Bulgarian MP Andrey Kovatchev reacts to a text published in “Republika” about the conference held in Brussels on the occasion of International Holocaust Day.

Kovatchev did not like the writing of “Republika” that Bulgaria did not save the Jews but helped send them to the Treblinka camp.

That our writing is correct is confirmed by Kovatchev himself in his reaction to our editorial office.

We expressed our deep, deep regret for what happened to the deportees from Macedonia and White Sea Thrace, then occupied by the German Reich, who tragically lost their lives in the concentration camps of the Nazis, said Kovatchev in the EP.

It is good that Kovatchev finally admitted that Germany and Bulgaria occupied Macedonia in World War II and regret what happened to the Jews.

Today, correspondence between Kovatchev’s office and the editorial office of “Republika” has been going on all day. To our kind request that the entire content be translated into Macedonian so that we can understand exactly what it is about, we received a cynical response to our email.

This is just another proof that the Macedonian and Bulgarian languages are different languages and that the language barrier is really a problem. The Bulgarian language is as distant to the Macedonians as the Macedonian is to the Bulgarians.

Well, Mr. Kovatchev, thank you for reading “Republika” in the Macedonian language.