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Macedonia 26.11.23 | 12:53

Most roads open for light vehicles

After the snow cut off traffic on several major roads yesterday afternoon, the situation this morning is somewhat improved. The Kicevo – Gostivar road is open for traffic, after the long delays at the Straza mountain pass yesterday. It was closed for trucks and other heavy vehicles until this morning,...

Macedonia 26.11.23 | 11:40

Snow across the country, temperatures drop below zero

Winter began in earnest today, with temperatures across Macedonia dropping to below 10 degrees at the Popova Sapka ski resort. Mountainous parts of the country, such as Debar in the west, saw 20 centimeters of snow during yesterday’s storm, while 17 centimeters fell on Krusevo. Parts of the country...

Macedonia 25.11.23 | 20:08

Heavy snow blocks major roads across Macedonia

Heavy snowfall blocked the road between Gostivar and Kicevo, cutting off a major road link between Skopje and Ohrid. Citizens who were caught up on the road shared photographs from the bad driving conditions, and how the local road crews completely failed at the task to maintain the road open, especially...

Life 27.01.23 | 11:02

Popova Sapka gets 83 cm of snow

Six below zero degrees Celsius and a snow cover of 83 centimeters were recorded at Popova Sapka at 7 am, making it the coldest place in Macedonia this morning. There is also a snow cover in Mavrovi Anovi, 20 centimeters, Lazaropole 10, Krusevo and Berovo seven, Kriva Palanka and Gjuriste four, Pozarane...

Macedonia 10.12.22 | 19:12

Snow expected on Monday

Forecasters are predicting rain and snow starting today and from Monday. The rains will begin today afternoon and overnight, accompanied by moderately strong wind from the south east. Temperatures will drop on Monday which will lead to snow, especially in the higher, northern parts of the country.

Macedonia 27.11.22 | 10:13

Snow in the mountains, more expected next week

Forecasters are predicting snow in the mountains today. Temperatures are expected to raise between 3 and 9 degrees, and the morning lows range between – 4 and 3 degrees. More snow is expected on Monday before a new wet front on Wednesday that will bring rain to the lower regions and snow to the...

Macedonia 06.03.22 | 13:21

Skopje authorities respond to the surprise March snow storm

Skopje Mayor Danela Arsovska hit the streets with her top officials, after the city got covered in a thick layer of snow overnight. Directors of the Skopje parking, roads, parks and water and sewage utilities all were involved in using their full resources to keep the streets open. The weekend helped...

Macedonia 27.02.22 | 19:17

150 mountaineers stuck in Hotel Molika, the road is covered with snow, there is no one to clean it

150 mountaineers from Macedonia, Serbia and Bulgaria are stuck in the Molika Hotel on Pelister and cannot go home, because they say the road on Pelister is not cleared due to heavy snow. Yesterday, they climbed the Neolica peak, on the march dedicated to the February campaign, and the expedition is organized...

Macedonia 01.02.22 | 18:35

Road crews still struggling to clear up snow from the key mountain passes

Even though the snow fall today was relatively light, national road crews are still struggling to keep the key mountain passes clean. The situation is especially difficult on the Pletvar pass north of Prilep, on the Gevgelija – Strumica road near Valandovo and on the Straza pass between Gostivar...

Life 01.02.22 | 09:26

Ban for trucks on two roads due to heavy snowfall

A ban is in place for freight cars on Mavrovo – Debar road as of this morning due to heavy snowfalls. A ban is also in force on the Struga – Kjafasan road, says AMSM. Elsewhere, traffic is uninterrupted as snow falls mainly in the western part of the country. Moderate traffic intensity outside urban...

Life 01.02.22 | 09:23

Snowy weather on Tuesday

Cloudy with snowfalls along the Povardarie region and rain in the southeast. Snow showers are expected in the northwest. Snow cover is expected to form in much of the country – up to 10 cm of snow in the northern and western parts of the country and over 15 cm in the northwest. With wind from the north...

Macedonia 27.01.22 | 13:41

Snow expected over the next two days

Weather forecasters are predicting snow on Friday afternoon and Saturday, mostly in the western and the northern parts of Macedonia. A northern wind will also cause a drop in temperatures on Saturday. Then, next week, we can expect another round of snow starting on Tuesday.  

Macedonia 23.01.22 | 12:30

Tetovo Mayor Kasami joined his workers to help clean up the snow from the city streets

Bilal Kasami, the new Mayor of the notoriously mismanaged city of Tetovo, took to the streets yesterday to help clean up the snow. Kasami joined city workers, shovel in hand, calling the workers heroes. Heavy snow fell on Macedonia two days ago, and local authorities across the country sprung to action...

Macedonia 10.01.22 | 18:14

Snow on January 10 surprises state-owned company in charge of road maintenance in Macedonia – total chaos on roads across the country

January 10 seems too early for snow, at least when it comes to the state-owned company in charge of maintenance of road in Macedonia “Makedonija Pat”. Roads across the country are in chaos. Snow, traffic accidents, total blockade on the first working day after an extended weekend, after so...

Macedonia 12.12.21 | 11:01

Snow and landslides continue to obstruct road traffic across Macedonia

Much of Macedonia, especially the higher elevation areas, are covered with snow, and many roads remain difficult to navigate. MEPSO and EVN Macedonia were able to restore power to the south-west of the country, where a number of cities, like Ohrid, Debar, Struga and Resen were left without electricity...

Macedonia 11.12.21 | 14:21

Ohrid, Resen, Struga and Debar left without electricity

Large parts of Ohrid, Resen, Struga and Debar are left without electricity today, after the snowstorm caused a defect in a regional transmission line. The homes of citizens who use electricity for heating are left in cold during the snowstorm. MEPSO, the state owned company that runs the power-lines,...

Macedonia 11.12.21 | 14:15

Roads in the west of Macedonia made impassable by the falling snow

The snow falling across Macedonia, especially in the western mountainous parts of the country, is causing serious traffic issues. A portion of the south-west of the country, including much of Ohrid, is left without electricity and mountainous villages are snowed in. Citizens are sharing pictures from...

Macedonia 07.12.21 | 17:00

Rain and snow expected over the weekend

Strong rains are expected during the weekend, forecasters warn. The rains, which will turn to snow in the mountains, will be strongest on Saturday. Forecasters expect this period of wet and cold weather to persist for days.

Macedonia 30.11.21 | 09:56

Traffic restrictions on mountain roads due to heavy snow

Motorists are warned to be careful on a number of mountain passes across Macedonia, as snow fell on the mountains. Straza and Gjavato passes and the entire Kicevo – Ohrid route are closed for trucks until the road crews can clean up the snow. Mountainous areas like Lazaropole and Poova Sapka are...

Macedonia 29.11.21 | 09:56

Heavy snow on Popova Sapka

Heavy snow covered the Popova Sapka ski resort, and also led to problems for locals, who had their cars stuck. TV21 reported from the resort as citizens were struggling to free their vehicles from the piles of snow. A wet and cold front is approaching Macedonia and should be felt in full on Tuesday.