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Macedonia 08.08.23 | 19:23

Sick children left to starve in the Kozle hospital

Parent of a child treated in the Kozle children’s hospital shared a photo of the exceptionally poor meal that the sick children are provided. It consists of fried peppers and a small piece of cheese – considered enough food for a two year old. The bread is brought unpacked, in plates. The...

Macedonia 03.03.23 | 20:33

Family from Kumanovo hospitalized with tuberculosis

An entire family from Kumanovo is hospitalized after ther baby was diagnosed with tuberculosis. The child was treated at the Kozle hospital in Skopje, together with the mother, but the doctors decided to have the other four family members come for treatment. They don’t show symptoms, but are believed...

Macedonia 26.11.21 | 10:24

Dr. Zeqiri: The youngest Covid-19 patients in Kozle Children’s Clinic are one-month-old twins

The director of the Kozle Children’s Clinic, Besnik Zeqiri, said on the “Morning briefing” show on Slobodna TV that the youngest coronavirus patients are one-month-old twins. We currently have 22 children hospitalized in our institution. There are also many that are treated on an outpatient...

Macedonia 17.09.21 | 21:20

20 days old baby is the youngest patient hospitalized in the Kozle hospital

A baby of only 20 years is the youngest coronavirus patient currently being treated in the Kozle hospital in Skopje. It contracted the virus from his mother. There are 20 children treated in the hospital, and five of them who had prior conditions are receiving supplemental oxygen.

Macedonia 21.08.21 | 14:57

As the infection spreads again, Skopje’s Kozle hospital is turned back into a Covid ward

As the main Covid-19 hospitals approach full capacity, the Kozle hospital in Skopje will begin receiving coronavirus patients. The recently refurbished hospital has central oxygen supply and can accommodate 120 children and adults. It was the first option to expand capacity beyond the Infectious Diseases...

Macedonia 20.08.21 | 15:47

One-month-old baby is the youngest Covid-19 patient hospitalized at Kozle Children’s Hospital

A one-month-old baby is the youngest Covid-19 patient currently hospitalized at Kozle Children’s Hospital. The director of the hospital, Dr. Besnik Zekiri, told Kanal 5 that unlike last week when there was a huge influx of children positive for Covid-19 in the hospital, the situation is slowly...

Macedonia 05.04.21 | 11:27

The Kozle hospital is full at maximum capacity with Covid patients

The Kozle children’s pulmonary hospital, which now treats adult coronavirus patients, is full to the brim, its manager Besnik Zekiri said. We have 45 patients, eight of them with low oxygen saturation levels, and no spare rooms, Zekiri said. The hospital initially treated children with Covid-19...

Macedonia 18.03.21 | 23:24

Increase in children with serious Covid symptoms

Doctor Mirjana Popovska from the Kozle children’s hospital, which is being used as a Covid center, warns that there is a growing number of children displaying severe Covid symptoms. Popovska told Sitel TV that there are currently 40 hospitalized children, and about 50 are treated as outpatients. The...

Macedonia 29.10.20 | 23:21

Doctors at a key Covid-19 clinic want the manager removed after his refusal to separate infected from non-infected children

Doctors from the Kozle clinic in Skopje, which is one of the front-line Covid-19 centers in the capital, demand that the Ministry removes the clinic manager Angelco Andonovski, after a lengthy period of discrimination, abuse and incompetence. In an unprecedented open letter shared with the public, the...

Macedonia 22.09.20 | 15:05

Healthcare Minister Filipce involved in yet another suspicious real-estate deal

On top of the large residential construction on Skopje’s Mt. Vodno, Healthcare Minister Venko Filipce also built a residential building in near-by Kozle, revealed VMRO-DPMNE spokesman Naum Stoilkovski. The opposition party demands an answer from the Minister how is he able to afford the ever growing...

Macedonia 20.06.20 | 23:41

As coronavirus wards overflow, the Kozle children hospital is transformed into a third Covid-19 facility in Skopje

Faced with the huge spike in coronavirus cases that have crowded the two main clinics used to treat the most serious patients, the Healthcare Ministry announced it is converting much of the Kozle children’s pulmonary hospital into a coronavirus facility. The recently refurbished clinic in the southern...

Macedonia 30.04.20 | 10:12

Four children treated for Covid-19, including a four month old

Four children are currently treated in the Kozle hospital in Skopje, after being diagnosed with the coronavirus. Doctor Angelco Andonovski said that the youngest of them is just months old, while one, that could have the virus was born four days ago. The hospital was set aside to treat children infected...

Macedonia 30.03.20 | 18:57

Ten people tested positive for the virus in the Kozle clinic in Skopje

Healthcare Minister Venko Filipce confirmed that eight employees and two patients at the Kozle clinic in Skopje most frequently used for post-surgery rehabilitation have tested positive for the coronavirus. The clinic is now closed and all its patients are forwarded to the 8th of September clinic. The...