

Police stops trafficker with 24 migrants from Afghanistan, Pakistan and Bangladesh

A 37 year old man from Veles was arrested on Saturday evening, after police caught him transporting 24 illegal migrants in the back of a pickup truck. The migrants are from Afghanistan, Pakistan and Bangladesh. Police intercepted the group on the highway between Gevgelija and Demir Kapija, which is the...

Macedonia 29.07.19 | 10:24

Police stops truck carrying 79 migrants who crossed over from Greece

Another in the near-daily arrests of groups of migrants crossing Macedonia on their way from Greece to the European Union. The police stopped a Mercedes truck on Sunday near the Gevgelija border crossing with Greece, and found it was carrying 79 migrants. The driver, 25 year old V.K. from the near by...

Macedonia 19.07.19 | 10:48

Police stops a truck carrying 48 migrants near the Greek border

Police stopped a truck driven by a 26 year old man from Skopje, who was transportting 48 migrants. The truck was stopped near Gevgelija, close to the border with Greece, where the driver picked the migrants up, and was likely planning to take them to the border with Serbia. There were 38 migrants from...

Macedonia 18.04.19 | 20:35

Zaev announces plan to push public sector employees into the private sector

Prime Minister Zoran Zaev announced that he is going ahead with his plan to reduce the public administration by pushing public sector employees into the private sector. Zaev made the announcement during a rally in Gevgelija, ahead of the presidential elections, where the votes of the public administration...

Macedonia 15.04.19 | 21:37

In the election we will be joined by those who intend to boycott

I think that people who have dilemmas after what happened in the referendum, whether this government is capable and whether it wants to organize fair and democratic elections, I refer to those who intend to boycott, I think that they too will join us because they will understand that only from within,...