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Macedonia 07.01.23 | 21:29

Archbishop Stefan led the Christmas mass in the St. Clement cathedral

The main Christmas mass was held in the St. Clement cathedral in Skopje today, led by Archbishop Stefan. Leading state officials attended the mass, including Prime Minister Kovacevski, VMRO leader Mickoski, Interior Minister Oliver Spasovski, Skopje Mayor Arsovska..

Macedonia 07.01.23 | 19:55

In his Christmas message, Pendarovski urges Macedonians to protect their homeland

We must respect each other, keep solidarity and protect our homeland, President Stevo Pendarovski said in his Christmas message which he shared over the social media. Pendarovski congratulated the Orthodox Christians on the birth of the savior, which in Macedonia is honored according to the Julian calendar.

Macedonia 07.01.23 | 09:51

“Let’s get together to improve our country”

This is a day when we celebrate life, new beginnings and our families, and may it bring you much health, joy and happiness, said VMRO-DPMNE President Hristijan Mickoski in his Christmas message. Together we must act to change the difficult circumstances and to stop living in uncertainty. We need a new...

Macedonia 06.01.23 | 14:52

“Liberals” mock our Christian and family values, bishop Petar warns in his Christmas message

In his Christmas statement, bishop Petar of Prespa and Pelagonija condemned the left wing “liberalism” and “humanitarianism” which, he said, mocks and tries to undermine the rights of the religious communities. In our country, while we open and consecrate churches to the glory...

Macedonia 06.01.23 | 09:23

Orthodox Christians in Macedonia prepare for the Christmas celebrations

Orthodox Christians in Macedonia celebrate Badnik today, in anticipation of Christmas, that is marked on January 7th, in accordance with the Julian calendar. On the eve before Badnik, it’s customary that people gather in their neighborhoods, lighting fires. And on the morning of Badnik, children...

World 22.12.22 | 14:53

Ukrainian church allows December 25 celebrations for first time

Ukraine’s Orthodox worshippers have always celebrated Christmas on January 7 — but that will change for many this year, with the Orthodox Church of Ukraine (OCU) for the first time allowing its congregations to celebrate on December 25, Politico reports. This move creates a dividing line with Russia,...

Macedonia 07.01.22 | 11:30

Macedonian Orthodox Christians celebrate Christmas

Orthodox Christians in Macedonia are celebrating Friday the Birth of Jesus Christ – Christmas. Christmas liturgies are held in all temples of the Macedonian Orthodox Church this morning. The central celebration is taking place at the “St. Clement of Ohrid” Church in Skopje, where the the...

Macedonia 06.01.22 | 18:41

Skopje Mayor Danela Arsovska attended the Christmas mass

Skopje Mayor Danela Arsovska attended the Christmas celebration at the St. Clement cathedral today. In her remarks, she wished that 2022 is a happy year for all and that the Christian spirit of humanity and mutual respect and assistance triumphs. Let the love and respect Christianity teaches us are reflected...

Macedonia 06.01.22 | 13:49

Mickoski extends Christmas message: United, honest in thought and good in deed we will have peace

VMRO-DPMNE leader Hristijan Mickoski sent a Christmas greeting to Archbishop Stefan, Head of the Macedonian Orthodox Church – Ohrid Archbishopric. In moments like this it is important to be united, honest in thought, and good in deed, only then will we have peace and tranquility in our souls, but also...

Macedonia 06.01.22 | 11:48

HH Stefan extends Christmas greeting: All troubles of modern humanity come from moral crisis

Orthodox believers on Friday (Jan. 7) celebrate Christmas – the great holiday of the Birth of Jesus Christ. On the occasion, the Macedonian Orthodox Church head, HH Stefan the Archbishop of Ohrid and Macedonia, has sent a Christmas message to the faithful. The meaning of the Christmas celebration...

Macedonia 05.01.22 | 10:08

January 7, non-working day for all citizens

The first day of Orthodox Christmas, January 7, 2022 (Friday), is a non-working day for all citizens of Macedonia, the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy said Wednesday in a press release. The Ministry of Labor and Social Policy wishes Merry Christmas to all Orthodox Christians.

Macedonia 28.12.21 | 13:31

Mix-up: Sela congratulated the Easter holidays

Alliance of Albanians leader Ziadin Sela mixed up the religious holidays and congratulated the Orthodox Christian faithful on the “Easter holidays”. The mix up prompted laughter from his deputy Arben Taravari. Sela immediately corrected himself and congratulated the Christmas holidays.

Macedonia 25.12.21 | 09:52

Christmas mass held in the Catholic Cathedral in Skopje

Christmas was celebrated in Macedonia yesterday, with the main gathering at the Sacred Heart Catholic Cathedral in Skopje. While most Christians in Macedonia are Orthodox and celebrate Christmas according to the Julian calendar, there are significant Catholic and Protestant communities. Bishop Kiro Stojanov...

Macedonia 24.12.21 | 22:59

Downtown Skopje decorated for the Christmas and New Year holidays

After a delay caused by the local elections, downtown Skopje is finally fully decorated for the coming New Year celebrations. A large Christmas tree adorns Macedonia Square, with a small number of booths being opened. The Square, the entry to the GTC shopping mall and the Macedonia Street are all bright...

Macedonia 07.01.21 | 14:31

Mickoski: Let this be year of good triumphing over evil

VMRO-DPMNE’s Hristijan Mickoski, after attending the Christmas liturgy at St. Clement of Ohrid Church in Skopje, extended his wishes to fellow Orthodox Christian believers. He also said his mother got the lucky coin this year, explaining that his family has traditionally spent every Christmas Eve...

Macedonia 07.01.21 | 10:56

Ahmeti extends Christmas greetings

DUI leader Ali Ahmeti congratulated the Orthodox believers on the occasion of the great Christian holiday – Christmas. May this Christmas bring prosperity and peace to all the families that celebrate and the blessed spirit of this holiday to touch all people, expressing wishes for a brighter future...

Macedonia 07.01.21 | 09:38

Orthodox Christians in Macedonia celebrate Christmas

Orthodox Christians in Macedonia are celebrating Thursday the Birth of Jesus Christ – Christmas. Liturgies are being held in all temples of the Macedonian Orthodox Church (MOC) across the country. The main event is taking place at St. Clement of Ohrid church in Skopje, where the liturgy is served by...

Macedonia 06.01.21 | 21:03

Skopje: Traditional Christmas carol procession replaced with a single car with loudspeakers

A depressing sight was witnessed by the citizens of downtown Skopje today, as the traditional Badnik processions of children was replaced with a lone car with a police escort. The children would traditionally sing Christmas carols, walking from the St. Dimitrija church to the St. Clement of Ohrid cathedral....

Macedonia 04.01.21 | 16:54

Despite low response, police calls on citizens to continue reporting family gathering through Christmas

The Interior Ministry called on the public to keep using the phone it set up where citizens can report gathering over the Christmas and New Year holidays. Only 22 people used the number to report on their neighbors over New Year. Although Christmas, which in Macedonia is celebrated on January 7th, is...

Macedonia 25.12.20 | 09:57

Catholic believers celebrate Christmas

Catholic believers on Friday celebrate Christmas – the Birth of Jesus Christ. Traditionally, on the occasion of the holiday, a holy mass was held Thursday evening in Catholic Cathedral “Most Holy Heart of Jesus” in Skopje. The holy mass was attended by President Stevo Pendarovski and his wife Elizabeta...