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Macedonia Culture 10.02.21 | 09:29

Actors from the Strumica theater protest against their unqualified new director

Actors from the Strumica theater will hold a protest today. They object to the appointment of an unqualified gym teachers as their new director. Vasil Bubev was appointed over several candidates from the institution, and better qualified outside candidates. Bubev was appointed to the position after managing...

Macedonia 25.11.19 | 17:15

Macedonian National Theater guards prevented journalists from reviewing the damage caused by the Albanian Shverceri group

Security at the Macedonian National Theater stopped the journalists who wanted to visit the theater and see for themselves the level of damage caused by the nationalist celebration of the Albanian Shverceri football fans. Footage of the Shverceri hooligans jumping up and down, shouting and reportedly...

Macedonia 23.11.19 | 12:06

Citizens warned to stay away as the glass wall of the Skopje Drama Theater can collapse at any moment

A sign was posted on the glass pane walls of the Drama Theater in Skopje, warning citizens not to get too close to the building. “Careful, danger, glass may break, please don’t walk under it” the sign says, but it’s a bit redundant, given that several of the panes have huge cracks...

Culture 13.11.19 | 19:23

Actors kicked out from the Gostivar theater claim they’re pressured for political reasons

Visar Viska, the Colored Revolution activist who was appointed acting director of the Gostivar theater, called the police on two actors after an incident erupted during a rehearsal. The actors claim that they were part of the play, but Viska removed them. We came for the rehearsal, but we were led out...

Culture 16.06.19 | 16:27

Best plays awarded at the Vojdan Cernodrinski festival

Organizers of the Vojdan Cernodrinski theater festival in Prilep handed this year’s awards to the best plays. The recipient of the jury’s award was Bakshi – a short overview of dissolution, a play directed by Belgrade based author Igor Vuk Torbica, performed by the Bitola theater. The...

Culture 04.02.19 | 10:18

Mice, bugs and floods: Mihajlovski lists the dilapidated state of theaters across the country

Actor and political activist Toni Mihajlovski posted a photograph of the dilapidated Prilep theater, where actors and other employees work in dreadful conditions. Mice everywhere, rains cause flooding in the offices, the water running through the electiral wiring. Ceilings are sagging, walls are cracked,...

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