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Macedonia 14.05.22 | 20:02

44 migrants from Pakistan detained near Gevgelija

A group of 44 illegal migrants from Pakistan were detained near Gevgelja yesterday evening. The group crossed over from Greece. They are being processed in the Gevgelija migrant transit center.

Macedonia 29.03.22 | 19:24

Four migrants from Ghana detained in the Skopje airport barracks

Four Ghanian migrants were found in a van that entered Macedonia from Greece. The group was intercepted around noon yesterday. The van made a delivery to the army barracks near the Skopje airport, where the migrants were found. They were sent to the processing center on the border with Serbia.

Macedonia 18.02.22 | 13:38

Charges against two migrant traffickers from Skopje

Gevgelija police prepared charges against two human traffickers from the village of Studenicani near Skopje. The two men, aged 23 and 28, were detained two days ago as they were transporting nine illegal migrants from India, Afghanistan and Pakistan in a car with Bulgarian license plates. The migrants...

Macedonia 26.01.22 | 13:03

Two migrants killed in a train accident near Kumanovo

Two migrants were killed in a train accident near Kumanovo yesterday, local police reported. The two men were hit by a train in the early afternoon. One is identified as J.K., from Afghanistan, while his companion is still being identified. The tragedy happened close to the border with Serbia, in an...

Macedonia 22.01.22 | 12:25

Trafficker with nine illegal migrants stopped near Gevgelija

Gevgelija police arrested a human trafficker from Skopje who as transporting nine illegal migrants. The group included five people from Syria and four from India. They were all crammed into a Golf car, that was intercepted north of Gevgelija, along what is one of the main Balkan migrant routes.

World 13.01.22 | 11:48

German labour minister: the country needs even more immigrants

Hundreds of thousands of unfilled workplaces are currently registered in Germany. Robert Habeck, head of the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action (BMWi) predicts that the problem will get worse in the coming years. Job vacancies, therefore, must be filled with migrants, the V4 news...

Macedonia 13.01.22 | 11:46

Nine Cuban migrants stopped north of Gevgelija

Gevgelija police arrested two Serbian citizens who were carrying nine illegal migrants from Cuba. The migrants likely crossed over from Greece and secured a ride toward Serbia. They were stopped early on their trip, near Smokvica. The two smugglers, aged 20 and 19, have been detained and the Cubans are...

Macedonia 28.12.21 | 11:13

Group of 53 illegal migrants from India and Cuba stopped near Kumanovo

Kumanovo police found 53 illegal migrants in a truck that was headed toward Skopje. A 39 year old man from Gevgelija was transporting 34 people from India and 19 Cubans – which is a rare occurrence on the Balkan migrant route. The migrants were sent to the Kumanovo center, and the driver is detained.

Macedonia 26.12.21 | 17:11

Prilep man arrested for smuggling illegal migrants from Syria

A 20 year old man from Prilep was detained yesterday late in the evening while he was transporting illegal immigrants. The man was driving north along the E-75 highway, but using a side road. A police patrol stopped him near the village of Crveni Bregovi, and found five Syrians in the car. The man is...

Macedonia 24.12.21 | 15:24

Two Pakistani nationals smuggled migrants from India, Syria, Pakistan, Morocco and Turkey to Macedonia

The Interior Ministry’s department in charge of suppressing organized and serious crime has pressed charges at the relevant Public Prosecutor’s Office against two Pakistani nationals, aged 27 and 29, suspected of migrant smuggling. As the Ministry of Interior informed, on December 22, 2021, after...

World 05.11.21 | 17:09

Orban: If you need migrants, take them

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban has offered to open westward corridors for refugees and migrants through his country if the West so desires. If you need them, take them, he said in a radio interview on Friday. He also said he believed that the various coronavirus variants were being brought in...

Macedonia 20.10.21 | 12:41

Serbian citizen caught transporting 14 illegal migrants from Cuba

Gevgelija police detained a 19 year old Serbian citizen who was transporting 14 illegal migrants from Cuba – tow of them underage. The migrants were driven in a Ford Galaxy with Skopje license plates. The smuggler was taking them north, likely to Serbia, on their way toward core EU member states.

Macedonia 14.10.21 | 15:06

Three illegal migrants intercepted near Gevgelija, the smuggler was arrested

Police officers arrested a 42 year old migrant smuggler from Skopje, who was transporting three illegal migrants from Cuba – one of them a minor. The arrest was carried out near Gevgelija, close to the border with Greece. The migrants were taken to the Gevgelija center and the smuggler is being...

Macedonia 21.09.21 | 15:20

Group of six Cuban illegal migrants intercepted near Negotino

A police patrol found six Cuban illegal migrants, who were being transported by two Macedonian citizens from Skopje. The group was travelling in two cars, on the E-75 highway due north near Negotino. The highway is on the main migrant route through the Balkans.

Macedonia 18.09.21 | 14:25

Two Cubans expelled after illegally entering Macedonia

Two Cuban citizens were expelled from Macedonia and banned re-entry for the next five years, after they were caught crossing into from Serbia illegally. The men were detained early on Friday morning and were promptly given the expulsion orders.

Macedonia 16.09.21 | 17:14

Two Afghan migrants robbed and kidnapped an Indian man near Kumanovo

Two Afghan illegal migrants were arrested after they assaulted an Indian migrant, robbed him and kept him hostage while they demanded more money from his family. The incident happened in the village of Tabanovce near Kumanovo, on the border with Serbia, which serves as a major base on the Balkan migrant...

Macedonia 01.09.21 | 18:21

Taxi driver arrested while transporting three Cuban migrants

A taxi driver from Skopje was arrested while transporting three illegal migrants from Cuba. The 42 year old man was stopped by Gevgelija police, as he was driving north on the E-75 highway. This corridor is on the main Balkan migrant route that was especially prominent in the 2015-16 crisis.

Macedonia 30.08.21 | 21:31

Group of migrants attacked another group near Kumanovo

Police intervened on Saturday evening near the Kumanovo railway station, when a group of migrants reported that they were attacked by another group. The attacked migrants included six people, who said that a group of three men attacked one of their party with a knife and robbed them. The police is investigating...

Macedonia 17.08.21 | 17:32

Government insist there are no risks from the arriving Afghan refugees

The number of refugees from Afghanistan that Macedonia has pledged to accommodate continues to grow, and currently stands at about 450. This includes the 200 persons that the American NDI agency asked Macedonia to receive, on a temporary basis. As concerns in the public grow, the Zaev Government today...

Macedonia 15.08.21 | 17:26

Seven migrants from Cuba found in Gevgelija

The Gevgelija police found seven migrants from Cuba in a vehicle driven by a man from Veles late on Saturday. The persons were detained in a police station. In coordination with the Public Prosecutor charges will be filed against the driver, and the migrants will be accommodated in the Vinojug –...