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Macedonia 09.10.21 | 12:07

Mihajlovski: Kumanovo doesn’t deserve to be such a black hole and its soul to be killed

Kumanovo does not deserve to be such a black hole and its soul to be killed, said Toni Mihajlovski, VMRO-DPMNE’s candidate for mayor of Kumanovo. Kumanovo is a city that is drowning in its own garbage. Kumanovo is a city without a river, and the river is a city landfill. Kumanovo is a city of ruins,...

Macedonia 30.09.21 | 10:00

Toni Mihajlovski for green Kumanovo: Let’s fight for a clean city, without waste and without landfills!

I signed Memorandum of Cooperation with Go Green from Skopje – Association for Sustainable Development and Environmental Protection. We discussed the youth requirements for the municipality of Kumanovo as a Green Municipality and some of their requests are already part of our projects in the program....

Macedonia 27.09.21 | 10:12

Kumanovo with vigorous support for Toni Mihajlovski

A large number of citizens of Kumanovo gathered Sunday night in the center of the city at the presentation of the VMRO-DPMNE candidate for mayor, Toni Mihajlovski, and gave him vigorous support. Energetic Kumanovo!!! Support for Toni Mihajlovski, the new mayor of beautiful Kumanovo. WE ARE WINNING, wrote...

Macedonia 28.08.21 | 19:49

Mihajlovski: It is time for change, Kumanovo doesn’t deserve to be a black hole

What motivated me to run for mayor is that I see my city deteriorating for thirty years, becoming a ruin. From an industrial giant building around the world, it fails to build itself. From a rock and roll city from a jazz festival Kumanovo became a turbo folk center. This is how the candidate for mayor...

Macedonia 20.08.21 | 12:21

Actor Toni Mihajlovski official candidate for mayor of Kumanovo

VMRO-DPMNE presented Friday another 19 candidates for mayors in the October 17 local elections, with one of the confirmed candidates being actor Toni Mihajlovski for Kumanovo. Presenting the new candidates, Vladimir Misajlovski, the vice president of VMRO-DPMNE, said that Mihajlovski is a successful...

Macedonia 02.03.21 | 09:15

Mihajlovski: The fact that the census website is operated by a Bulgarian company clearly states the intentions

Talking on TV Alfa late Monday about the fact that a Bulgarian company operated the census website, actor Toni Mihajlovski from VMRO-DPMNE said that it would not be a problem if the situation with Bulgaria was different. If the situation with Bulgaria was not as it is, their rhetoric towards Macedonia...

Macedonia 01.02.21 | 15:21

Mihajlovski: “For United Macedonia” protests were against the change of the name and identity, which is being delivered today

Actor Toni Mihajlovski in Monday’s testimony in relation to the events of April 27 said that he took an active part in the GDOM movement but that they had no connection with VMRO-DPMME nor that they had any instruction from Mile Janakieski and Spiro Ristovski. Mihajlovski also said that GDOM had...

Macedonia 03.12.20 | 18:19

Mihajlovski: We are attacked by a domestic traitor, let’s stay on the streets until he leaves

Toni Mihajlovski at the protest in front of the Ministry of Justice organized by VMRO-DPMNE under the motto “Zaev’s resignation, freedom of the people” said that now is the time for everyone to unite and oppose the traitor Zoran Zaev. I am Macedonian, my country is Macedonia, the language...

Macedonia 06.09.19 | 23:22

Toni Mihajlovski to Zaev: September 8 is celebrated with friends, not with enemies

I am boycotting. This day is celebrated with friends, not with enemies, Zoran, actor Toni Mihajlovski wrote Friday on the occasion of the September 8 celebration that the Prime Minister announced. Independence Day celebration this year will take place under the motto “The Colors of Independence”...

Macedonia 12.07.19 | 18:17

Toni Mihajlovski: Tick-tack-tick- tack

VMRO-DPMNE Executive Committee member Ton Mihajlovski commented on Makfax’s poll that VMRO-DPMNE, led by Hristijan Mickoski will be back in office within a year. Traditionally, they have endured a full mandate, which shows they have never allowed early elections, not even with 350,000 signatures...

Macedonia 03.07.19 | 14:43

We are a “bright” example of how to make a black hole with a double bottom from the state

We are a “bright” example of how with the help of colored revolution and SDS, you can make a black hole with a double bottom from the state. The goal is getting closer. To rob, sell and humiliate the state for becoming dysfunctional. To sign all deadly contracts that will confirm her death,...

Macedonia 04.05.19 | 21:33

Mihajlovski laid flowers on the tomb of Goce Delchev

Members of the Executive Committee of VMRO-DPMNE, Toni Mihajlovski and Ivanka Vasilevska, together with MP Vlatko Gjorchev laid flowers on the tomb of Macedonian revolutionary Goce Delchev on his 116th death anniversary.

Macedonia 22.04.19 | 14:38

In light of yesterday’s election results, questions raised over ballot stuffing at the 2018 referendum

Prominent actor and VMRO-DPMNE official Toni Mihajlovski raised the question of the September 2018 referendum results, which are seen in a new light after the outcome of the first round of presidential elections yesterday. A little over 609.000 people voted in favor of renaming Macedonia into North Macedonia...

Macedonia 28.02.19 | 23:25

Mihajlovski: I will not boycott the presidential elections

Obviously only here, on Facebook, some unclarities, dilemmas, speculations, etc. can be explained. So in that sense, I want to clear one thing. I will not boycott the presidential elections, Toni Mihajlovski wrote on Facebook.

Macedonia 19.02.19 | 12:51

Murders, robberies, shootings became our everyday life, and signboards with new name are being watched 24/7

Murders, robberies, arson, disappearances, shootings, have become our everyday life. But what’s important is that the signboards with the new name are being watched 24/7. Not only is the bottom reached, but there are several basements downstairs, the member of the VMRO-DPMNE Executive Committee,...

Culture 04.02.19 | 10:18

Mice, bugs and floods: Mihajlovski lists the dilapidated state of theaters across the country

Actor and political activist Toni Mihajlovski posted a photograph of the dilapidated Prilep theater, where actors and other employees work in dreadful conditions. Mice everywhere, rains cause flooding in the offices, the water running through the electiral wiring. Ceilings are sagging, walls are cracked,...