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Macedonia 31.05.21 | 15:47

After an initial scare, the heart transplant recipient is recovering well

The 32 year old patient who received a heart transplant yesterday – the third such operation in Macedonia, is stable, Minister Venko Filipce said. The woman developed some bleeding yesterday, but the doctors were able to found the cause. Two other patients, a 44 year old man and a 30 year old woman,...

Macedonia 30.05.21 | 13:14

Heart transplant surgery ends successfully

The third heart transplant surgery was successfully performed in the Skopje Cardiology Clinic today. A 32 year old female patient received the heart from a 40 year old woman who died after a brain hemorrhage whose family agreed to donate the organs.  The surgery was performed by a team led by doctors...

Macedonia 25.05.20 | 15:28

Two patients receive kidneys from the same donor whose heart was transplanted

After the first successful heart transplant in Macedonia, the kidneys of the tragically deceased Emilija Dineva, the same woman whose heart was donated by her family, were successfully transplanted into two dialysis patients. The first heart transplant recipient in Macedonia is doing well, recovering...

Macedonia 24.05.20 | 12:04

The first heart transplant recipient in Macedonia is doing well, recovering after the surgery

Ivan Ognenovski, the 54 year old heart patient who received the first heart transplant ever performed in Macedonia, is feeling well. The Healthcare Ministry shared a photograph of the patient recovering in his bed, along with the team who performed the surgery. The Ognenovski family expressed its gratitude...

Macedonia 23.05.20 | 20:33

Nation bows to the woman whose donated organs are helping save three lives

Emilija Dineva was the name of the woman who died in a traffic accident, and whose family agreed to donate her organs to patients in need. Her heart was transplanted into a 54 year old patient with serious heart disease, in the first heart transplant carried out in Macedonia. Dineva died in a crash while...

Macedonia 23.05.20 | 11:21

First heart transplant surgery in Macedonia is a success

A team of doctors from several clinics performed the first heart transplant in Macedonia yesterday. The Healthcare Ministry shared photographs from the operation which, Minister Filipce later revealed, has been a success as he shared a photograph of a monitor showing the heart beat. The donor was a...

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