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Macedonia 18.06.23 | 11:50

After torrential rains, citizens of Kavadarci told to boil their drinking water

Citizens of Kavadarci are being warned to boil their water, after strong rains caused spill-over into the main water springs supplying the city. Water coming from the Lukar reservoir now contains visible impurities and the request to boil the water will be in effect until quality improves. Citizens are...

Economy 03.06.23 | 16:46

Farmers block Kavadarci – Prilep road to demand urgent repairs to irrigation system

Farmers from Kavadarci blocked the Gradsko – Prilep road to protest the lack of repairs on a key irrigation canal. Much of this agricultural region was left without water for irrigation because of the damage to the Makarija system, that is part of the lake Tikves irrigation network. The system...

Macedonia 15.04.23 | 13:42

Police displays nearly a ton of marijuana that was seized in Bitola and Kavadarci

The Interior Ministry displayed the drugs seized recently in large coordinated raids. iDuring the raid near Kavadarci, in a company that was registered for cannabis oil production, the police found 570 kilograms of marijuana. And in Bitola, 300 kilograms of marijuana and almost 500 plants were seized....

Macedonia 23.12.22 | 18:13

15 year old arrested in Kavadarci after emailing fake bomb threats to schools

The counter terrorism police made its first arrest in the wave of emailed bomb threats that plagued Macedonia over the past few months. The person being charged is a 15 years old boy from Kavadarci. He is suspected of emailing three elementary and high schools in the city with fake bomb threats that...

Macedonia 03.12.22 | 10:53

Another Bulgarian club to be opened in Kavadarci, which will be called “Balkan Corridor”

Another private Bulgarian club will be opened in Kavadarci on December 11, Plusinfo has learned. According to the news portal, the third Bulgarian club in Macedonia, in addition to “Vanco Mihailov” and “Tsar Boris the Third”, will be called “Balkan Corridor”, and the...

Macedonia 04.02.22 | 17:01

Kavadarci: Elderly man investigated for trying to rape a minor

Kavadarci police is investigating a 70 year old man who reportedly tried to rape a minor. The man was identified by the police as I.I. The attack occurred on January 25th.  

Macedonia 28.01.22 | 10:53

Kavadarci: 19 year old raped his underage sister

Kavadarci police is investigating a horrific report that a 19 year old man raped his 11 year old sister. The attack reportedly happened in the village of Drenovo. The attacker has been detained for 30 days.  

Macedonia 28.11.21 | 11:37

Kavadarci police seized 150 grams of heroin

Kavadarci police seized 150 grams of heroin from two drug dealers. The drugs were found in their home, divided in small packages and prepared to be sold. The officers seized money and a car they suspect were the proceeds from drug running.

Macedonia 16.11.21 | 18:48

Murder in Kavadarci

A man from Kavadarci was killed yesterday evening in a fight. The man was trying to intervene in an on-going argument and separate the two parties. One of those involved, a 45 year old man, used a stick to bring the man to the ground, and then stabbed him repeatedly in the chest with a knife. The victim...

Macedonia 02.11.21 | 13:29

Teacher attacked in Kavadarci

A female elementary school teacher was attacked in her classroom in Kavadarci yesterday. The attack happened at 9 in the morning. The 54 year old teacher was attacked by a 53 year old man. Local police still hasn’t informed the public about the motive of the attack.

Macedonia 04.10.21 | 22:26

Red card for Zaev in Kavadarci: SDSM’s rally with three times lower attendance than that of VMRO-DPMNE

Tonight, the people of Kavadarci gave a red card to Zoran Zaev. The SDSM rally was attended by a small number of people. According to field sources, about 400 people from Kavadarci came out to listen to Zaev’s speech, which is a desperately small number for the city. The rally of VMRO-DPMNE in...

Macedonia 29.09.21 | 23:07

Mickoski: Zaev sold out our name and our dignity

In his rally in Kavadarci this evening, VMRO-DPMNE President Hristijan Mickoski strongly condemned Zoran Zaev’s foreign policy, primarily the imposed name change. When Zaev says that no other leader had the courage to change the name, he is accusing Gligorov, Crvenkovski and others that they lacked...

Macedonia 11.03.21 | 13:40

Suspected pedophile arrested in Kavadarci

Kavadarci police detained a 41 year old man who is suspected of sexually molesting two children aged 7 and 5. The defendant has also taken photographs of the assaults that he carried out in the first half of 2020. Prosecutors have asked the police to order a month in detention as the incidents are being...

Macedonia 18.02.21 | 21:11

Corona epidemic: Kavadarci is now the second worst affected city in Macedonia

As coronavirus numbers have dropped across Macedonia, Kavadarci is now the second most exposed city, after Skopje of course. The number of active cases has kept over 400 for a while, and lately reached over 500, well above all other cities of similar size. Mayor Mitko Jancev blamed the restaurants and...

Macedonia 23.12.20 | 22:22

Kavadarci records the worst levels of air pollution this evening, Skopje close behind

Kavadarci recorded the worst levels of air pollution this evening, as the winter smog period is intensifying. Measuring stations in the industrial city recorded 470 micrograms of PM10 particles per cubic meter of air. Skopje is closely behind, with 362 micrograms measured in its badly polluted eastern...

Macedonia 22.12.20 | 22:08

High levels of air pollution reported across the country

After several days of relatively strong winds that helped improve air quality, high levels of pollution were registered this evening across the country. From Kicevo to the west, to Veles and Kavadarci in central Macedonia, and of course the capital Skopje, PM10 particle levels were way over the maximum...

Macedonia 04.12.20 | 21:14

Nikoloski in Kavadarci: The government of the bandit Zaev will fall after 100 days since its formation

VMRO-DPMNE Vice President Aleksandar Nikoloski addressed the people of Kavadarci at Friday’s protest. Macedonia is currently experiencing its biggest crisis since independence until today, Nikolski said, pointing the blame at the address of the old-new criminal coalition of SDSM and DUI. The state...

Macedonia 04.12.20 | 10:32

Attempted murder – suicide in Kavadarci

An elderly man from the village of Sivec near Kavadarci attempted to kill his wife and them committed suicide yesterday. Police found the 84 year old woman with serious injuries. Her 73 year old husband, who cared for his sick wife for years, tried to kill her as his health also began to deteriorate....

Macedonia 08.11.20 | 19:07

Man stabbed in Kavadarci

A 28 year old man was stabbed and badly injured in Kavadarci yesterday. The incident happened around midnight, and the police was notified by people walking along the main city square, informing them that a man is lying near the central fountain. Officers have identified and detained two men in relation...

Macedonia 05.11.20 | 15:39

Tragedy in Kavadarci as two young brothers die of Covid-19

Tragedy struck the Gergev family in Kavadarci, which lost two young sons to Covid-19. The brothers, Goran (21) and Marjan (26) died within days of one another. Both suffered from aplastic anemia and were considered high risk. Marjan and Goran developed symptoms in two consecutive days. Both were admitted...