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Macedonia 19.09.21 | 13:59

Electric panel in the Covid hospital in Prilep was found damaged

Workers in the Prilep general hospital reported that an electric panel of the improvised Covid hospital in the city was damaged. According to the Healthcare Ministry, the panel was opened with a crowbar. Electric supply to the hospital was not interrupted since the panel is not part of the main line,...

Macedonia 18.09.21 | 10:53

Why was the Tetovo hospital built using flammable materials?, VMRO asks Zaev

As the Zaev regime is trying to deflect its responsibility for the deadly fire in Tetovo, that killed 15 people in a makeshift Covid hospital set up under a crony contract, the opposition VMRO-DPMNE party came out with a list of 12 questions that VMRO says need to be answered. Who is to blame for the...

Macedonia 10.09.21 | 15:35

Video shows the desperate evacuation from the burning Tetovo hospital

A Tik-Tok user uploaded what appears to be video from the deadly fire that broke out in the Tetovo Covid hospital on Wednesday. The recording seems to come from the hospital’s surveillance system. It shows people being pulled out of a window as smoke billows out as well as explosions.  

Macedonia 10.09.21 | 14:20

Investigators: The victims of the Tetovo fire were aged between 29 and 78, eight were women and six men

State prosecutors issued a statement on the Tetovo hospital fire, formally confirming that 14 people died in the disaster. A 15th body is being examined, but the young woman is believed to have died just prior to the fire. Of the 14 casualties in the fire, eight were women and six were men. The victims...

Macedonia 10.09.21 | 12:40

Tetovo: Families begin burying their dead

Families of th victims of the Tetovo hospital fire will begin burying their family members today, Alsat TV reported. Fifteen people died in the fire in the modular Covid hospital, and 12 were injured. The cause of the fire is still being investigated, and forensics teams examined the bodies.

Macedonia 10.09.21 | 12:30

Tetovo hospital fire toll rose to 15

The body of another, 15th casualty from the devastating hospital fire in Tetovo, was brought for a forensics examination to Skopje today. It is a 20 year old woman who was suffering from cerebral palsy and was treated at the improvised Covid hospital that caught fire. According to eyewitnesses, the woman...

Macedonia 10.09.21 | 10:31

The state of public healthcare: Stray dog filmed in the Kicevo hospital

After the devastating fire in the modular Covid hospital in Tetovo that killed 14 people, citizens are sharing pictures and video showing the state of public healthcare in Macedonia. In one of them, apparently from the hospital in Kicevo, a dog is shown licking itself in a hospital room. The patient...

Macedonia 09.09.21 | 18:40

Victims in Tetovo hospital fire aged between 29 and 79

The Minister of Health Venko Filipce informed at Thursday’s press conference that 26 patients were hospitalized in the Covid Center in Tetovo during this terrible event, and two doctors and four nurses were also in the hospital during the fire. 12 patients who were evacuated safely from the covid...

Macedonia 09.09.21 | 17:27

Pendarovski: At this moment I do not know if there is a basis for moral and political accountability

President Stevo Pendarovski told reporters in Tetovo on Thursday that according the information he has received from authorities, so far there are no indications that the fire that erupted in the modular hospital was intentional. However, I say, it is the information I have at this moment and of course...

Macedonia 09.09.21 | 14:13

The Healthcare Ministry and its politically linked contractor insist that the Tetovo hospital was built maintaining high safety standards

The Brako company and the Healthcare Ministry issued statements insisting that the modular hospital, which burnt down with huge loss of life yesterday in Tetovo, was built up to all expected standards. Horrific tragedy in Tetovo, at least 14 dead as fire rips through improvised Covid hospital Our company...

Macedonia 09.09.21 | 11:28

PHOTO, VIDEO: Dreadful scenes at the burnt Covid hospital in Tetovo

As morning came, the city of Tetovo woke to dreadful scenes at the site of the improvised Covid hospital that burnt down yesterday evening. At least 14 patients were killed and 12 people were injured in the inferno. Local new outlets shared the scene of charred beds and plastic.

Macedonia 09.09.21 | 10:19

Toll in the Tetovo Covid hospital fire: 14 dead and 12 injured

The Healthcare Ministry informed that 14 people were killed and 12 injured in the fire that devastated the Covid hospital in Tetovo yesterday. According to the Ministry, 26 patients were treated in the modular hospital at the time of the fire. The surviving patients continue to be treated in the Tetovo...

Macedonia 09.09.21 | 09:52

14 deaths confirmed in the Tetovo hospital fire

The confirmed death toll from the devastating fire in the Tetovo Covid hospital yesterday is put at 14, state prosecutors informed this morning. Horrific tragedy in Tetovo, at least 10 dead as fire rips through improvised Covid hospital In some cases, the bodies are so badly burnt, a DNA test will...

Macedonia 09.09.21 | 08:57

Tetovo hospital director warned about problems with the modular hospital

The modular hospital in Tetovo that burnt down yesterday evening while dozens of Covid patients were treated there – with at least 10 killed – was plagued with problems from the start. It was one of a dozen modular hospitals ordered by the Healthcare Ministry and set up next to the main Covid...

Macedonia 08.09.21 | 23:37

Sitel: About 30 victims in the Tetovo modular hospital fire

The fire in the modular hospital in Tetovo has been extinguished. However, the hospital is completely burnt down. Unofficially according to Sitel TV, there are about 30 victims, including patients and staff. The fire broke out around 9 pm and firefighters and police were immediately dispatched to contain...

Macedonia 22.04.21 | 12:27

Corona field hospital in Tetovo has not been put in service due to lack of water in the city

An improvised field hospital set up in Tetovo to help treat coronavirus patients still has not been put in service because of the lack of water in the city. Tetovo is undergoing water cuts for parts of the day after a reservoir built on Mount Shara was damaged. This has prevented the necessary tests...

Macedonia 06.04.21 | 12:24

Company owned by Zaev’s confidant collected 3.6 million EUR in Covid field hospitals contract

The Brako company, owned by Zaev’s former Deputy Prime Minister Koco Angusev, quickly collected on 3.6 million EUR from its contract to build a number of Covid field hospitals. The funds were provided by the Labour and Welfare Ministry with a loan from the World Bank. The Ministry prepared an international...

Macedonia 05.04.21 | 11:31

Potemkin hospitals: Work on the field hospital in Bitola stopped as soon as Minister Filipce left

“Nova Makedonija” reports that work on the field hospital being set up for coronavirus patients in Bitola stopped as soon as the visit by Healthcare Minister Venko Filipce ended. Filipce inspected work on the hospital on Friday and was greeted by about a dozen craftsmen working on the hospital....

Macedonia 05.04.21 | 11:27

The Kozle hospital is full at maximum capacity with Covid patients

The Kozle children’s pulmonary hospital, which now treats adult coronavirus patients, is full to the brim, its manager Besnik Zekiri said. We have 45 patients, eight of them with low oxygen saturation levels, and no spare rooms, Zekiri said. The hospital initially treated children with Covid-19...

Macedonia 22.03.21 | 15:15

Gevgelija hospital ran out of spare beds in its Covid ward

Gevgelija hospital manager Mitko Krdzev said that they have ran out of spare beds in the Covid ward. The hospital is now looking into converting other wards for coronavirus patients. We have 14 patients in the modular Covid ward and nine more are in the adapted ward in the former neurology department....