German retail chain “Lidl” has initiated preparations for the construction of an EUR 80 million logistics and distribution center in the Rechica industrial zone in Kumanovo. The project, expected to generate over 150 jobs, was announced at an event attended by government representatives, the German ambassador, and Kumanovo municipality officials. Prime Minister Dimitar Kovachevski emphasized the country’s Euro-Atlantic-oriented policies, resulting in significant foreign direct investments. He expressed confidence in Lidl’s success in the country and highlighted the Growth Plan for the Western Balkans as a pathway to EU membership. Deputy Prime Minister Bytyqi commended Lidl’s positive example, anticipating further investments in the zone. Rubriyan Hadzhiev, head of Lidl Macedonia, called the project the country’s largest investment, emphasizing Lidl’s commitment to sustainability and cooperation with local producers. The German Ambassador praised the economic ties between the two countries and emphasized Lidl’s environmental standards. Kumanovo Mayor Dimitrievski welcomed the development, foreseeing economic growth and job opportunities. “Lidl North Macedonia” acquired the land in September 2023, with the Municipality receiving EUR 5.3 million from the sale.