Yesterday’s summit Brdo-Brioni clarified that the Balkan has only a declarative, but not specific support to join the EU, Republika writes on Tuesday.

No one even mentioned a specific date. While the other presidents toiled to find a way to say that Charles Michel’s statement on Balkan’s membership in the EU by 2030 is his personal opinion, not the EU’s official position without claiming that specifically, the Serbian President Aleksandar Vuchikj gave a very colorful description.

“Michel’s words are a beautiful dream and who am I to break the optimism and ambitions of other politicians? It would have been great if it was true, but I am not sure”, Vuchikj said.

He sincerely stated that he doesn’t want to talk about specific dates just to win an election.

“They should clearly state if they want us. But even that isn’t the crucial issue. The crucial issue is if we are developing fast enough”, the head of the Serbian stat pointed out.

Macedonia was first blocked by Greece, now by Bulgaria. Croatia will do the same to Serbia, perhaps even Bulgaria. The small and recent EU members, like Bulgaria, are abusing the EU requirement of good neighborly relations. Macedonian President Stevo Pendarovski is aware of that, reminding us that good neighborly relations are a mandatory clause in the EU negotiations.

Our aspirations for membership, however, revealed that there is a huge disbalance between the traditional EU membership criteria and the bilateral relations we have with at least two of our neighbors. The bilateral problem we have with Bulgaria, for example, absorbed the entire EU traditional enlargement agenda. We hope that it will soon change, because if one insists on solving the Balkan issues based exclusively on history or emotions, then no Balkan country will ever enter the EU”, President Pendarovski stressed.