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Macedonia 12.11.19 | 16:45

Pendarovski says he received no guarantees from Macron, and that he offered a model under which Macedonia could be expelled from the EU even after joining

President Stevo Pendarovski said that he received no guarantees from French President Emmanuel Macron that Macedonia will be allowed to open EU accession talks soon. Pendarovski met with Macron at the Peace Forum in Paris, after the French President vetoed Macedonia and Albania at the October European...

Macedonia 10.11.19 | 16:52

Pendarovski denies meeting Alexander Soros in Ohrid, says he will do so in Paris next week

The office of President Stevo Pendarovski denied Republika’s report that he met Alexander Soros in Ohrid today. Pendarovski did confirm that he will meet the son of the leftist billionaire George Soros in Paris, during his visit early next week. Republika reported that Soros Jr. landed at the Ohrid...

Macedonia 30.10.19 | 13:00

NGO groups call on President Pendarovski to use the army to fight air pollution

NGO groups have called on President Stevo Pendarovski to order the deployment of the army to fight the air pollution, which is becoming a greater problem by the day, as temperatures dip and citizens fire up the furnaces. Each day we witness the burning of dump sites and forest fires which endanger the...

Macedonia 29.10.19 | 10:25

Pendarovski warns about high level corruption, makes another thinly veiled attack at Zaev

President Stevo Pendarovski is piling on in his growing rift with Prime Minister Zoran Zaev. In an interview with Al Jazeera, Pendarovski warned that the greatest security threat Macedonia faces comes from high level corruption within the Government. The statement comes as Zaev is facing multiple major...

Macedonia 28.10.19 | 14:00

Rama snubbed Pendarovski in Tirana

Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama stood up Macedonian President Stevo Pendarovski, who was visiting Albania to discuss the snub both countries received from the European Union. Pendarovski met with his host Albanian President Ilir Meta and was supposed to meet Rama, but Albanian media report that the...

Macedonia 27.10.19 | 18:42

Meta and Pendarovski meet to reject all alternatives that fall short of full EU membership

The presidents of Albania and Macedonia Ilir Meta and Stevo Pendarovski dismissed the possibility of accepting alternatives that would fall short of full EU membership, even as France vetoed to possibility and outspoken supporters of the current regimes in both countries are floating the idea of a “Norway...

Macedonia 26.10.19 | 22:58

Rift between Zaev and Pendarovski on whether to keep implementing the Prespa treaty

Following the defeat in Brussels, there is a growing rift between Zoran Zaev and Stevo Pendarovski on the issue of the continued implementation of the Prespa treaty. Speaking to a Greek TV, Pendarovski said that by denying Macedonia the opening of accession talks, EU will provoke the putting on hold...

Macedonia 18.10.19 | 15:16

Pendarovski calls for restraint after the failure in Brussels

President Stevo Pendarovski addressed the public today to call for unity and restrain in light of the refusal of the EU member states to approve the opening of accession talks with Macedonia. Pendarovski said that he has invited the leaders of the main political parties to attend a meeting on Sunday,...

Macedonia 18.10.19 | 12:35

Pendarovski calls for a meeting of party leaders on Sunday

President Stevo Pendarovski called for a meeting of party leaders on Sunday, following the debacle at the European Council. The invitation applies to both the Macedonian and Albanian parties.

Macedonia 11.10.19 | 16:43

Pendarovski says he doesn’t see the French threat as a veto

Asked about the French announcement it will block Macedonia from opening EU accession talks, President Stevo Pendarovski said that, in his opinion, France is not opposed to enlargement but wants fundamental reforms. My feeling and the feeling of those around me is that we are not seeing a French veto...

Macedonia 03.10.19 | 23:48

Inspectors found defects in the PhD thesis of one of Pendarovski’s top advisers

Education inspectors have found problems with the doctorate of Aleksandar Spasov, professor at the Skopje law faculty and adviser to President Stevo Pendarovski. Spasov, who is a representative of the ruling SDSM party, has changed his doctorate thesis, and then presented it before a commission which...

Macedonia 02.10.19 | 15:57

Gjukanovic and Pendarovski expect a big US push in the Balkans

During their meeting on Wednesday, Stevo Pendarovski and Milo Gjukanovic welcomed the expected visit of US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to Macedonia and Montenegro, and declared it a “return of the US to the region”. We obviously need American and European help and support so we can resolve...

Macedonia 02.10.19 | 15:03

Caught in the historic dispute over Goce Delcev, President Pendarovski steers clear from his grave

Montenegrin President Milo Gjukanovic, who is visiting Macedonia, went to the grave of legendary VMRO leader Goce Delcev today to pay his respects, but he was noticeably not accompanied by Macedonian President Stevo Pendarovski during his portion of the agenda. Gjukanovic was accompanied by members of...

Macedonia 30.09.19 | 16:48

As Zaev assures the public that “everything is fine”, Pendarovski again calls for results in the racketeering investigation

President Stevo Pendarovski continues to call for a thorough investigation in the growing racketeering scandals, even as Prime Minister Zoran Zaev insists that the arrest of Katica Janeva and her two accomplices are enough to call it a day. Asked why the racketeering investigation steers clear from...

Macedonia 17.09.19 | 10:27

Donald Tusk visits Macedonia

The outgoing President of the European Council Donald Tusk visits Macedonia today for meetings with Stevo Pendarovski and Zoran Zaev, who will join him for a press conference. The visit comes as Macedonia hopes it will be allowed to open EU accession talks this October.

Macedonia 15.08.19 | 21:54

Pendarovski condemns Zaev’s hateful statement

President Stevo Pendarovski condemned Prime Minister Zoran Zaev for his shocking statement, when he referred to Bojan Jovanovski – Boki 13, the main suspect (so far) in the major racketeering case, as a “faggot”. That is an unseemly statement which used language that can insult entire...

Macedonia 02.08.19 | 17:21

Pendarovski congratulates Ilinden to a nameless Republic

President Stevo Pendarovski omitted mentioning the name of the country in the Ilinden message he used in his social media accounts. I congratulate you August 2nd, the day of the Republic… Long may we celebrate it. Long live the Republic!, Pendarovski said, in a highly unusual move in which he exclaimed...

Macedonia 22.07.19 | 15:33

Pendarovski demands a quick and thorough investigation into Katica Janeva’s corruption scandal

President Stevo Pendarovski repeated his call that the charges of racketeering that were brought against Boki 13 and the suspicions that Special Prosecutor Katica Janeva were involved in serious crimes and abuse of office, are investigated quickly. We are seeing a major affair break these past few days....

Macedonia 21.07.19 | 12:58

Pendarovski says he would not pardon Zaev if he is charged with crimes again

In an interview with Radio Free Europe, President Stevo Pendarovski said that he would not pardon Prime Minister Zoran Zaev, or any of his associates, if they’re charged with crimes. Pendarovski was asked about his vague proposal for a reconciliation, which the opposition VMRO-DPMNE party said...

Macedonia 19.07.19 | 14:15

After Zaev’s failed initiative, Pendarovski proposes to host a meeting of party leaders

After Prime Minister Zoran Zaev failed to organize a meeting of the leaders of top political parties, now President Stevo Pendarovski made a similar initiative. Opposition leader Hristijan Mickoski refused to attend the meeting proposed by Zaev, unless the main topic of discussion is holding early general...