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Macedonia 23.01.23 | 22:01

President Pendarovski calls on the Government to stop Bulgarian nationalist MEP from entering Macedonia

President Stevo Pendarovski urged the Government to declare Bulgarian member of the European Parliament Angel Dzhambazhki, best known for making the Nazi salute in the Parliament, and possibly other Bulgarian nationalists as persona non grata in Macedonia. Recently, a group of Bulgarian nationalists...

Macedonia 23.01.23 | 21:36

Trouble between Macedonians and Bulgarians possible during Goce Delcev’s celebration on February 4th

The upcoming honoring of the Goce Delcev’s birth, on February 4th, will be a high risk event, warned President Stevo Pendarovski, because of the possibility that clashes occur between Bulgarian and Macedonian groups. Recently, a group of Bulgarian nationalists gathered in downtown Skopje to celebrate...

Macedonia 07.01.23 | 19:55

In his Christmas message, Pendarovski urges Macedonians to protect their homeland

We must respect each other, keep solidarity and protect our homeland, President Stevo Pendarovski said in his Christmas message which he shared over the social media. Pendarovski congratulated the Orthodox Christians on the birth of the savior, which in Macedonia is honored according to the Julian calendar.

Macedonia 23.12.22 | 09:05

President Pendarovski acknowledges that Macedonia has no protection against future Bulgarian demands

In his annual address to the Parliament, President Stevo Pendarovski confirmed the fears raised by the opposition VMRO-DPMNE party that the current Bulgarian nationalist demands will not be the last. Bulgaria wants Macedonia to include the Bulgarian nation in the preamble of its Constitution, but is...

Macedonia 18.11.22 | 21:59

President Pendarovski confirms reports that US Ambassador Baily was persuading VMRO-DPMNE members of Parliament to vote for the name change

President Stevo Pendarovski confirmed the widely shared reports that former US Ambassador to Macedonia Jess Baily was meeting with the eight members of Parliament who in 2019 voted for the imposed name change. The group were elected on the VMRO-DPMNE ticket and all opposed changing the name and national...

Macedonia 02.10.22 | 19:58

Radev reminds Pendarovski that Macedonia will begin EU accession talks only after it meets all Bulgarian demands

Bulgarian President Rumen Radev told his Macedonian counterpart Stevo Pendarovski that the country needs to meet all Bulgarian demands before it will be able to formally open its EU accession talks. Bulgaria wants major changes to the Macedonian historic and national founding narrative, to make them...

Macedonia 01.10.22 | 19:32

I don’t want to discuss history, Pendarovski tells Radev during the Bulgaria – Greece gas link opening ceremony

President Stevo Pendarovski attended the opening ceremony of the gas interconnector between Bulgaria and Greece that took place in Sofia. Macedonia is hoping that this link may help provide much needed gas supplies in the coming winter, as its only import pipeline for Russian gas goes through Bulgaria....

Macedonia 24.05.22 | 20:11

Pendarovski met with Vucic in Davos as Serbia recognized the Macedonian church

The presidents of Serbia and Macedonia, Aleksandar Vucic and Stevo Pendarovski met in Davos today, as the Serbian church finally acknowledged the independence of the Macedonian church. This ended the half a century long dispute, as the Serbian church refused to recognize the Macedonian church as equal. Pendarovski...

Macedonia 24.05.22 | 15:57

Pendarovski believes the recognition of the Macedonian church will advance reconciliation in our society

President Stevo Pendarovski welcomed the recognition of the independence of the Macedonian Orthodox Church by the Serbian church. This is a joyous news for the Orthodox faithful in our country, and follows the decision of the Ecumenical Patriarchate to admit our church in canonical unity. If fulfills...

Macedonia 18.05.22 | 14:36

Pendarovski calls on Patriarch Bartholomew to recognize the Macedonian church as fully independent

President Stevo Pendarovski called on the Ecumenical Patriarch Bartoholomew to give full independence to the Macedonian Orthodox Church. Bartholomew declared the MOC as part of the Orthodox faith, but stopped short of granting independence, which led to the current talks with the Serbian church, whose...

Macedonia 12.05.22 | 14:34

Pendarovski attends the Resolute Response exercise

President Stevo Pendarovski attended the Resolute Response 22 military exercise that takes place in Krivolak. According to Pendarovski, the exercise is important to show the abilities of the Macedonian military and its readiness to coordinate with allied armies.

Macedonia 09.05.22 | 11:19

Macedonia marks the Day of victory against fascism and Europe Day

Delegations of the Macedonia Government visited the monument to the liberators of Skopje, on the Day of victory against fascism, also celebrated as Europe Day. Events are also held at the partisan cemetery in Skopje and at monuments across the country. We see that freedom, human rights, democracy and...

Macedonia 05.05.22 | 20:19

President Pendarovski: Mickoski is right when he demands guarantees from Bulgaria before we amend the Constitution

President Stevo Pendarovski said that opposition leader Hristijan Mickoski is right when he demands guarantees from Bulgaria before Macedonia amends its Constitution. Mickoski said that his VMRO-DPMNE party will support the requested amendments that would add the Bulgarian nation into the preamble of...

Macedonia 05.05.22 | 11:41

Pendarovski: Honoring the Macedonian language is our basic human right

Today we honor our uniqueness, the foundation of our identity and our linguistic pride, said President Stevo Pendarovski on the Day of the Macedonian language. In his statement, Pendarovski referenced authors such as Blaze Koneski, Aco Sopov and Slavko Janevski, as founders of the Macedonian language. Our...

Macedonia 04.05.22 | 13:37

Pendarovski visited Delcev’s grave, Kovacevski just issued a short social media statement

Only President Stevo Pendarovski visited the grave of Goce Delcev on the 119th anniversary of his death, fighting the Ottoman forces. Prime Minister Kovacevski was satisfied with just a short social media statement. The anniversary comes at a time of serious tensions between Macedonia and Bulgaria over...

Macedonia 11.04.22 | 20:20

Pendarovski congratulated to Vucic on his re-election

President Stevo Pendarovski finally congratulated to Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic, on his strong re-election. Pendarovski’s office said that the message was sent on April 6th, but the message was not published at the time. The Zaev regime, which Pendarovski is a part of, has a difficult relationship...

Macedonia 06.04.22 | 14:26

Pendarovski won’t reveal his statement of congratulations to Serbian President Vucic

President Stevo Pendarovski won’t publish the statement of congratulations he sent to President Aleksandar Vucic, after his victory in the recent elections in Serbia. Pendarovski was not named among the leaders who congratulated to Vucic. When asked by Republika, his office informed that Pendarovski...

Macedonia 31.03.22 | 20:00

President Pendarovski defends the way the census was conducted, blames opposition parties for the boycott

Despite strong criticism of the 2021 census, which produced badly skewed results, President Stevo Pendarovski praised the operation, for the very reason it took place after 20 years. We did a census with all the trimmings, which does not fall short of the tradition of such operations here, in the region...

Macedonia 18.03.22 | 17:04

President Pendarovski gives partial pardon to one of the April 27th political prisoners, but has no intention to release the rest

President Stevo Pendarovski’s office announced that he will not give a broad pardon to the political prisoners from the April 27th trial, after he pardoned one of them – the only ethnic Albanian Abduljfeta Alimi. Alimi was member of the Parliament’s security detail and was sentenced...

Macedonia 17.03.22 | 23:19

Pendarovski pardoned one of the political prisoners of the April 27th trial

President Stevo Pendarovski pardoned Abduljfeta Alimi, one of the defendants in the April 27th trial. Alimi was member of the Parliament’s security detail, and was charged along with former Interior Minister Mitko Cavkov and police commanders, for not doing enough to prevent the storming of the...