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Macedonia 30.03.20 | 15:55

Macedonia’s flag raised at NATO headquarters in Brussels

A flag-raising ceremony to mark the accession of the Republic of Macedonia to NATO took place at NATO Headquarters in Brussels on Monday afternoon. The anthem of the Republic of Macedonia was played during the flag raising. Before the solemn flag-raising ceremony, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg...

Macedonia 01.12.19 | 21:50

Sekerinska: Pride, the flag of our homeland raised in London!

Defense Minister Radmila Sekerinska posted on Facebook a photo showing the flag of Macedonia ahead of the NATO Summit in London. “Pride! The flag of our homeland raised in London ahead of the NATO summit. Together with the other 29 members. It was worth it! ”Sekerinska wrote on Facebook.

Macedonia 12.11.19 | 18:23

From name issue to emoji issue – Zernovski expresses gratitude to Yemen instead of the Netherlands over Macedonia’s NATO accession

With the pressure exerted over the issue Greece has with Macedonia’s name, many social media users have turned to using flag emojis when talking about Macedonia. Deputy Foreign Minister Andrej Zernovski did the same today, as he wanted to express his gratitude to the Netherlands for its ratification...

Macedonia 26.08.19 | 14:09

The Government didn’t make a mistake with the Serbian flag – Brnabic welcomed without a flag

The government’s protocol has learned its lesson, but not to place the real flag in front of the coming delegation, because the other is a diplomatic scandal and insult, but to be saved from disgrace. In any case, and against all disgraces, Serbian Prime Minister Ana Brnabic was welcomed on the...

Macedonia 03.07.19 | 18:41

Struga welcomes French Ambassador Thimonier with the Dutch flag

In a series of objections he raised about Macedonia, French Ambassador Christian Thimonier included the widespread abuse of laws regarding the development of lake Ohrid, especially in the city of Struga. These past few days, Thimonier was in Ohrid, inspecting the sites, and also met with Struga authorities....

Macedonia 02.05.19 | 16:00

Pendarovski says the penalty for the group of Albanian nationalist involved in Ohrid flag stunt was excessive

In his quest to win ethnic Albanian votes for the crucial second round of elections, SDSM – DUI presidential candidate Stevo Pendarovski today said that the 1.100 EUR fine the five years ban on entering Macedonia for the people who displayed a huge Albanian flag over Tsar Samoil’s fortress...

Macedonia 02.05.19 | 10:23

Bujar Osmani praises the provocative Albanian flag stunt in Ohrid

Deputy Prime Minister Bujar Osmani said he approves of the provocative display of a huge Albanina flag over Tsar Samoil’s fortress in Ohrid which happened over the weekend. A group of Albanian nationalists draped the flag over the walls of the ancient fortress, in a move which was seen as a territorial...

Macedonia 12.02.19 | 12:09

Zaev raises NATO flag in front of the now nameless Government building

Zoran Zaev declared that Macedonia is moving fast toward NATO and the European Union at a NATO flag raising ceremony in front of the Government building. We raise the NATO flag, which determines our destiny, along with the EU flag. It is not just symbolism, it is reality, a new page in our history, Zaev...

Macedonia 11.02.19 | 12:13

Macedonia’s Government: The letters were removed due to preparations for the NATO flag-raising ceremony

The letters “Government of the Republic of Macedonia” on the facade of the Government building were removed, in order to place the new constitutional name containing the adjective “North” in line with the Prespa Agreement. The government explained that the letters were removed...