Over the past few days, we conducted routine meetings with several ambassadors, a customary practice during institutional leadership transitions. This morning, we engaged with representatives from Kosovo and Albania, and shortly before that, we also met with the Serbian ambassador. During these discussions, we were informed that people can transit from their respective sides. It’s worth noting that we have bilateral agreements with these countries for travel using ID cards,” stated Mitko Boymacaliyev, the additional deputy minister of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in the technical government, during the “10 minutes” show on TV21. He emphasized that the letter from the EU specifies that the European Commission has clarified it lacks the authority to dictate the individual actions of EU member states. Therefore, each country will make independent decisions.

“If the EU and the strategic partners decide and make a decision that changing the law does not have any negative implications on Macedonia’s path to the EU, the changes to the law will be voted on,” said Bojmacaliyev.