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Macedonia 12.04.21 | 15:47

Three years after the Prespa Treaty, Macedonians are slowly becoming “North Macedonians” in the eyes of the world

Almost three years after the Prespa Treaty that imposed a name change on Macedonia, the term “North Macedonian” is becoming more and more entrenched in international media. The Zaev regime insisted that the term will apply only to the Government institutions of Macedonia, while in matters...

Macedonia 18.02.21 | 20:25

Macedonian Academy President Kocarev calls for a review of the treaties Zaev signed with Greece and Bulgaria

Ljupco Kocarev, President of the Macedonian Academy of Sciences and Arts (MANU), asked for a revision of the Prespa Treaty with Greece and the Zaev – Borisov Treaty with Bulgaria. Treaties are not written in stone and their value is seen in what they contribute to the needs of the society. MANU,...

Macedonia 11.02.21 | 14:30

The Justice Ministry began to refuse registration of organizations that have “Macedonia” in their name

The Justice Ministry has begun to refuse the registration of organizations that contain the name Macedonia. In a decision signed by Justice Minister Bojan Maricic, an organization that sought to register itself using the name Macedonia in its title was turned down and informed that, according to the...

Macedonia 30.12.20 | 14:34

Lake Prespa levels drop to 1.52 meters below the December average, 50 centimeters below the biological minimum

The Hydro-Meteorological Bureau informed today that the level of lake Prespa declined by a centimeter and a half in a day, and is now 1.52 meters below the December average. The level is 50 centimeters below what is considered the bare minimum needed to preserve the lake and its region as a biological...

Macedonia 20.12.20 | 15:19

Zaev visits lake Prespa, promises to reverse the on-going environmental disaster, and also to use the area to promote the Macedonian language

Prime Minister Zoran Zaev visited lake Prespa today, and declared that he will help restore the badly receding waters and reverse the on-going environmental disaster. Zaev blamed the situation on climate change, rather than the abuse of water resources for energy production, which is widely blamed for...

Macedonia 25.09.20 | 15:11

Environmentalists raise alarm as lake Prespa continues to dry out

Environmentalist group Ohrid SOS warns that the level of lake Prespa has dropped to its lowest in the past century. The lake, which was used as a backdrop for the imposed name change treaty with Greece in 2018, has been withdrawing for years now, likely as the result of water outflows from lake Ohrid...

Macedonia 04.09.20 | 13:16

Lake Prespa water levels continue their dramatic drop

Water levels are continuing to decline in lake Prespa and Ohrid. The situation is especially dramatic in Prespa, which is 85 centimeters down from the September average. Ohrid is down 5 centimeters. Both lakes, which are connected by passages under the Galicica mountain, receded – Ohrd by two centimeters...

Macedonia 15.08.20 | 10:52

Rare sight: Pink flamingos spotted in lake Prespa

Bird watchers snapped picturs of five pink flamingos on lake Prespa. This is a rare sight in Macedonia. Waters in Prespa are receding and this is creating muddy patches that have possibly drawn the birds. The group includes an adult and four younglings.

Macedonia 04.08.20 | 16:26

Rescuers found the body of 16 year old boy who drowned in lake Prespa

Rescue teams found the body of the 16 year old boy who drowned in lake Prespa on Sunday. The victim was named as I.M., and lived in a village near Resen. He and a group of friends rented out a pedal boat and took a ride along the lake near the Pretor beach. None knew how to swim or wore vests. The accident...

Macedonia 03.08.20 | 22:32

Divers end search for a boy missing in lake Prespa for the day

With night falling, divers called off the search for a 16 year old boy that went missing on lake Prespa. The search will resume tomorrow but odds of finding the boy alive look dim. The boy went missing after falling off from a small pedal boat on Sunday. He was not a good swimmer, and neither were the...

Macedonia 03.07.20 | 15:26

In a clear message to Nikola Dimitrov, Siljanovska shares the article of the criminal code that bans putting Macedonia in a subservient position

After several heated exchanges, Professor Gordana Siljanovska – Davkova, who leads the VMRO-DPMNE list in the 1st electoral district, told her immediate competitor Nikola Dimitrov which article of the criminal code he violated when signing the treaties with Greece and Bulgaria. Siljanovska, who...

Macedonia 19.06.20 | 12:08

Monument in opposition to the Prespa treaty erected in Drama

A Greek association from Drama and members of the Greek diaspora erected a monument in opposition to the Prespa treaty, which forcibly renamed Macedonia and began a process of redefining the Macedonian national identity. The treaty was rejected at a referendum in Macedonia, but is being implemented none...

Macedonia 17.06.20 | 12:08

Zaev and Dimitrov praise the Prespa treaty on the anniversary of its signing

SDSM party leader Zoran Zaev sent out a message on the second anniversary of the treaty he signed with Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras, imposing a name and identity change on Macedonia. “It was worth it”, Zaev insisted, claiming that the Prespa treaty led to the entry into NATO. We are...

Macedonia 02.03.20 | 14:24

Crvenkovski: The Prespa treaty was a bitter shock for the public

Former Macedonian President and Prime Minister Branko Crvenkovski said that the Prespa treaty left a bitter taste in the mouths of the nation. Crvenkovski, who rarely does public events, attended the Kopaonik business forum with other former regional officials where he said that the forced name change...

Macedonia 26.02.20 | 19:04

Tripunovski inspects the environmental damage done to lake Prespa, says the situation is critical

Interim Deputy Agriculture Minister Cvetan Tripunovski went to lake Prespa today to inspect the damage caused by the badly receding water levels. Alarming footage shared recently shows beaches that would normally be on the shoreline now completely dry. The situation is alarming. We are losing our natural...

Macedonia 21.12.19 | 19:25

“Never North, Always Macedonia” echoes during the VMRO rally

A powerful and unanimous rejection of the imposed name change was evident during the large VMRO rally in Skopje today, when just as party leader Hristijan Mickoski was preparing to speak the thousands strong crowd broke into a chant of “Never North Always Macedonia”. This is the rallying...

Macedonia 04.11.19 | 11:16

Greek diplomats prepare directions for Zaev, are worried that VMRO might win the elections, To Vima reports

Greek paper To Vima reports that the Mitsotakis Government is looking into different options it can take as Macedonia was stuck in its EU integration, and as a result, calls to abandon the Prespa treaty are growing. The Greek diplomats were reportedly worried that a win for the VMRO-DPMNE party at the...

Macedonia 30.10.19 | 13:26

Flip flop: Zaev now says that he will fully implement the Prespa treaty

Following his warning on Tuesday that the Prespa treaty will be impossible to implement if Macedonia doesn’t begin its EU accession talks, Zoran Zave today flopped and said that he will fully implement the treaty. His statement today comes after Greek politicians warned Zaev that failure to implement...

Macedonia 29.10.19 | 15:19

Zaev now says that the Prespa treaty can’t be implemented without the EU accession talks

Prime Minister Zoran Zaev told Euronews that the implementation of the Prespa treaty will be affected if Macedonia doesn’t open its EU accession talks. While Euronews is yet to air the full interview, Greek ANA – MPA news agency is reporting that he linked the domestic implementation of the...

Macedonia 18.10.19 | 10:11

Logger killed while working near lake Prespa

A young logger was killed yesterday while working in the village of Brajcino on lake Prespa. The 27 year old man who was originally from Skopje had an accident early afternoon, when a tree fell on him. An emergency response team found him dead on the spot.