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Macedonia Sport 21.06.21 | 17:46

Macedonia – Netherlands: Minutes to the big game

In half an hour Macedonia will play against the Netherlands, in the most eagerly anticipated game of our European Championship campaign. This will also be the last game for captain Goran Pandev, who is retiring from the national team, as well as for coach Igor Angelovski. Angelovski decided to have star...

Macedonia Sport 21.06.21 | 08:59

Football: Macedonia prepares to face the Netherlands

The Macedonian football team is in Amsterdam for its last game of the European Championship, against the Netherlands. The game is highly anticipated as the crown of the historic campaign that took the Macedonian team to its first European Championship. Macedonia has no hopes of advancing beyond Group...

Macedonia 02.11.20 | 11:15

The Dutch will allow opening of EU accession talks with Macedonia, but may block Albania

With Bulgaria threatening to block the opening of EU accession talks with Macedonia, other member states who generally oppose EU enlargement are stepping out of the way. Albanian media outlets are reporting that the Netherlands will approve the opening of talks with Macedonia. But the Dutch intend to...

World 20.07.20 | 12:51

Orbán: Brussels talks could fail because of Dutch Prime Minister Rutte’s hatred for Hungary

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán has said that there is a danger that the European Union summit, which is supposed to provide aid to European economies affected by the coronavirus, will fail because of the Netherlands. The Netherlands, along with several other wealthier countries such as Denmark,...

Macedonia 25.10.19 | 17:34

After Thimonier, now the Dutch Ambassador compares the situation with reforms in Macedonia to a sinking ship

A day after the shockingly honest interview given by French Ambassador Christian Thimonier, the newly appointed Dutch Ambassador to Macedonia Dirk Jan Kop also didn’t mince his words when describing his host country. Kop compared Macedonia to a sinking ship and urged for urgent reforms to “plug...

Macedonia 09.10.19 | 09:24

The Netherlands gives green light for Macedonia, red light for Albania

The Dutch Parliament has given Albania a red light to start EU accession talks, and unconditional green light to Macedonia, VMRO-DPMNE lawmaker Antonio Milososki tweeted late on Tuesday. Considering the decision to open negotiations with Albania and Macedonia in a package is not an option for the Netherlands,...

Macedonia 08.10.19 | 10:24

The Netherlands expected to make its decision on Macedonia and Albania

The Dutch Parliament is expected to make its final decision on whether to approve the opening of EU accession talks with Macedonia and Albania in mid October. The Tweede Kamer already voted in favor of allowing Macedonia to open the accession talks, a position emphasized by Foreign Minister Stef Blok...

Macedonia 04.07.19 | 14:10

Female Dutch tourist found dead in Struga

A 27 year old female tourist from the Netherlands was found dead in a hotel room in Struga yesterday. Local police said that the woman was part of a group of tourists and that there were no signs of violence on her body. An autopsy has been ordered.

Macedonia 13.06.19 | 12:12

Dutch Parliament leaves the possibility to allow EU accession talks for Macedonia, but not for Albania

The Dutch Parliament voted yesterday on several EU enlargement proposals, during which it left the door open for the country to allow Macedonia to open its accession talks. A proposals was made that the Government blocks Macedonia from opening accession talks, and it was defeated in the Parliament. Also...

Macedonia 06.06.19 | 20:08

Netherlands sees Macedonia as “not there yet” regarding the EU accession talks

Dutch Foreign Minister Stef Blok said that Macedonia is not there yet regarding its requested opening of EU accession talks. During a meeting of the European affairs committee of the Dutch Parliament, Blok said that Macedonia made some positive steps, but it’s not ready yet. He also completely...

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