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Macedonia 18.10.21 | 14:29

Mayoral candidates in Mavrovo end up five votes apart

The mayoral race in the mountainous Mavrovo – Rostuse municipality is the narrowest so far. With all votes counted, the SDSM candidate Medat Kurtovski leads the VMRO candidate Mevmed Dzaferi with 1,563 votes against 1,558 votes, or a total 5 vote advantage. The two candidates will proceed to a...

Macedonia 14.10.21 | 10:45

Mavrovo – Debar road closed for heavy vehicles due to snow

Due to snow, trucks and other heavy vehicles are banned from the Mavrovo – Debar road. The order was put in place this morning.

Macedonia 09.10.21 | 18:30

Zaev in Mavrovo: During the construction of new road sections we will consider having underground passages in order to protect animals

Prime Minister Zoran Zaev, during Saturday’s visit to the Mavrovo National Park, met with representatives of the Macedonian Ecological Association, who presented the project for monitoring the lynx which is a unique species and our country’s national symbol. During the conversation, I announced...

Macedonia 04.09.21 | 13:20

Mayor Silegov is misrepresenting the value of his ski villa in Mavrovo

The Mayor of Skopje Petre Silegov is trying to pass off his luxury villa in the ski resort of Mavrovo as a cheap village house, worth just 55,000 EUR. VMRO-DPMNE spokesman Naum Stoilkovski was in Mavrovo today and led a press crew to the 300m2 villa, which offers lake views. According to Silegov, this...

Macedonia 27.01.21 | 09:50

Earthquake felt in Mavrovo

A moderately strong earthquake, measured at 3.6 on the EMC, was registered in the Mavrovo region in the west of Macedonia early this morning. A series of lesser quakes could be felt overnight and the strongest earthquake came this morning.

Macedonia 11.11.20 | 14:39

New earthquake felt near Mavrovo

New 4.4 magnitude earthquake has been recorded near Mavorovo following the earthquake of magnitude 5 that was felt all over the country early in the morning. The earthquake occurred at 4:54 am local time at a depth of 8.5 km and the epicenter was in the area between Tetovo and Gostivar, 50 km southwest...

Macedonia 07.11.20 | 13:41

Dramatic images from the semi-dried out Mavrovo lake

The shocking images from lake Mavrovo, which is rapidly drying out, have prompted local citizens and tourists to blame the ELEM energy company, which manages the Mavrovo dam. The artificial lake is a major draw for tourists in the Bistra mountain in western Macedonia. Its creation flooded a small valley,...

Macedonia 06.03.20 | 13:04

After two major corruption scandals, Zaev’s lieutenant Raskovski purchased a villa in Mavrovo

Dragi Raskovski, the Secretary General of the Zaev/Spasovski Government, has purchased a villa in the Mavrovo ski resort, Lider has reported. The purchase comes after Raskovski was accused of two major corruption scandals – favoring an Italian provider of air traffic control equipment and a Swedish...

Macedonia 12.07.19 | 12:25

Lynx photographed in Mavrovo

The Mavrovo national park released a new photograph made of a lynx, using a concealed camera. The magnificent animal is believed to be one of the 10 to 18 lynxes estimated to live in the park. This makes it critically endangered, and throughout the Balkans, it is estimated that there are only 40 of them...

Macedonia 13.02.19 | 18:57

Huge lynx tagged near Mavrovo

A lynx weighing 27 kilograms was caught in the Mavrovo national park, near the village of Sence. This is the sixth lynx caught since 2010, when a GPS tagging system was put in place by the Macedonian Association of Environmentalists. The lynx was caught in a cage set up by the Association, and its team...

Macedonia 03.02.19 | 16:52

Ski trail in Mavrovo closed so that Zaev could amuse himself

Prime Minister Zoran Zaev angered visitors at the ski center in Mavrovo. Namely, he appeared with about thirty other party members and friends with ATV engines, and they were having fun driving on the ski trail. In order for the king to be able to have some fun with his entourage, the ski center closed...