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World 03.12.23 | 14:01

Pope calls on faiths to combat climate change at COP28

In a speech to the religious pavilion at the COP28 UN Climate Change Conference on Sunday, Pope Francis urged world leaders to work together to combat climate change. “Let us, as religious leaders, lead by example, demonstrating that positive change is achievable and demonstrating considerate and...

World 03.07.23 | 20:46

Pope Francis is appalled by the burning of the Quran

Pope Francis has stated that he is disgusted at the video of a man burning the Quran in Sweden, and that he does not consider such action as freedom of speech. “Every book that is thought to be sacred should be respected so we can respect those who believe in it”, said the Pope in an interview...

News Macedonia 24.05.23 | 14:36

Parliament Speaker Xhaferi presented the Pope with a valuable icon from Macedonia

On the occasion of the Day of Pan-Slavic Educators, St. Cyril and St. Methodius, Parliament Speaker Talat Xhaferi had an audience with Pope Francis on Wednesday, where he emphasized the cooperation between Macedonia and the Holy See, saying both countries have unbreakable historic ties based on common...

World 23.04.22 | 15:49

Orban’s meeting with the Pope: We must protect and strengthen the family as the most important human community

At an official audience with Pope Francis at the Vatican today, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán underscored the importance of the family. “All of us here in Rome, in the Vatican, and in Budapest,” Orbán said after the audience, “think that the family is the most important community of our...

World 21.04.22 | 15:25

Orban meets Pope Francis

Hungarian Prime Minister Victor Orban is paying Thursday a visit to the Vatican, where he met with Pope Francis. I asked Pope Francis to support our efforts for peace, Orban wrote on Facebook after the meeting.

World 12.09.21 | 22:03

Pope Francis visits Hungary

Pope Francis began his apostolic visit to Hungary today, declaring it a “pilgrimage to the heart of Europe”. As part of the pilgrimage, the Pope will also visit Slovakia. This morning, the Pope met with Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban, who also attended the Mass at Heroes’ Square...

World 05.07.21 | 10:53

Pope Francis responded well to planned surgery, Vatican says

Pope Francis has responded well to intestinal surgery, the Vatican said Sunday. Doctors performed the surgery on Sunday evening and the pontiff responded well to the procedure, which was performed under general anaesthetic, Vatican spokesman Matteo Bruni said shortly before midnight. How long the 84-year-old...

Macedonia 27.05.21 | 15:22

President Pendarovski meets with Pope Francis

President Stevo Pendarovski, who is paying a visit to Rome to pay tribute to Ss Cyril and Methodius, met Thursday with the Head of the Roman Catholic Church, His Holiness Pope Francis. The meeting highlighted the excellent bilateral relations between the Republic of Macedonia and the Holy See, which...

World 04.04.21 | 19:22

Pope Francis condemns conflict during celebration of Easter

Pope Francis celebrated Easter Mass for the Resurrection of Jesus Christ and is offering the “Urbi et Orbi” blessing from St Peter’s Basilica on Sunday. Only 200 people were allowed to attend the services because of the anti-coronavirus restrictions and to prevent infection. Before the pandemic,...

World 03.05.20 | 18:38

Pope urges international cooperation in quest for coronavirus vaccine

Pope Francis on Sunday urged greater international cooperation, “in a transparent and disinterested way,” in the search for treatments and a vaccine for Covid-19, the respiratory illness caused by the novel coronavirus. “I wish to support and encourage the international collaboration that is taking...

World 05.09.19 | 10:51

Pope Francis: It’s an honor that the Americans attack me

Pope Francis told a reporter on Wednesday it was an “honor” to be the subject of attacks from American religious conservatives and their Catholic allies, Fox News reports. The pope was speaking with French journalist Nicholas Seneze, the author of “How America Wants to Change Popes,”...

World 01.09.19 | 22:36

Pope Francis trapped in Vatican lift for 25 minutes

It has long been claimed by supporters of the Catholic faith that God moves in mysterious ways. But so, apparently, does Pope Francis’s personal lift in the Vatican – which broke down on Sunday, trapping the world’s most powerful clergyman inside for 25 minutes, the Telegraph reported. The...

Economy 02.07.19 | 23:27

Pope Francis landed in Macedonia with a defective radar system

Pope Francis landed in Macedonia with a defective radar system at the Skopje airport. The basic radar system at the Skopje airport did not work when Pope Francis landed in Macedonia on the morning of May 7, Telma reported. As well informed sources told Telma, in April and May this year, the basic radar...

World 27.05.19 | 20:50

Pope Francis asks for compassion to migrants

A day after the European Parliament elections, Pope Francis issued his annual message on migrants and said the attitude that they are the source of all of society’s ills “is an alarm bell warning of the moral decline” the world faces, TIME reports. Francis said the presence of migrants in wealthy...

Macedonia 08.05.19 | 17:46

Pope Francis praises Macedonian religious tolerance, struggle for nationhood

In his post visit press conference, Pope Francis praised what he called deep respect for different religions which he witnessed in Macedonia, and also praised the Macedonian struggle for nationhood. Pope Francis also spoke on his twin visits, to Macedonia and Bulgaria, and declared Macedonians and Bulgarians...

Macedonia 08.05.19 | 12:35

Pope Francis: Macedonia and Bulgaria are two completely different nations

Pope Francis said that Macedonia and Bulgaria are two completely different nations, responding to a journalist’s question about the impressions of the visit to the two countries over the past three days. They are two completely different nations. Bulgaria is a nation with a centuries-old tradition....

Macedonia 07.05.19 | 19:39

Pope Francis met with Mother Teresa’s kin

Alojz Gombar, the nephew of Mother Teresa, had a short meeting with Pope Francis today. The two met on Macedonia street, in front of the Mother Teresa memorial house. He greeted me cordially, we kissed. He presented me and my daughter with a prayerbook and a cross in velvet boxes. We are overjoyed, said...

Macedonia 07.05.19 | 17:43

Zaev says Pope Francis asked him to fight corruption

Zoran Zaev, who was twice credibly charged with corruption and escaped prison with the help of a presidential pardon and an acquittal by a subservient court, said that he takes to heart Pope Francis’ statement that Macedonia should fight corruption. We should all learn from the mission the Pope...

Macedonia 07.05.19 | 15:09

Who attended Pope Francis’ Holy Mass in Skopje?

Who attended Pope Francis’ Holy Mass in Skopje? Politicians, public figures, lawmakers, including ‘Mira Diesel’ … See the photo gallery below. Source: Infomax

Macedonia 07.05.19 | 14:45

Former Croatian PM in the company of Sekerinska attended Pope Francis’ Holy Mass in Skopje

Jadranka Kosor, the former Croatian prime minister in the company of Macedonian Defense Minister Radmila Sekerinska attended Pope Francis’ Holy Mass at Skopje’s main square. Kosor was in the part where the Macedonian government was standing, and on her right side was the daughter of Prime...