The dates of the Vevchani Carnival are January 12–14. A live Akustik band, Naum Petreski, Vevchani zurna and drums orchestra, Pero Beli, and Koki Bioritam will perform on Saturday, while DJ Ampov, Younge Daddy, Best of Igor Dzhambazov, Gugu Hare band, and Nokaut are scheduled to perform on Friday. The customary burning of the masks on Sunday will mark the conclusion of the carnival.

At a news conference on Tuesday, Culture Minister Bisera Kostadinovska-Stojchevska said that Mden 1.8 million (about EUR 30,000) will be allotted for the event this year. We must preserve the Vevchani Carnival as an intangible part of Macedonia’s cultural legacy. I’m happy that the Culture Ministry is the deserving sponsor for this year. I struck a deal with Vevchani Mayor Spase Kochovski to finance the Vevchani Carnival with Mden 1.8 million (EUR 30,000), of which 70% had already been delivered to the municipality prior to the carnival’s commencement,” Kostadinovska-Stojchevska stated.

She continued by saying that the government, along with the Vevchani municipality, acknowledges the festival’s validity and that its mission is to preserve Macedonian customs, culture, and history.

“Supporting the Vevchani Carnival is the only way we can demonstrate our concern for the cultural legacy and our commitment to upholding the traditions it represents.Festival organizer Igor Dzhambazov noted that the most imaginative individuals in the nation, who are adept at making jokes and laughing at everything, attend the Vevchani Carnival.

According to Wikipedia, the carnival dates back 15 centuries, or 1460 years, however artifacts discovered in the settlement of Gorna Belica suggest that the event may have existed for almost 2000 years. Dzhambazov emphasized that the first Vevchani Carnival took place 900 years before Columbus set foot on American soil.

He continued by saying that they are anticipating a large number of visitors, including Putriota, one of the most well-known bloggers in the area, and a Norwegian television station that is making a trip documentary about Heraclea Lyncestis, Ohrid, and Vevchani Carnival. Mayor Spase Kochovski of Vevchani emphasized that every government and minister should take pleasure in the Vevchani Carnival as it is a name and a brand.

We have journalists here as well as visitors from all over Europe. It has been demonstrated that the carnival predates Vevchani. People respond to natural tragedies like famine, sickness, and drought by holding carnivals. With time, the state was established, followed by the government, and now Vevchani is a site where politicians who have behaved badly all year may go and witness their representation at the carnival without feeling hurt. Kochovski stated, “The Vevchani Carnival delivers sarcasm and humor.