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Macedonia 25.06.19 | 14:39

Nikoloski: The group with Albania is the biggest evil that could have happened to us on the EU road

VMRO-DPMNE’s vice-president Aleksandar Nikoloski, who attended the summer session of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, as an honorary guest of the Council of Europe, told a press conference about the meeting with European People’s Party President Joseph Daul, with whom...

Sport 16.06.19 | 20:55

Macedonia beats Greece in emotionally charged game, wins first place in group

The Macedonian handball team scored a victory over its arch-rival Greece, in the final qualifying game for the 2020 European Championship. Playing in Strumica, in front of a handpicked crowd to avoid chanting that would embarrass the Zaev regime, the Macedonian players won 27:23. After an initial period...

Macedonia 05.06.19 | 11:31

Despite its open public rejection, Tsipras remains proud of the Prespa treaty

Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras said that he remains proud of his decision to negotiate and sign the Prespa treaty, even as it is likely to cost him his office in the coming early general elections. Tsipras and Zoran Zaev negotiated a treaty without including the opposition parties in both countries,...

Macedonia 05.06.19 | 10:41

Even Crvenkovski uses Macedonia instead of “North”

Former President, Prime Minister and SDSM leader Branko Crvenkovski raised eyebrows in the Zaev Government during the conference he held in Skopje on Tuesday, where he used Macedonia, Republic of Macedonia and Macedonian instead of North Macedonia. It was a rare public event for Crvenkovski who has kept...

Sport 02.06.19 | 21:46

Stoilov: My country is the Republic of Macedonia

Vardar captain Stojance Stoilov corrected the announcer who said that the EHF Champions League winners come from “North Macedonia”. This is a great win for us and my country – the Republic of Macedonia, Stoilov replied, not holding back his emotions (VIDEO). Like his fans, Stoilov has...

Macedonia 29.05.19 | 19:42

EC commends, but also criticizes the country, urges it to strengthen the rule of law and the fight against corruption

The Prespa agreement on changing the constitutional name, which according to the EU was historic, and the Treaty of good neighborly relations with Bulgaria, provided the country with another clear recommendation from the European Commission to start accession negotiations with the Union. According to...

Macedonia 27.05.19 | 15:48

Tsipras’ defeat largely driven by the Macedonia name issue

Electoral results in Greece show that the Prespa treaty contributed a lot to the electoral defeat of Alexis Tsipras and his leftist SYRIZA party. The further north you go on the map, the greater the support for the conservative New Democracy party. Much of the Greeks living in the broader region of Macedonia...

Economy 25.05.19 | 10:22

Eurostat shows Macedonians among the last in Europe to move out of their parents’ home

Eurostat research shows that Macedonians are among the last Europeans to move out of their parents’ homes. If on average, a Swede moves out aged 18.5, in Macedonia, as in much of the Balkans, this comes in the early 30-ies. Macedonians would, on average, start their independent life at 31.7 years...

Sport 22.05.19 | 11:32

Final handball qualifier between Macedonia and Greece moved to Strumica

The Macedonian handball federation decided that the final qualifying game of the European 2020 championship will be held in Strumica, not in Skopje. The highly anticipated match is played on June 16th. Greece narrowly beat Macedonia in October and this will be a chance for payback.

Macedonia 21.05.19 | 11:15

Greek aircrafts conduct test flights in Macedonia’s airspace

The first test flight for NATO’s Air Policing mission (safeguarding airspace) is being carried out Tuesday morning in Macedonia’s airspace. Aircrafts of the armed forces of Greece are carrying out the flights. The aim of the flights is to check the communications and radar coverage of our...

Macedonia 18.05.19 | 11:25

Committee on textbooks in Macedonia and Greece to hold 4th meeting in Ohrid

The Joint Interdisciplinary Committee of Experts on History, Archaeology, and Education is meeting in Ohrid to further discuss textbooks and curricula in Macedonia and Greece, MIA’s Athens correspondent reports citing Greek sources. “With the Joint Interdisciplinary Committee of Experts in...

Macedonia 16.05.19 | 10:20

Prince Edward to meet with President Pendarovski

Prince Edward, Earl of Wessex, is paying an official visit to Macedonia, and today he is set to meet  President Stevo Pendarovski. Prince Edward will attend an event on the ties between the UK and Macedonia in education, environment and art at the National Philharmonic. During the Skopje visit, he will...

Music 15.05.19 | 16:35

Billboard: This is why Macedonia could win Eurovision 2019

Billboard thinks 12 entries have the best chance to proclaim victory at the Eurovision Song Contest final on Saturday. Their list also includes Macedonia’s entry “Proud”. In addition to our country on this list, the Czech Republic, France, Malta, Australia, Russia, Azerbaijan, Norway,...

Macedonia 08.05.19 | 17:46

Pope Francis praises Macedonian religious tolerance, struggle for nationhood

In his post visit press conference, Pope Francis praised what he called deep respect for different religions which he witnessed in Macedonia, and also praised the Macedonian struggle for nationhood. Pope Francis also spoke on his twin visits, to Macedonia and Bulgaria, and declared Macedonians and Bulgarians...

Macedonia 04.05.19 | 13:41

Pope Francis sends message ahead of visit to Macedonia

Ahead of his Apostolic visit to Skopje on May 7, Pope Francis sent a message to all citizens of Macedonia, saying he comes to sow the seeds of a culture of encounter and solidarity. In a video message sent on Saturday, the Pope expressed his “joy and feelings of affection” for the people and Church...

Macedonia 30.04.19 | 19:11

Greek man attacked in Athens over a “Macedonia” shirt

Greek media are reporting that a Greek man from Solun/Thesaloniki was attacked in downtown Athens yesterday evening because he was wearing a shirt with the title “Macedonian fighters”. It’s not clear whether the man was referring to Macedonia the country or the region Aegean Macedonia...

Macedonia 30.04.19 | 13:02

British expert: Macedonia, please. Any other version of the name is the result of unacceptable Greek bullying!

British expert in international business and economics, Tom Lines, publicly opposed the use of the adjective North. The reporter for Reuters and others on commodities, banking disagrees with such naming of Macedonia, because he considers that it is contrary to the results of the September 30th referendum. Macedonia,...

Macedonia 23.04.19 | 15:49

Government releases video for Pope Francis’ visit to Macedonia: Tickets for the mass will be available until May 3

Pope Francis will visit Macedonia on May 7, and the Government invites all citizens who are interested to attend the mass, to pick up a ticket for the event from any Catholic parish in the country, by May 3, 2019.

Macedonia 29.03.19 | 17:17

Macedonia at the bottom according to quality of life, Slovenia is the leader

Last year Macedonia and its capital Skopje were at the bottom according to the quality of life. These are data from Numbeo.com, a database of countries around the world. Numbeo provides current and timely information on world living conditions including cost of living, housing indicators, health care,...

Football 22.03.19 | 09:36

Macedonia beats Latvia in Euro qualifiers opener – goal videos

Macedonia beat Latvia 3:1 in the opening match of the Euro 2020 qualifiers in Skopje on Thursday. Goran Pandev wore the 100th shirt of the national team. Macedonia played a match with an impressive first half in which it created more chances for goal and twice shook the opponent’s net, while in...