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Economy 06.09.23 | 09:11

Discussions begin on a law for minimum pensions

The Labour and Welfare Ministry will convene its group set to negotiate a law on a minimum pension. The request was put forward by retiree groups, who insist that the recipients of lower pensions can’t survive under these inflation levels. Minister Jovanka Trencevska said that the group will review...

Economy 14.08.23 | 20:21

Pensioners present their demands to the Government

Representatives of protesting retirees met today with Labour and Welfare Minister Jovanka Trencevska to present their demands. The protesters want an equal, linear increase or retirement incomes by over 50 EUR (3,500 denars) and setting the minimum pension at 18,000 denars – instead of the current...

Macedonia 14.08.23 | 14:33

They don’t want misery and breadcrumbs, they want a decent life: The pensioners on protest

With a demand for a resignation from the Chairwoman of the Union of Pensioners’ Associations of Macedonia, the retired persons began their Monday general protest in the capital Skopje. Pensioners from all around the country came to the protest. The pensioners are demanding a linear raise of the...

Economy 14.08.23 | 09:29

Protest of pensioners in Skopje

Organizations of retirees will hold a protest in Skopje, to demand a more equitable and larger increase of their pensions. Recipients of lower pensions are angry at the Government as it plans to hand out an increase of just 6.8 percent – far below the rate of inflation – that will be divided...

Economy 27.03.23 | 11:09

Payment of March pensions starts on Tuesday

Retirees can pick up their March pension checks starting Tuesday (March 28). Retirees without debit cards will be given their checks at their local bank branches in four groups, according to the amount of their pension.

Economy 21.12.22 | 11:36

Payment of December pensions starts on Tuesday

Retirees can pick up their December pension checks starting Tuesday. Retirees without debit cards will be given their checks at their local bank branches in four groups, according to the amount of their pension.

Macedonia 05.03.22 | 17:44

Mickoski: The “new” pension model is the same one that was in place until 2018

VMRO-DPMNE President Hristijan Mickoski responded to the announcement from the Government that it will return to the old model of calculating pensions, that will take into account the cost of living and the increase in the minimum wage. Mickoski said that the model was in place until 2018, when it was...

Economy 04.03.22 | 23:52

Government is restoring the old model of calculating pensions based on the cost of living and the increase in wages

Prime Minister Dimitar Kovacevski announced that he has reached agreement with representatives of retirees to increase pensions and to hike the financial assistance package for the next three months. Kovacevski said that the Government is introducing a scheme to calculate pensions based evenly on the...

Economy 04.03.22 | 19:09

Labour Minister says payment of pensions will continue without problem

Labour and Welfare Minister Jovanka Trencevska said that the payment of retirement incomes will continue and is safe and secure, even in the midst of a major crisis. Trencevska convened a meeting of the board monitoring the stability of the retirement system, which concluded that the PIOM retirement...

Economy 14.02.22 | 11:07

VMRO-DPMNE demands increase of pensions by 20% or 3,000 per pensioner

VMRO-DPMNE through the Parliament demands an increase in pensions by an average of 20%, or 3,000 per pensioner, and higher salaries, and calls on SDSM not to hide and support the increase. The bad economic policy and the high prices that result from it have eroded the incomes of the citizens. Pensions...

Macedonia 27.04.20 | 09:36

Payment of pensions in stages starts at banks today

Today starts the payment of pensions at the banks in stages, according to the amount of the pension. For pensions up to 11,000 denars payment is today, for pensions from 11,001 to 14,000 denars, payment is tomorrow (Tuesday, April 28), for pensions from 14,001 to 18,000 denars payment is on Wednesday...

Economy 24.04.20 | 10:45

Retirees to receive pensions a week earlier, payment to be realized in stages

Payment of April pensions starts today. In order to provide greater protection for retirees from the coronavirus, the pensions will be paid early, and the payment in the banks will be realized in four groups. The gradual processing of pensions will allow the implementation of recommendations and measures...

Economy 30.03.20 | 18:03

Will the economic downturn affect retirement incomes?

As most countries affected by the coronavirus pandemic are looking for ways to boost spending and maintain as much of the living standards of the citizens as possible, under SDSM Macedonia is apparently opting for a different route. SDSM party leader Zoran Zaev announced that he will call for a major...

Macedonia 19.03.20 | 15:44

Faced with nightmare scenario of thousands of retirees flocking together, banks looking at ways how to safely distribute pensions

Macedonia reaches a major new crisis point in the coronavirus epidemic at the end of the month, as retirees will expect to collect their pensions. With many of them being not exactly tech savvy, collecting the pension in person, from a bank teller, was the preferred method. That would also mean that...

Economy 11.02.20 | 20:19

Retirees will be able to pay into the PIOM fund to claim publicly funded pensions

Starting next month, citizens over 65 who do not qualify for public retirement pensions will be able to pay to enter the PIOM retirement scheme. Citizens who have not worked and paid into the PIOM fund for at least 15 years do not qualify for retirement income, but they will be able to enter for a fee....

Macedonia 25.12.19 | 23:22

Outgoing Prime Minister Zaev: The opposition is not against raising salaries and pensions

Outgoing Prime Minister Zoran Zaev acknowledged Wednesday on TV Alsat M “Ekonomski magazin” show that the opposition VMRO-DPMNE is not against raising salaries and pensions, thus denying his own statements that the VMRO-DPMNE is blocking the the reform laws. Very often we know how to step...

Economy 29.11.19 | 19:30

Outgoing Prime Minister Zaev announces increase in pensions ahead of elections

If we stayed on the old model of the previous government, the pensioners would have received only 400 denars increase, and we will give about 10,000 denars for the next year or about 850 denars a month, outgoing Prime Minister Zoran Zaev told the representatives of the pensioners’ associations,...

Economy 23.11.19 | 17:06

Mickoski asks retirees not to fall for Zaev’s attempts to present a picture of rising pensions

In an address to the retirees, VMRO-DPMNE President Hristijan Mickoski said that the Zaev Government is withholding significant amounts of their income, by failing to respect its own regulations that guide how pensions should rise to keep up with the cost of living. In the first six months of 2020 Zaev...

Macedonia 19.11.19 | 17:49

Mickoski warns retirees that the Zaev Government cut more than a 100 EUR on average from their incomes in 2019

VMRO-DPMNE President Hristijan Mickoski spoke to the retirees today, warning them that the Zaev Government is not maintaining the pension increases in line with either the cost of living or with its own regulations. Mickoski blasted Zaev for promising to increase the retirement incomes, saying that his...

Economy 06.10.19 | 12:15

Zaev announces unprecedented increase in pensions, but pensioners do not believe him

Pensioners will receive huge pension increase next year, based on economic growth, promised Prime Minister Zoran Zaev at Sturday’s debate in Stip within the “On the Right Path” campaign, answering a question of a pensioner, who asked the Prime Minister why pensions were not increased by 10%...