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Macedonia 18.07.24 | 10:57

Stip – Negotino road closed because of fire

Traffic along the Negotino – Stip regional road is closed due to a major forest fire. The fire is active near the village of Pepeliste.

Economy 05.05.24 | 18:12

SDSM officials took a pre-election drive along a road whose construction they delayed for eight years

In a pre-election stunt, Transportation Minister Blagoj Bocvarski and SDSM party official Venko Filipce took a drive along the road connecting Prilep and Drenovo.   The badly needed road was well under construction in 2017, when SDSM grabbed power, and construction has proceeded at glacial pace...

Macedonia 17.06.23 | 15:55

Landslide blocking the road between Veles and Prilep has been cleared

Traffic between Veles and Prilep has been normalized, after the road was blocked due to landslides and flooding yesterday evening. Macedonia was hit by strong rains that caused flooding in several cities and slides that blocked a number of roads, the most important of them being the already badly worn...

Economy 26.11.22 | 14:49

Companies from Kosovo and Bulgaria received contracts to repair roads in Macedonia

The Macedonian Roads public company signed lucrative contracts for road repairs with companies from Bulgaria and Kosovo, the Pari news site reports. According to the report, these are framework contracts, and the end amount can vary depending on the unplanned repairs that will be needed. But in 18 months,...

Macedonia 30.11.21 | 12:26

Debar – Mavrovo road closed for all vehicles

Traffic on the Debar – Mavrovo road is blocked because of a fallen tree. The mountainous road was already affected by the snows that fell during the night. A number of mountainous roads, including the Kicevo – Gostivar and Kicevo – Ohrid roads, as well as the Gradsko – Prilep...

Macedonia 10.11.21 | 19:21

Work finally begins on a key tunnel on the road to Prilep

Work began today on drilling a tunnel that is part of the Gradsko – Prilep expressway. The road project, which is badly delayed under the Zaev Government, is meant to link Prilep and Bitola to the E-75 highway and the capital Skopje. The tunnel is about 140 meters long and is supposed to be built...

Macedonia Economy 27.05.21 | 22:57

Nikoloski: VMRO-DPMNE will make finishing the road to Prilep priority number one

VMRO-DPMNE Vice President Aleksandar Nikoloski accuswed the Zaev Government of completely abandoning any work on the express way that was supposed to link Prilep to the main Corridor 10. Work began in 2015, but stopped just a year and a half later, in 2017, when Zaev came to power. He stopped all construction...

Economy 24.11.20 | 12:31

Bocvarski: We are investing in good neighborliness, 50 million euros for road connection with Bulgaria

We are investing 50 million euros in the road infrastructure for connection with Bulgaria, the Minister of Transport and Communications Blagoj Bocvarski said Tuesday during the inspection of the activities on the reconstruction of the Trstija – Bigla road. Bocvarski stressed that the investments...

Macedonia Economy 19.10.20 | 09:09

SDSM and DUI feud over expected EU infrastructure windfall

The ruling SDSM and DUI parties have postponed the appointment of managers to some key public companies. Even thought the two parties have announced an agreement as to who gets what, which includes some major swaps in lucrative utilities, the new appointment haven’t been formally approved yet by...

Macedonia 16.08.20 | 14:46

Local road built to placate villagers ahead of the elections is falling apart

Local authorities in Veles completely botched the construrction of the road to the village of Slivnik. After spending a solid 650.000 EUR for the five kilometer stretch barely a year ago, villagers say that the road is literally disintegrating. The road featured in the pre-election campaigns of local...

Macedonia 23.12.19 | 15:48

The son of a powerful SDSM official wins a public contract worth 300.000 EUR

The son of powerful SDSM official Cvetanka Ivanova was awarded a public procurement contract worth 300.000 EUR, the opposition VMRO-DPMNE party revealed today. Cvetanka Ivanova is the Secretary General of the Macedonian Parliament while her son Zoran Ivanov is also a business partner of Trajce Zaev,...

Life 09.01.19 | 10:07

Heavy vehicles banned at Mavrovo-Debar and Struga-Kjasafan road sections

Good driving conditions are reported throughout the country on mainly wet roads. Heavy vehicles are banned at Mavrovo-Debar and Struga-Kjasafan road sections. No delays are reported on border crossings except for the necessary period for customs formalities. There is moderate intensity of traffic outside...