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Macedonia 11.03.23 | 08:29

Kovatchev against “Republika”: The Bulgarian MP confirmed that the German Reich and Bulgaria occupied Macedonia

Bulgarian MP Andrey Kovatchev reacts to a text published in “Republika” about the conference held in Brussels on the occasion of International Holocaust Day. Andrey Kovatchev claims in the EP that Bulgaria saved the Jews, not that it sent them to Treblinka Kovatchev did not like the writing...

Balkans 11.03.23 | 08:06

Andrey Kovatchev claims in the EP that Bulgaria saved the Jews, not that it sent them to Treblinka

MEP Andrey Kovatchev in the European Parliament organizes meetings with parliamentarians in which he claims that Bulgaria saved the Jews from Macedonia and Bulgaria. The event was held on the occasion of International Holocaust Remembrance Day. .

Balkans 12.07.22 | 11:42

The Miladinov brothers are Bulgarians, Kovatchev tells Pendarovski

The harm from the Good Neighborly Agreement and especially the part with a joint commission gives the results. Controversial MEP Andrey Kovatchev told President Stevo Pendarovski that the Miladinov brothers are Bulgarians after the head of state visited the Brothers Miladinov Memorial House in Struga The...

Balkans 14.02.22 | 12:51

Bulgaria wants to ban our country from celebrating October 11 as national holiday

For example, it is still there celebrated as a holiday, as they call it, when the first rifle fired against the Bulgarians in October. If you do not change anything from the previous regime of Tito’s Yugoslavia, you cannot enter the EU with the same ideology, because that ideology is directly directed...

Balkans 07.07.21 | 11:26

Kovatchev briefed Jansa on Bulgaria’s position on starting negotiations with Macedonia

The MEP from the European People’s Party Andrey Kovatchev informed the Slovenian Prime Minister Janez Jansa about the Bulgarian position regarding the start of negotiations with Macedonia, BGNES reported. Extremely cordial meeting with the Prime Minister of Slovenia at the beginning of the Slovenian...

Macedonia 27.01.21 | 22:48

Andrey Kovatchev expects Zaev to return Bulgarian language class in schools in Macedonia

Bulgarian MEP Andrey Kovatchev made an ironic and mocking remark regarding today’s announcement by Macedonian Prime Minister Zoran Zaev that students in the country will have the option to learn Serbian language in school, BGNES reported. Will Prime Minister Zaev extend such congratulation  to...

Macedonia 15.11.20 | 13:55

MEP Andrey Kovatchev announces seizure of “Karakachanov’s passports” if holders speak against Bulgaria

Anyone who wants and considers himself a Bulgarian can get Bulgarian citizenship, there is no problem with that, but he should not abuse it against Bulgaria when he declared himself a Bulgarian, Bulgarian MEP Andrey Kovatchev told the Tribuna.mk news portal. We want transparency on this issue. You may...

Macedonia 19.09.20 | 09:27

Kovatchev: There is no doubt that Goce Delcev was ethnic Bulgarian

Bulgarian Member of European Parliament (MEP) Andrey Kovatchev says the Joint Macedonian-Bulgarian Commission on Historical Issues needs to make progress to avoid a delay in the start of Macedonia’s EU accession negotiation. Kovatchev told Telma TV that both countries have to take the European path...

Balkans 04.05.20 | 15:56

Kovatchev threatens: If commissions don’t start to work by June, Bulgaria will not allow start of negotiations with Macedonia

If the commissions on historical issues do not start to work by June and the authorities in Skopje continue to falsify history, Bulgaria will not give consent to start accession talks with North Macedonia, Andrey Kovatchev told Euroactiv Bulgaria. He said that the EC had a deadline by June to prepare...