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Macedonia 14.01.21 | 20:53

Zafirovski: Police action in Vevcani was planned long time ago, Public Security Bureau director issued the order

The former vice president of Integra, Voislav Zafirovski, referred on the TV Alfa “Sto ne e jasno” show to the police action carried out yesterday in Vevcani, saying that it has been prepared for a long time. Zafirovski also stressed that the opposition could not be blamed for this unfortunate...

Macedonia 13.01.21 | 19:38

Zaev’s government can’t stand criticism, that’s why the police used force to break up the Vevcani Carnival

Zaev’s government can’t stand criticism and mockery, neither in the media, nor locally. That is the essential reason why the police today used force to break up the Vevcani Carnival, a tradition older than 1,300 years, in which every government has been lampooned, Antonio Milososki, VMRO...

Macedonia 13.01.21 | 17:56

History in Vevcani repeats itself: Government censors freedom of thought and satire

History in Vevcani repeats itself. As 33 years ago, the authorities sent police forces to Vevcani to attempt to prevent the holding of the ages old Vasilica carnival and to censor freedom thought and satire. The large village in south-western Macedonia holds a carnival to honor St. Basil that has its...

Life 24.01.19 | 14:27

Vevcani Carnival through BBC News photos

In the Macedonian village of Vevcani, a carnival is held for more than 800 years, which in the first half of January brings visitors in a different reality, BBC News reported on the traditional Vevcani Carnival. This year they had their own photojournalist at the carnival, which captured the atmosphere...

Culture 12.01.19 | 15:23

Vevcani Carnival kicks off Saturday, set to showcase over 1,000 masks

Vevcani will again be an open-air theater and the center of satire on January 12-14. Over 1,000 individual and group masks will parade the streets during the Vevcani Carnival, with about 10,000 visitors expected for the event. The carnival, which celebrates the arrival of the New Year according to the...

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