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Economy 30.09.20 | 11:29

Dimitrieska Kocoska: Of the announced 550 million, the government hasn’t even realized 200 million euros for anti-crisis measures

Gordana Dimitrieska Kocoska, member of the EC of VMRO-DPMNE said Wednesday on a morning show, that the realization of the three sets of anti-crisis measures was 550 million euros, but as she said not even 200 million was realized and that the fourth sets of measures contain measures from the previous...

Economy 12.08.20 | 21:27

Dimitrieska Kocoska: Closure of Eurostandard Bank serious blow to over 55 thousand retirees and recipients of social welfare

The collapse of Eurostandard Bank is another major failure of the current government and a serious blow to the banking and financial sector, VMRO-DPMNE said on Wednesday. As the President of the Commission for material financial operations of VMRO-DPMNE, Gordana Dimitrieska Kocoska, pointed out, after...

Economy 22.03.20 | 16:11

Because we love Macedonia! Buy Macedonian products!

In her video address, Gordana Dimitrieska Kocoska sent a message to the citizens of Macedonia that in this period of economic crisis we can all help with our behavior. She emphasized that this was a time when we have to support Macedonian production and the domestic economy. In a period of economic crisis...

Economy 14.02.20 | 18:47

Dimitrieska-Kocoska publicly asked to be told how much the new employment agreements cost the country

Deputy Finance Minister Gordana Dimitrieska Kocoska again notes today that partial, incomplete data is being provided to her and that much of the information and acts are not provided at all. That is also shown by the fact that since my appointment to date, I have not received any job application, promotion,...

Economy 13.01.20 | 17:23

Business sinks, and insolvency grows: Macedonia’s economy has optimism in words, not in deeds

Gordana Dimitrieska – Kocoska is the interim deputy minister of finance proposed by VMRO-DPMNE. She says that it is an honor, but also a great responsibility for her, in such difficult times for the Republic of Macedonia to influence the macroeconomic flows. In an interview with Netpress she explains...

Economy 09.01.20 | 14:10

Dimitrieska Kocoska: Profit tax drop, inadequate planning are part of the data that is hidden and distorted

Additional Deputy Minister of Finance Gordana Dimitrieska Kocoska at Thursday’s press conference at the Ministry of Finance expressed disappointment with, as she said, the obstruction of her work at the Ministry. Yesterday we witnessed an unfortunate event where a letter from the Minister’s...

Economy 09.01.20 | 13:16

Angelovska denies forbidding communication with Dimitrieska-Kocoska

Finance Minister Nina Angelovska denies that she has forbidden communication with the additional Deputy Minister of Finance Gordana Dimitrieska-Kocoska. The Finance Ministry issued a denial. It says there is no forbidden communication, explaining that it is part of the working procedures.

Economy 08.01.20 | 16:57

Dear employees, you have an honest colleague in me: Soon it will be known what the government wants to hide

Additional Deputy Minister Gordana Dimitrieska-Kocoska responded to the scandalous letter to the employees at the Ministry of Finance by Minister Nina Angelovska, forbidding them to communicate with the Additional Deputy Minister. The forbidding of communication only confirms the fear of revealing the...

Economy 08.01.20 | 10:44

Angelovska forbids Finance Ministry employees to communicate with additional deputy minister Dimitrieska-Kocoska

Scandalous letter to the employees at the Finance Ministry by Minister Nina Angelovska forbidding them from communicating with additional Deputy Minister Gordana Dimitrieska-Kocoska. The letter was sent early in the morning after Dimitrieska-Kocoska took office, after she was voted in Parliament as a...