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Macedonia 02.03.23 | 20:23

Tetovo hospital disaster hearing reveals that the wiring was an improvised job

Builders of the improvised Covid hospital in Tetovo, that burnt to the ground in 2021 with the loss of 15 lives, did not prepare a plan for the electric wiring. This was revealed at the trial in Tetovo today, during which the court heard from an electric engineer. The Brako company, owned by Zaev’s...

Macedonia 06.01.23 | 23:11

Moldy walls and ruined toilets – the hospital in Struga is a public health hazard

Shocking pictures from the hospital in Struga were shared with the public today by a local politician, whose comment was that the hospital is not a place where patients can be treated properly. The pictures show decaying walls eaten away by water and mold and unsanitary toilets. This is the result of...

Macedonia 16.05.22 | 18:25

Tetovo hospital director – and brother of the Finance Minister – will be charged over the deadly Covid ward fire

Tetovo hospital director Florina Besimi, who is brother of Finance Minister Fatmir Besimi and an influential figure in the ruling DUI party, is going to be charged with the devastating fire in the improvised Covid hospital in the city on September 8th 2021. The fire killed 14 patients and their relatives. State...

Macedonia 07.05.22 | 12:15

After two years, prosecutors announce charges in the high profile medical malpractice case in Struga

Struga prosecutors announced charges against two doctors and a nurse from the Struga general hospital who badly mishandled a delivery in 2020. Due to medical error, the mother, Yildiz Veaposka from Debar, lost a kidney, an ovary and her womb. The case caused outrage in the country after the Healthcare...

Macedonia 25.01.22 | 10:10

German report in the Tetovo hospital fire also points to the wiring, still early to say whether it will lead to criminal charges

According to Alsat TV, the report prepared by German forensics experts after the deadly fire in the improvised Covid hospital in Tetovo points to the extension cord used to power a defibrilator as the likely source of the fire. This was also the opinion of local investigators, who are waiting for the...

Macedonia 24.01.22 | 14:52

German expert report on the deadly Tetovo hospital fire is translated, given to local prosecutors

Tetovo prosecutors are finally expected to begin using a report prepared by German experts after the deadly Covid hospital fire in September that killed 14 patients and their family members. The report was recently sent to Macedonia and has now been translated. Initial investigation showed that a defibrilator...

Macedonia 19.11.21 | 09:04

VMRO: Because of Zaev’s corruption, Macedonia lost 14 million EUR already approved by EBRD for reconstruction of the Stip hospital

VMRO-DPMNE blamed the incompetence of the Zaev Government for the decision of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development to freeze the 14 million EUR it was expected to provide for reconstruction of the Stip hospital. Since 2017 now work was done on this capital project for our entire eastern...

Macedonia 18.11.21 | 11:03

Dozen witnesses offered to testify about the Tetovo hospital disaster

A dozen witnesses came forward and offered to testify about the deadly Tetovo hospital fire on September 8th, which killed 14 Covid patients and their family members. We have people who were admitted to other parts of the hospital, and who were able to flee when the fire started to spread, come to us...

Macedonia 04.11.21 | 09:54

Hospital management in Kocani is harassing doctors and nurses who didn’t support SDSM in the local elections

VMRO-DPMNE member of Parliament Zoran Kocevski accused the management of the Kocani hospital of workplace harassment of employees who refused to actively take part in the SDSM campaign in the city. SDSM lost the mayoral race in Kocani in the narrowest election in the country, that came down to a dozen...

Macedonia 21.10.21 | 18:12

Female employee was attacked in the “8th of September” hospital in Skopje

An employee of the “8th of September” hospital in Skopje reported that she was attacked overnight. The 53 woman called the police informing them that a 35 year old man from a village near Skopje assaulted her. Police did not reveal additional details. Attacks on hospital staff are frequent...

Macedonia 29.09.21 | 17:23

Scenes from Kratovo: A hospital from Hell

Citizens of Kratovo shared photographs from the city’s general hospital, showing the horrible state it is in. The pictures show a dog wandering the hallways, dilapidated toilets, holes in the ceiling and the general disrepair of the hospital.

Macedonia 24.09.21 | 14:48

Zaev succeeded in delaying the removal of Venko Filipce at least until the end of the year

As the Parliament stops its regular work because of the start of the municipal elections campaign, the Zaev coalition was able to protect Healthcare Minister Venko Filipce, at least until the end of the year. Filipce was forced to offer his resignation and faces a vote of no confidence in the Parliament...

Macedonia 23.09.21 | 11:26

“Zaev and Filipce claimed credit when they were building the modular Covid hospitals, but now try to blame DUI for the fire”

What we know so far about the deadly fire in the Tetovo Covid hospital shows there were serious failures in its construction and management, the opposition VMRO-DPMNE party said in a statement. The fire, late on September 8th, while Macedonia was celebrating its 30th independence day anniversary, killed...

Macedonia 21.09.21 | 11:42

Stip hospital management is trying to remove the patients from the container Covid unit to a safer location

The management of the Stip general hospital is trying to remove all patients from the improvised container ward – a unit of the same type to the one that burnt down in Tetovo on September 8th, killing 15 patients and visitors. But because of issues with fire prevention system in the main hospital...

Macedonia 19.09.21 | 13:59

Electric panel in the Covid hospital in Prilep was found damaged

Workers in the Prilep general hospital reported that an electric panel of the improvised Covid hospital in the city was damaged. According to the Healthcare Ministry, the panel was opened with a crowbar. Electric supply to the hospital was not interrupted since the panel is not part of the main line,...

Macedonia 18.09.21 | 10:53

Why was the Tetovo hospital built using flammable materials?, VMRO asks Zaev

As the Zaev regime is trying to deflect its responsibility for the deadly fire in Tetovo, that killed 15 people in a makeshift Covid hospital set up under a crony contract, the opposition VMRO-DPMNE party came out with a list of 12 questions that VMRO says need to be answered. Who is to blame for the...

Macedonia 10.09.21 | 15:35

Video shows the desperate evacuation from the burning Tetovo hospital

A Tik-Tok user uploaded what appears to be video from the deadly fire that broke out in the Tetovo Covid hospital on Wednesday. The recording seems to come from the hospital’s surveillance system. It shows people being pulled out of a window as smoke billows out as well as explosions.  

Macedonia 10.09.21 | 14:20

Investigators: The victims of the Tetovo fire were aged between 29 and 78, eight were women and six men

State prosecutors issued a statement on the Tetovo hospital fire, formally confirming that 14 people died in the disaster. A 15th body is being examined, but the young woman is believed to have died just prior to the fire. Of the 14 casualties in the fire, eight were women and six were men. The victims...

Macedonia 10.09.21 | 12:40

Tetovo: Families begin burying their dead

Families of th victims of the Tetovo hospital fire will begin burying their family members today, Alsat TV reported. Fifteen people died in the fire in the modular Covid hospital, and 12 were injured. The cause of the fire is still being investigated, and forensics teams examined the bodies.

Macedonia 10.09.21 | 12:30

Tetovo hospital fire toll rose to 15

The body of another, 15th casualty from the devastating hospital fire in Tetovo, was brought for a forensics examination to Skopje today. It is a 20 year old woman who was suffering from cerebral palsy and was treated at the improvised Covid hospital that caught fire. According to eyewitnesses, the woman...