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Macedonia 20.08.23 | 09:28

Ahmeti celebrates with his scandal plagued Deputy Interior Minister

DUI party leader Ali Ahmeti was one of the guests of honor at the wedding of the son of Deputy Interior Minister Nazim Bushi. A picture of Ahmeti dancing at the wedding was shared online by the family. Kerim Bushi was recently suspected of causing a high speed chase with the police when he refused to...

Macedonia 03.07.23 | 10:18

Police raid at the Dojran festival, 20 people detained on drug violations

Strumica and Skopje police arrested 20 attendees at the Dojran festival who were caught with drugs. Among the arrested was one Greek citizen. The three day event was attended by hundreds of young people from across Macedonia and the region. It featured regionally renowned bands at four stages.

Macedonia 08.04.23 | 16:01

Turkish drug trafficker wanted in Belgium arrested at the Skopje airport

A 60 years old Turkish citizen wanted on an international warrant was detained at the Skopje airport yesterday. The man, identified as L.B., was wanted for drug trafficking in Belgium. He is detained in Skopje and will face an extradition procedure.

Macedonia 17.03.23 | 17:08

Synthetic drugs laboratory raided in Skopje, amphetamines worth half a million EUR seized

Drugs worth half a million EUR were seized by the police yesterday evening in Skopje. An amphetamines laboratory was uncovered during the series of raids, that targeted seven locations, and five people were arrested. A total of seven kilograms of amphetamines were seized, as was a kilogram of cocaine,...

Macedonia 05.03.23 | 16:18

Drugs seized during Idrizovo prison raid

Guards conducted searches in the Idrizovo prison and seized 25 packs with hard drugs and six packs with marijuana. Additionally, 12 cellphones were seized from the prisoners. The guards were reinforced with special police units with drug detecting dogs.

Macedonia 26.01.23 | 18:00

Ali Ahmeti’s nephew was arrested for drug smuggling

Musa Ahmeti, nephew of the most powerful Albanian politician in the country Ali Ahmeti, has been arrested for alleged drug trafficking a month ago. Alfa TV reports that Musa Ahmeti (34) was detained in the family’s stronghold of Zajas, near Kicevo. During a raid, the police found marijuana, cocaine,...

Macedonia 03.11.22 | 13:09

“Doctors resell drugs to cancer patients”, claims Oncology employee after patients were left without “oxaliplatin”

Medical staff from the Oncology Clinic testify that patients were manipulated with cancer drugs. An employee at the clinic, who wanted to remain anonymous, told “Alsat” that the therapies are not given to the patients in their entirety, but half of the ampoule is sold privately. She claims...

Macedonia 01.11.22 | 20:42

Drugs worth 250,000 EUR seized in a raid on the Skopje – Veles highway

Police seized drugs worth 250,000 EUR on the Skopje – Veles highway today. The Interior Ministry informed that the drugs were found in a Volkswagen car driven by a man from Skopje. No other details are begin revealed now and the police said that the raid is still on-going.

Macedonia 19.05.22 | 10:38

Cancer patients were left without medicine that is essential for their treatment

Patients who suffer from several types of cancer have been left without treatment, warned the opposition VMRO-DPMNE party. It informs that the 90 patients with colon, ovarian and cervical cancer, who require biological treatment, were left without the necessary drugs for a month. The reason is that the...

Macedonia 30.03.22 | 22:25

Major police raid in Stip, large quantity of drugs were seized

A major police raid is taking place in Stip this evening. According to initial reports, a large quantity of drugs, worth over half a million EUR, was seized. More details are expected tomorrow.

Macedonia 20.03.22 | 12:35

Two groups of drug traffickers arrested in Tetovo

Tetovo police raided a club yesterday evening and arrested five men who had cocaine and marijuana on them. The men were from Tetovo and the near-by areas of Poroj and Semsevo. In a separate drug raid, the police arrested two marijuana traffickers.

Macedonia 20.03.22 | 11:00

Club raids lead the police to a cocaine and ecstasy dealer

Police officers from Skopje seized 10 packs of cocaine and 115 ecstasy pills from a drug runner from Kratovo who operated in the capital. The 23 year old man was detained after raids in a number of clubs, where some marijuana was seized with the patrons. They led the police to their supplier.

Macedonia 03.02.22 | 16:25

Ton of chemicals used to make amphetamines seized at the Skopje airport

Customs officers seized a ton of chemicals used to produce amphetamines at the Skopje airport yesterday. The shipment was sent from China, and an EU country was named as its final destination. The police estimates that the chemicals are worth over 50 million EUR. The phenylacetone chemical was transported...

Macedonia 26.01.22 | 17:36

Drug runners caught with 25 kilograms of marijuana

Police officers seized over 25 kilograms of marijuana from a group of smugglers yesterday, arresting three of them. The group procured the drugs near Strumica and divided it in two,with intent to take it to Skopje. Two of the smugglers, with 10 kilograms of the drug, were apprehended on the Stip –...

Macedonia 21.12.21 | 22:13

Skopje court orders a month of detention for the customs officers who were working for the Albanian narco mafia

The Skopje court decided to order eight of the defendants arrested in a major drug bust today into detention of one month. The ninth defendant will be detained for eight days. The group is made mostly of police officers and customs agents who were arrested in a broad operation today. They are suspected...

Macedonia 09.12.21 | 18:37

Customs Office confirms that prosecutors are investigating the major drug smuggling scandal

The Customs Office informed the press that organized crime prosecutors are investigating the allegations that a ton of hard drugs was allowed to enter Macedonia, through the Skopje airport, carried under police escort. The allegation was made by VMRO-DPMNE official Dragan Kovacki, who said that the drugs...

Macedonia 07.12.21 | 13:28

Did a ton of drugs leave the Skopje airport accompanied by customs officers with rotating lights?, Kovacki asks MoI and Customs

Complete silence by the competent institutions over the scandal that we informed about yesterday, in relation to the smuggling 1 ton of narcotics through the Skopje airport, says Dragan Kovacki, MP and member of the EC of VMRO-DPMNE. The Public Prosecutor’s Office is silent, Oliver Spasovski and...

Macedonia 06.12.21 | 12:56

Kovacki: One month of silence from the Prosecution, the Ministry of Interior and the Customs for the smuggling of one ton of drugs through the Skopje airport

There is no end to the scandals and crimes of the hybrid regime. Every day we have a new scandal from the most criminal government. This new scandal related to the Ministry of Interior and Customs gives the full picture why the Republic of Macedonia is on the 111th place on the scale of the corruption...

Macedonia 11.11.21 | 17:05

Ecstasy, explosives and forged cash seized in Skopje

A police raid yesterday led to the arrest of two young men in downtown Skopje who were caught with drugs, explosives and a large quantity of forged cash. The police found ecstasy tablets and scales with cocaine residue in the possession of the men. A pack of TNT explosives with detonators was also found...

Macedonia 08.11.21 | 18:58

Large quantity of synthetic drugs seized in a Skopje raid reportedly coordinated with the DEA

A large police raid, reportedly supported by the US DEA organization, led to the seizure of hundreds of kilograms of synthetic drugs. The drugs were flown into the Skopje airport, hidden in a shipment of mobile phone parts that were ordered by a phone store in the capital. Customs office allowed the...