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Macedonia 17.03.24 | 11:33

Human trafficker caught with five migrants from Syria

A man from Skopje was detained near Demir Kapija as he was transporting five illegal migrants from Syria. The man was caught early this morning, driving from Demir Kapija toward Negotino. He did not stop when hailed by the police, but was caught after a brief chase.

Macedonia 20.01.24 | 17:35

Migrant trafficker caused a fatal car crash near Gevgelija

A man from the village of Bogorodica near Gevgelija has died in a large car crash caused by a migrant trafficker. A total of four vehicles were involved in the crash. The trafficker from Makedonska Kamenica hit the Opel Corsa driven by a local man and two other local vehicles, killing the Corsa driver,...

World 03.01.24 | 12:02

Around thirty migrants were abducted in Mexico, close to the US border

A group of armed individuals has abducted 31 migrants from a bus in the northeastern region of Mexico, close to the US border. Reported by the newspaper Reforma and attributed to Jorge Cuéllar, the spokesman for Tamaulipas state’s security authority, the bus, carrying a total of 36 passengers,...

Balkans 10.12.23 | 17:42

Egyptian migrant stabs two Syrians on the border between Macedonia and Serbia

Two illegal migrants from Syria were injured in a fight with an Egyptian migrant in the Presevo migrant center. The incident happened yesterday and the attacker fled the camp. The center is in Serbia, just across the border with Macedonia. This is on the busy Balkan migrant route, used by people from...

Macedonia 27.08.23 | 20:45

Nine Syrian migrants stopped near Gevgelija

Gevgelija police found nine illegal migrants from Syria as they were driven in the border region. The driver of the BMW X6 fled the scene. The migrants are housed at the Gevgelija migrant center.

Balkans 22.08.23 | 20:21

18 migrants found dead after a forest fire in Greece

Greek firefighters found 18 burnt bodies in a village in the Marica-Evros region, close to the Turkish border. The dead were found in two groups, prompting rescuers to conclude that they were likely illegal migrants who crossed into the country. Greece has been affected by major forest fires for weeks,...

World 08.07.23 | 17:59

The Holland Government fell on migrant policies

The Prime Minister of Holland, Mark Rutte, announced that his coalition Government will resign due to the irreconcilable differences on the immigration policies. At their last crisis meeting, the leaders of the four coalition parties didn’t reach an agreement on the issue of the scope to which...

Balkans 15.04.23 | 16:27

Greece: Four people killed in an accident caused by migrant trafficker who was trying to flee the police

Two Greek drivers and four illegal immigrants were killed in a head-on collision near Alexandropouli. The accident happened when the police tried to intercept a van that was transporting migrants. The driver tied to flee and hit a local car. Both drivers were killed as were four of the 10 migrants in...

Macedonia 06.03.23 | 21:34

20 migrants – most of them from Congo – stopped near Gevgelija

Twenty illegal migrants, mainly from Congo, were detained after a raid on the Skopje – Gevgelija highway, near Smokvica. The migrats were in a Citroen vehicle with Kumanovo license plates – this city is a major stop on the migrant route through the Balkans. The group included 18 people from...

Balkans 17.02.23 | 21:53

Disaster: 18 Afghans found dead in an abandoned truck near Sofia

Eighteen migrants from Afghanistan were found dead in a truck carrying a total of 50 people through Bulgaria. The truck was left abandoned, without apparent signs of a traffic accident. The surviving people are in serious but not life threatening condition. One of the deceased is a child and five of...

Macedonia 08.01.23 | 12:43

Police detain smuggler, find eight migrants

Police officers detained early Sunday a 42-year-old citizen of Kavadarci after eight migrants were found in his vehicle near Gevgelija. The smuggler is detained in the police station and in coordination with the public prosecutor, after the case is fully documented, appropriate charges will be filed...

Macedonia 14.05.22 | 20:02

44 migrants from Pakistan detained near Gevgelija

A group of 44 illegal migrants from Pakistan were detained near Gevgelja yesterday evening. The group crossed over from Greece. They are being processed in the Gevgelija migrant transit center.

Macedonia 29.03.22 | 19:24

Four migrants from Ghana detained in the Skopje airport barracks

Four Ghanian migrants were found in a van that entered Macedonia from Greece. The group was intercepted around noon yesterday. The van made a delivery to the army barracks near the Skopje airport, where the migrants were found. They were sent to the processing center on the border with Serbia.

Macedonia 18.02.22 | 13:38

Charges against two migrant traffickers from Skopje

Gevgelija police prepared charges against two human traffickers from the village of Studenicani near Skopje. The two men, aged 23 and 28, were detained two days ago as they were transporting nine illegal migrants from India, Afghanistan and Pakistan in a car with Bulgarian license plates. The migrants...

Macedonia 26.01.22 | 13:03

Two migrants killed in a train accident near Kumanovo

Two migrants were killed in a train accident near Kumanovo yesterday, local police reported. The two men were hit by a train in the early afternoon. One is identified as J.K., from Afghanistan, while his companion is still being identified. The tragedy happened close to the border with Serbia, in an...

Macedonia 22.01.22 | 12:25

Trafficker with nine illegal migrants stopped near Gevgelija

Gevgelija police arrested a human trafficker from Skopje who as transporting nine illegal migrants. The group included five people from Syria and four from India. They were all crammed into a Golf car, that was intercepted north of Gevgelija, along what is one of the main Balkan migrant routes.

World 13.01.22 | 11:48

German labour minister: the country needs even more immigrants

Hundreds of thousands of unfilled workplaces are currently registered in Germany. Robert Habeck, head of the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action (BMWi) predicts that the problem will get worse in the coming years. Job vacancies, therefore, must be filled with migrants, the V4 news...

Macedonia 13.01.22 | 11:46

Nine Cuban migrants stopped north of Gevgelija

Gevgelija police arrested two Serbian citizens who were carrying nine illegal migrants from Cuba. The migrants likely crossed over from Greece and secured a ride toward Serbia. They were stopped early on their trip, near Smokvica. The two smugglers, aged 20 and 19, have been detained and the Cubans are...

Macedonia 28.12.21 | 11:13

Group of 53 illegal migrants from India and Cuba stopped near Kumanovo

Kumanovo police found 53 illegal migrants in a truck that was headed toward Skopje. A 39 year old man from Gevgelija was transporting 34 people from India and 19 Cubans – which is a rare occurrence on the Balkan migrant route. The migrants were sent to the Kumanovo center, and the driver is detained.

Macedonia 26.12.21 | 17:11

Prilep man arrested for smuggling illegal migrants from Syria

A 20 year old man from Prilep was detained yesterday late in the evening while he was transporting illegal immigrants. The man was driving north along the E-75 highway, but using a side road. A police patrol stopped him near the village of Crveni Bregovi, and found five Syrians in the car. The man is...