SDSM continues with its crimes unabated – they engaged the same company the former government’s Secretary General, now sentenced to a long jail term, used to purchase software worth €15 million, to purchase software, this time for €26 million, MRO-DPMNE informed on Tuesday.

The company which was involved in the series of scandals that took former Secretary General Dragi Rashkovski to prison is earning millions of euros again.

On September 1 the contract that the government signed with this company became valid, which bears the question of why the government paid for software licenses €15 million three years ago, while this year it is purchasing the same licenses for €26 million. In which sector did the government progress so much, and what new systems have been introduced for the price to rise so much?

“How did the company, which was the focus of the scandals related to Rashkovski, make another deal with the government in the wake of the elections, a deal 70% more expensive than three years ago?”, VMRO-DPMNE asked.