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Macedonia 30.06.20 | 10:38

Minister Filipce’s favorite contractor has almost doubled his profits

Goran Filipov, the controversial pharma executive who has won serious contracts from the Healthcare Ministry, has almost doubled his revenue in 2019. Lider reports that the two companies linked with Filipov, Synergy and Kubis, have seen a huge increase in revenue in the past several years, as the businessman...

Macedonia 22.05.20 | 14:56

Macedonian Government official launches hateful rants against Croatia, calling it a “fascist, criminal country”

Gorjan Tozija, the head of the Macedonian Film Agency, published a serious of deep insults aimed at Croatia, where he once lived and left a trail of scandals. Tozija has commented how “Croatia is led by fascists”, that the ruling “HDZ party is a fascist party” and accused Croatian...

Macedonia 25.01.20 | 09:57

La Verita announces new scandal: Zoran and Vice Zaev involved in electoral frauds in the 2014 elections

As announced in August after the publication of evidence related to the “Racket” case, which led to the fall of Zoran Zaev’s government, “La Verita” continued its investigative activity in search of new cases that could confirm the criminal management of power during the...

Macedonia 12.01.20 | 11:32

At 13 h “Economski Lider” will publish audio recording about a scandal in the Ministry of Agriculture

“Ekonomski Lider” will publish today at 13h a scandalous audio recording featuring a telephone conversation with blackmail and criminal activities carried out by the Office of the Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Economy, Trajan Dimkovski.

Macedonia 05.11.19 | 15:16

Zaev tries to hide 72m euros for a company with the “visionary” name SARHEMS

The outgoing criminal-racketeering government prepares yet another robbery worth tens of millions of euros, VMRO-DPMNE Secretary-General Igor Janusev warned Tuesday, speaking at a press conference on new fraud related to the project for air medical services. Suspiciously timed registration of the company...

Economy 05.11.19 | 14:21

New healthcare scandal involving Filipce and Aleksandar Jovanovski – Zuti

New scandal involving Minister Venko Filipce in sight, in which the famous Aleksandar Jovanovski – Zuti is again involved, the Lider news portal reports. Lider has learned from the Ministry of Health sources that the renowned “King of Reagents” will now enter into a public-private...

Macedonia 31.07.19 | 15:50


Given the importance of the developing racketeering scandal in Macedonia, Republika has prepared full background and analysis of the events so far, to be updated daily. What’s new Background The scandal What’s new Prosecutor Vilma Ruskoska informs that the second phone used by Special Prosecutor...