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Macedonia 20.05.23 | 11:16

Traffic gridlock in Skopje may last for months

Downtown Skopje, which is experiencing serious traffic jams after fire on the key “Belasica” bridge, will have additional issues today. City authorities waited until traffic is reduced on Saturday to close the “Dame Gruev” street, near the Parliament building, for paving. Cars...

Life 29.07.22 | 10:55

Up to 60-min wait at Tabanovce, 30-min wait at Bogorodica

Dry road conditions are reported across the country, with moderate traffic outside urban areas. People entering the country via the Tabanovce border crossing can expect to wait from 40 minutes up to an hour. People entering or exiting the country via the Bogorodica border crossing can expect to wait...

Macedonia 23.12.21 | 21:05

Traffic chaos expected in downtown Skopje tomorrow

EVN Macedonia announced that it will leave a number of important traffic intersections in the capital Skopje without power tomorrow, meaning that the traffic lights will be off. This will begin at 8 in the morning and last until 1530h, covering both the morning and the afternoon rush hour. Motorists...

Macedonia 07.12.21 | 20:35

Huge afternoon gridlock in Skopje, Mayor Arsovska says it was caused by the Interior Ministry which turned the traffic lights off

Skopje Mayor Danela Arsovska is demanding answers from the Interior Ministry after the capital downtown suffered complete traffic gridlock this afternoon. Arsovska said that the situation was caused by an unannounced decision by the Interior Ministry to turn off traffic lights. This move caused chaos...

Macedonia 19.09.21 | 10:14

Traffic disruption in downtown Skopje due to a biking event

A portion of downtown Skopje will be closed off today between 9h and 14h due to a bike event. Traffic will be diverted from near the Parliament building into alternative routes.

Macedonia 08.09.21 | 09:58

Road closures in downtown Skopje today

Large portion of downtown Skopje will be closed for traffic today, for the celebration marking Macedonia’s 30th Independence Day, but also for scheduled protests. Road closures are announced around the Government building, the Skenderbeg Square, the EU diplomatic mission and, extensively, around...

Macedonia 05.09.21 | 09:50

Independence Day rehearsal: Downtown Skopje will be closed for traffic

Parts of downtown Skopje will be closed off for traffic today, because of a rehearsal for the 30th anniversary of Macedonia’s independence. The closure begins in the morning, between 7:30 and 12:30 and resumes again in the afternoon, between 15:30 and 20h.  

Macedonia 21.07.21 | 09:24

Lines on the border crossings with Serbia and Greece

Long delays are reported on the E-75 highway, on the border crossings with Serbia and Greece. Motorists are forced to wait for up to 45 minutes to cross the borders. The heavy traffic is due to the summer vacation season in Greece.

Macedonia 20.07.21 | 20:14

Protest in Skopje’s Zhelezara after a tragic traffic accident

Citizens from Skopje’s Zhelezara district protested today to demand stricter upholding of traffic rules on their main street. A 45 year old woman was killed last week when a speeding driver in an Audi hit her, in what was one of three tragic accidents in the capital in a matter of weeks. Citizens...

Macedonia 19.07.21 | 18:10

Protest will restrict traffic in downtown Skopje tomorrow

Traffic in parts of downtown Skopje will be obstructed tomorrow due to the protest of parents of handicapped students. The protest takes place between the Government building and the Parliament, starting at 18h. After 14:30, police will close down the street in front of the Parliament and will divert...

Macedonia 15.05.21 | 13:19

Race will cause traffic disruptions in Skopje tomorrow morning

Motorists in Skopje will do well to avoid the southern districts of the downtown, close to Mt. Vodno tomorrow because of the planned bike and hike race. Bikers will start their race at 9:45 from the Old Railway Station and turn along the Mother Teresa boulevard, while hikers will head out from the Koco...

Macedonia 24.10.20 | 11:34

Police continues with mass issuing of fines to motorists around Skopje

Over 200 citizens of Dracevo, east of Skopje, were fined on Friday for traffic violations. The massive campaign of fining motorists comes after a child and a man were tragically killed by a drunk driver in a near-by part of the city. Those fined included drivers without licenses, those driving unregistered...