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Economy 21.06.20 | 10:09

Ohrid hotels set to reopen, but the outlook is bleak

Hotels along lake Ohrid, Macedonia’s main tourism draw, are preparing to reopen on Monday, after four months of coronavirus lockdown. It’s unclear how much interest will there be from the public that is seriously concerned about the Second Wave of the coronavirus. On the other hand, Macedonians...

Macedonia 16.06.20 | 17:20

Beneath the incompetence – corruption: More issues emerge with the Government’s tourism promotion project

After the revelation that the Government used pictures of tourist destinations in Germany and other countries for its campaign meant to promote tourism in the currently isolated Macedonia, today it was revealed that the campaign using fake pictures was actually well paid. The scandal broke out when a...

Macedonia 15.06.20 | 09:45

Government steals picture of a German lake to promote tourism in Macedonia

A tourism promotion campaign spectacularly backfired on the Macedonian Government, when it was revealed that it stole a photo of a German lake. With borders closed for Macedonian citizens at a time of a major Second Wave of the epidemic, the SDSM led Government decided that the pre-election period is...

Economy 09.06.20 | 17:09

Tourist workers: Vacation vouchers completely missed, you can’t spend the day with 100 euros, let alone relax and enjoy

The six thousand denars that are intended for vacation for low-income people in some of the domestic tourist facilities, are unnecessarily thrown money, according to the tourism sector in Ohrid. The tourist guide and professor at the Faculty of Tourism in Ohrid, Kliment Naumov, told Alsat that these...

Macedonia 15.05.20 | 23:37

With the tourism season looming, Macedonia and Greece will discuss how to reopen the border

Macedonian and Greek officials are going to hold a video conference next week to discuss ways to resume normal travel across the border, and measures that would still control for the spread of the coronavirus. Hundreds of thousands of Macedonians visit Greece each summer, and Greece is eager to save...

Macedonia 15.05.20 | 17:38

Mickoski asks citizens to spend their summer vacation in Macedonia, help save tourism sector jobs

VMRO-DPMNE leader Hristijan Mickoski urged citizens to spend their summer vacation in Macedonia, visiting its lakes and mountains. The borders to popular neighboring destinations like Greec are expect to reopen soon, but with various precautionary measures, such as providing a coronavirus test. We are...

Economy 24.03.20 | 11:37

Government vouchers to reimburse canceled tourism trips

Economy Minister Kreshnik Bekteshi said that tourist companies that are losing business because of the coronavirus epidemic will be given vouchers from the Government. These will be used to reimburse the customers, who now demand their money back, Bekteshi said.

Economy 23.03.20 | 20:54

Zoran Nikolovski: Coronavirus killed tourism and catering in Macedonia, urgent measures needed to save these sectors

Zoran Nikolovski, an expert on tourism and catering, at today’s Live Chat panel titled “Because Every Life Matters”, said the coronavirus has caused major damage to tourism and the catering business. According to him, tourism is dead at the moment. Not only here but around the world....

Economy 18.02.20 | 16:31

Coronavirus and Chinese tourists not affecting Macedonian tourism

Macedonian tourism will not be significantly affected by the negative effect of the coronavirus. About 7,000-10,000 Chinese tourists annually visit Macedonia, most often as part of regional tours, a relatively small number that has no major impact on the sector, says Agency for Tourism Promotion and...

Macedonia 10.06.19 | 11:14

Greek parties argue over the Macedonia Timeless tourism promotion site

Greek opposition New Democracy demanded that Foreign Minister Georgios Katrougalos taes action after it noted that the Macedonia Timeless site created to promote Macedonia as a tourism destination continues to use the name Republic of Macedonia. This provocative and brazen use of the term Macedonia...

Economy 12.03.19 | 15:05

Drop in the number of foreign tourists

The number of tourists in Macedonia dropped by 0.7 percent in January, and the number of nights they spent in the country was down 4.3 percent. Statistics show that the number of domestic tourists grew by 2.6 percent, and the drop was due to the 2.7 drop in foreign tourists. A total of 49.021 tourists...