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Macedonia 27.12.22 | 11:53

Charges filed against 12 border police officers following the Tabanovce border crossing raid

Twelve police officers working at the Tabanovce border police station have been charged with criminal conspiracy, receiving bribe and abuse of office and power, the Interior Ministry said Tuesday. After the investigation into the commander, the deputy commander, and 10 police officers at the Tabanovce...

Macedonia 26.12.22 | 09:37

Denars, euros, francs, dollars: Bribe at “Tabanovce” border crossing found in cardboard box

Police found banknotes of denominations in denars, euros, Swiss francs, American dollars and Turkish lira in a cardboard box at the Tabanovce border crossing, police sources confirmed to Telma. The Prosecutor’s Office for the prosecution of organized crime and corruption and the police conducted...

Macedonia 13.04.22 | 12:01

The officer who said that Zaev was his icon has been arrested

E.Sh. from Skopje, the officer on shift at the crossing between Macedonia and Kosovo, who was caught accepting bribes, is a SDSM supporter. His photos with the Minister of Interior Oliver Spasovski, as well as with the former Prime Minister and leader of SDSM Zoran Zaev can be found on social networks....

News 13.04.22 | 09:44

Albanian TV films Macedonian custom officer taking 120 euros bribe to let six Albanian citizens into the country

A scandal shakes the Macedonian state apparatus after the Albanian TV Klan filmed Macedonian customs officers taking bribes from the television crew. The Klan crew paid 120 euros for the customs officer to let six Albanian citizens into the country without any checks at the border crossing. A businessman,...

Macedonia 31.10.21 | 08:26

Police official in Ohrid filmed distributing bribe to voters?

A senior police official from Ohrid was filmed distributing bribe to votersSaturday night, “Infomax” reported. It is allegedly the chief of the Ohrid police department, S.S.

Macedonia 31.08.21 | 18:34

SDSM activists filmed bribing Roma voters in Stip

SDSM party activists are bribing poor Roma families in Stip ahead of the coming local elections, VMRO-DPMNE officials in the city alleged today, sharing photographs as evidence. According to Ljube Zdravkov from VMRO-DPMNE, the SDSM activists were operating under the guise of the Red Cross. This is common...

Economy 05.08.21 | 17:14

Mickoski: Government to use more expensive fuel to bribe voters before the elections

VMRO-DPMNE leader, Hristijan Mickoski, accused in a Facebook post that the government is committing a brutal robbery of the people by increasing the prices of oil and gasoline. He explains that if we compare the August 3 decision of the Regulatory Commission (Figure 1 and 2) and the July 26 decision...

Macedonia 21.07.21 | 13:33

Judge Dzolev hasn’t reported any of the bribe offers he claims he has received to prosecutors

Judge Ivan Dzolev, one of the key supporters of the Zaev regime in the judiciary, still hasn’t reported any of the instances where he said he was approached and offered a bribe. Dzolev made the statement recently, when he was trying to defend his track record and that of the Zaev regime for the...

Macedonia 24.07.20 | 20:53

Vecer: SDSM is trying to bribe members of Parliament to cross over to their side

Vecer reports that the SDSM party is sending emissaries to meet with newly elected members of Parliament from VMRO-DPMNE, the Alliance of Albanians and DUI, who are offering hundreds of thousands of euros, up to half a million EUR, for them to support an SDSM led Government. In the previous Parliament...

Macedonia 15.07.20 | 17:16

Veles man tried to bribe a sick person to vote with a 1,000 denars

Veles police intervened when a citizen reported that a man offered a 1.000 denars to his sick relative to vote for a party. The officers seized the money and are questioning everybody involved. The incident was reported by the guardian of the sick person.

Macedonia 07.07.20 | 22:50

Two customs agents caught with a large bribe

Two customs agents were caught today with a large sum of money, estimated at between 15 and 20 thousand EUR, reports Infomax. According to the news site, the two female agents are suspected of asking for a bribe from the owner of a forwarding company. When caught by the internal control, the two could...

Macedonia 28.06.20 | 15:59

Evidence: Raskovski and Zaev made decision to sell SIK Jelak in Tetovo, for which Daka claims to have given a bribe of 300,000 euros

After the audio leak in which the controversial Serbian-Montenegrin businessman Miodrag Davidovic Daka claims that he paid 300 thousand euros to the Secretary General of the Government of Zaev, Dragi Raskovski, the picture is getting clearer. Namely, in a conversation with Zoran Mileski Kiceec, businessman...

Macedonia 22.06.20 | 13:10

New audio and video bombs show Den Doncev taking bribe, confirming that Zaev knew about the racket

New audio and video bombs of former director of the Healthcare Fund Den Doncev have been published on YouTube. One video shows Doncev taking a pile of money, while others also reveal conversations related to the racketeering of the “Diamed” company. All videos together reveal that Den...

Macedonia 24.05.20 | 12:00

Attempt to remove the video revealing SDSM activists bribing voters from Facebook

The video showing SDSM party activists bribing poor voters in the Roma neighborhood in Strumica, was promptly removed from Facebook in an apparent attempt to censor it. It shows SDSM activists noting that the packages with aid come from their party leader Zoran Zaev, in a clear attempt to get the recipients...

Macedonia 23.05.20 | 22:46

SDSM activists filmed distributing pre-election bribes in the Roma neighborhood in Strumica

A video revealing how SDSM party activists are buying votes in the poor Roma neighborhood in Strumica was shared online today. The video reveals a large number of food packages being distributed, and the name of SDSM party leader Zoran Zaev is heard in the tape. It’s clear that the shipment is...

Macedonia 12.02.20 | 17:04

Two healthcare inspectors charged with demanding a bribe from a doctor

Two healthcare inspectors were charged today with demanding a 500 EUR bribe from a doctor. In December, the two inspectors were investigating a report the doctor gave that allowed a patient to claim a leave from work. They determined that there were deficiencies in the report and demanded that the doctor...

Macedonia 31.01.20 | 12:39

Economic Faculty clerk charged with fraud – she took 2.000 EUR from six students

A clerk at the Economic Faculty in Skopje is charged with defrauding six students of 2.000 EUR. The clerk took the money and told the students she will make payments to the faculty in their name. She then gave forged receipts to the students, and kept the money for herself. Corruption is rampant in Macedonian...

Economy 24.01.20 | 16:40

60 million euro scandal: Government bribes farmers with their money

Cvetan Tripunovski, Deputy Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Economy from VMRO-DPMNE, accused Friday SDSM of bribing farmers with their money, which they have not received yet. According to him, this casts the darkest stain on the election and is a brutal insult to the honor and dignity of...

Macedonia 24.01.20 | 13:18

Man reports to the police that he was fooled into paying a 1.000 EUR bribe to get a public sector job

A man from Gostivar reported to the police that he was duped by a person who promised him help to get his girlfriend hired at a public administrative position. The 23 year old man man paid a bribe of 1.000 EUR to a woman from Skopje who he met over Facebook. The woman came to Gostivar and collected the...

Macedonia 29.11.19 | 16:50

I reported a bribe, and they closed my company, Bojkovski tells Alfa

Kumanovo businessman Marjan Bojkovski, who owns “Geo Farm”, in an interview with Alfa, tells of a two-year hell he was going through seeking justice and protection from institutions. He reported that two years ago an official at the Agency for medicines requested a bribe through an intermediary...