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Macedonia 07.01.20 | 21:01

Let’s regain what was lost, Gruevski says in his Christmas message

Let’s regain what was lost, Nikola Gruevski wished, in the Christmas message he shared today with the Macedonian public from his political exile in Hungary. Macedonia needs to go forward and again become strong and a source of pride for its citizens. Let’s hope our wins are more numerous...

Economy 07.01.20 | 17:23

Macedonian companies have all but abandoned the idea to push for a change in the date when Christmas is celebrated

Macedonian businesses have given up on their initiative to change the date when Christmas is celebrated. Macedonia marks Christmas according to the Julian, old style calendar, on January 7th, but businesses have often pushed to have it moved to the Gregorian calendar on December 25th, in order to bettter...

Macedonia 07.01.20 | 13:03

Mickoski: Respect, love, there is hope for our Macedonia

The main Christmas event took place at St. Clement of Ohrid church in Skopje, where the liturgy is served by the Archbishop of Ohrid and Macedonia, HH Stefan. The liturgy was also attended by Prime Minister Oliver Spasovski, Deputy Prime Minister in charge of European Affairs Bujar Osmani, Minister of...

Macedonia 07.01.20 | 12:53

Interim Prime Minister Spasovski wishes peace, tranquility and happiness to all Orthodox Christians

Interim Prime Minister, Oliver Spasovski wished all Orthodox Christians peace, tranquility and happiness on the occasion of Christmas. He believes that we should all contribute to the collective success, which will bring happiness to all. After several years, the interim prime minister found the coin...

Macedonia 07.01.20 | 12:31

Pendarovski: Let’s hope that this year we will only have good news and meet on happy occasions

President Stevo Pendarovski on Tuesday wished all Orthodox faithful a merry Christmas. I would like to congratulate all Orthodox believers in the country on this holiday, one of the greatest in Christianity – Christ’s birth and wish these holidays to be spent with their loved ones, with their...

Macedonia 07.01.20 | 12:23

Ali Ahmeti extends Christmas greetings

DUI leader Ali Ahmeti congratulated the citizens on the occasion of the great Christian holiday – Christmas, wishing health, happiness, peace and prosperity. Christmas is a great and important Orthodox holiday celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ and unites in the sincere mutual wishes for health,...

Macedonia 07.01.20 | 11:32

Orthodox Christians in Macedonia celebrate Christmas

Orthodox Christians in Macedonia are celebrating Tuesday the Birth of Jesus Christ – Christmas. Liturgies are being held in all temples of the Macedonian Orthodox Church (MOC) across the country. The main event is taking place at St. Clement of Ohrid church in Skopje, where the liturgy is served by...

Macedonia 06.01.20 | 15:01

Xhaferi: Holidays are special days that carry special magic that creates beautiful and positive thoughts in us all

Parliament Speaker Talat Xhaferi extended Monday Christmas greetings to the Orthodox faithful. Holidays are special days that carry a special magic that creates in us all beautiful and positive thoughts that radiate wonderful energy of mutual happiness and joy, united faith and hope for a better tomorrow,...

Macedonia 06.01.20 | 14:46

Pendarovski extends Christmas greetings: Let’s celebrate the holidays in good health and joy

President Stevo Pendarovski send Monday Christmas greetings to the Orthodox faithful in Macedonia, wishing good health, joy, happiness, love and harmony. Let the holidays we spend in our homes filled with light and warmth inspire us to care and reach out to all who need material and spiritual support....

Macedonia 06.01.20 | 14:35

Spasovski: Let’s bring the good as an honor and continue together along the path of peace and tranquility

Prime Minister Oliver Spasovski send Monday Badnik and Christmas greetings to Archbishop of Ohrid and Macedonia HH Stefan and the Orthodox faithful. Major holidays such as Christmas Eve and Christ’s birth are great spiritual power for every person, to revisit blessings, such as honesty, love, caring...

Macedonia 06.01.20 | 10:51

Mickoski extends Christmas greetings

VMRO-DPMNE leader extended greetings on the occasions of one of the biggest Christian holidays, Christmas, with wishes for peace and prosperity, happiness, health, tranquility and love. Macedonia has embraced Christianity with open arms as the cornerstone of Western civilization. Let the teaching of...

Macedonia 06.01.20 | 10:44

Zaev extends Christmas greetings

SDSM leader Zoran Zaev extended Christmas greetings to the Archbishop of Ohrid and Macedonia HH Stefan, to the members of the Holy Synod and to all Orthodox Christians. Christ’s birth, which we symbolically observe every new year for centuries, is a strong message that each of us personally, as...

World 25.12.19 | 20:52

Salvini calls banning of Christmas mass at school a shame

Italian right-wing leader Matteo Salvini has described as “unspeakable shame” the news that a school in Sicily has decided to abolish the traditional Christmas mass and the nativity scene this year, as a sign of respect toward non-Christian children. Salvini reacted to the issue at Lega’s...

Macedonia 25.12.19 | 10:22

Mickoski congratulates Christmas to Catholic believers: Let Christ’s teaching of humanity, mutual respect, and sacrifice unite us on this day

VMRO-DPMNE leader Hristijan Mickoski extended Monday Christmas greetings to all Catholic believers in Macedonia. I wish you peace, love, health and happiness in your families on this greatest Christian holiday. On this day, let Christ’s teaching of humanity, mutual respect, and sacrifice unite...

World 18.12.19 | 14:25

Terror alert overshadows Christmas markets’ festive atmosphere

With Christmas fast approaching, European capitals are preparing for the holidays, albeit many of them in a rather unusual way. The German city of Essen, for example, tried to disguise its public security measures by placing festive pine tree-shaped concrete blocks around its main Christmas market. The...

Macedonia 04.12.19 | 17:23

Macedonian Orthodox Church rejects Mayor Silegov’s proposal to move the date when it celebrates Christmas

The Macedonian Orthodox Church rejected the proposal from Skopje Mayor Petre Silegov to switch to the Gregorian calender when it comes to celebrating Christmas. Most Orthodox Christians celebrate Christmas according to the Julian calendar – on January 7th, while some, like Greece, joined the Western...

Life 02.01.19 | 15:33

January 7 (Christmas), non-working day for all citizens

The first day of Orthodox Christmas-January 7 (Monday) is non-working for all Macedonian citizens, the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy said Wednesday in a press release. The ministry congratulates Christmas to the Orthodox faithful.

Life 27.12.18 | 14:27

Australia heatwave to break Christmas weather records with temperatures up to 47C forecast

A heatwave will hit most of Australia this week that will push Christmas temperatures in some areas to as much as 12C above the December average before breaking monthly records later in the week. Victorian authorities have issued health alerts for parts of the state and fire warnings are in place for...

Culture 26.12.18 | 10:03

New Year-Christmas gala concert in Veles

A new Year-Christmas gala concert of the Macedonian Opera and Ballet (MOB) will take place in the Veles Theatre on Wednesday. This grandiose music event will be attended by 70 members of the Macedonian Opera and Ballet, of which 53 members of the orchestra and seven title-holders of the Macedonian Opera...

Life 25.12.18 | 09:37

Catholics, part of Orthodox faithful celebrate Christmas

Catholics and a part of the Orthodox faithful celebrate Christmas – the Birth of Jesus Christ – on Tuesday. Traditionally, a holy mass was held Monday evening in Catholic Cathedral “Most Holy Heart of Jesus” in Skopje.