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Macedonia 10.11.21 | 19:44

Mobster close to Zaev sentenced to just six months for killing a father of two in a traffic accident he committed while he was supposed to be in prison

The Gostivar court issued a shocking sentence of just six months in prison to Zoran Mileski – Zoki Kiceec, for causing a traffic accident in which ha young father of two was killed. Kiceec was supposed to be in prison for his role in the major Racket scandal, in which he was a bagman for Special...

Macedonia 05.09.21 | 15:28

Official police report confirms that notorious mobster who was supposed to be in prison was involved in the fatal accident yesterday

The Interior Ministry confirmed the involvement of major crime figure Zoran Mileski – Zoki Kiceec, in the traffic accident yesterday afternoon on the Gostivar – Kicevo road in which one person was killed. The Ministry informed that a person with the initials Z.M. was driving one of the three...

Macedonia 10.02.21 | 11:18

Reckless driver who killed a motorist and an unborn baby sentenced to two years in prison

The Appeals Court accepted the appeal in the horrific 2018 traffic accident in Skopje, in which a motorcycle driver was killed and his pregnant wife lost her baby. The motorcycle was hit by 61 year old Vasil Corbadziev, who decided to make a u-turn on the busy boulevard. He hit 32 year old Goce Dimitrievski...

Macedonia 26.01.21 | 13:54

Traffic accident scams reported in Skopje and Strumica

Motorists in Skopje and Strumica are warned to be careful as fraudsters are trying to fake traffic accidents and extort money. The scheme includes men who pick a slow moving vehicle and throw themselves on it, and then insist they will call the police unless the driver pays them money. One taxi driver...

Macedonia 18.01.21 | 22:43

Accident cuts traffic on the main road link between Macedonia and Bulgaria

Traffic on the Kriva Palanka – Deve Bair road, which is the main link between Macedonia and Bulgaria, was cut short this evening after an accident. The narrow, mountainous road has been under heavy construction over the past months.

Macedonia 14.01.21 | 12:18

Child killed in a traffic accident in Tetovo

A six year old child was killed in a traffic accident in Tetovo yesterday afternoon. A 30 year old driver in a Volkswagen Golf hit the child on the major Video Smilevski – Bato boulevard. The child was rushed to the Tetovo hospital, but doctors could only pronounce death.

Macedonia 14.10.20 | 21:56

Young Covid ward head dies after traffic accident in Skopje

Doctor Trajce Neskovski (32), a young pulmonologist who lead the Covid-19 center at the Kozle children’s hospital, died after a traffic accident today. The clinic was converted into a Covid-19 hospital to help the other two frontline clinics in Skopje cope with the epidemic. Neskovski apparently...

Macedonia 05.09.20 | 16:50

Public outraged after court gives a suspended sentence to driver who killed a man and badly injured his pregnant wife

A verdict in a deadly traffic accident sparked outrage yesterday when the Skopje court gave merely a suspended sentence to the driver who killed a man on a motorcycle in 2018 and badly injured his pregnant wife. The woman lost the baby. The 62 year old driver, who is a businessman from Tetovo, made an...

Macedonia 10.08.20 | 10:33

Fist fight between two families erupts after a child was injured in a traffic accident in Skopje

Police had to intervene near Skopje’s “Ss. Clement” hospital, in the center of the city, after a motorist hit a child that was taken there for treatment. The driver was also injured and went to the hospital with members of his family, while the family of the child was there along with...

Macedonia 19.12.19 | 15:50

The three girls injured in a traffic accident in Skopje are in stable condition

Hospital sources say that the three girls which were ran over earlier today in Skopje’s Cair district are stable and remain awake. One of them is treated at the Emergency Clinic of the Mother Teresa complex, while the other two are in pediatric surgery. The girls were hit by a taxi driver, as they...

Macedonia 19.03.19 | 17:41

Seven year old child hit by a car near Lipkovo, driver fled

A seven year old child was injured after being hit by a car in the village of Gosince, near Lipkovo. The driver who hit the child fled the scene and police is looking for him. Doctors at the Mother Teresa clinic in Skopje are treating the injured child.

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