Actor and political activist Toni Mihajlovski posted a photograph of the dilapidated Prilep theater, where actors and other employees work in dreadful conditions.

Mice everywhere, rains cause flooding in the offices, the water running through the electiral wiring. Ceilings are sagging, walls are cracked, it’s dusty and damp. This is where actors have worked for over 60 years, a TV report on the theater declared.

According to Mihajlovski, this is typical of the cultural institutions across the country.

 The same situation, with mice, cats and bugs, was standard in the old Macedonian National Theater building, now used by the Comedy Theater. Bitola uses the Culture Center as its theater. Kumanovo is down to a school style drama section, and another in Albanian, both operating in conditions similar to those in Kumanovo. The Skopje Drama Theater is propped up lest it collapses. Strumica has no theater and the new Macedonian National Theater building, which has is equipped at the Vienna level, is also being degraded because of the inability of the staff to operate the equipment. Our culture is collapsing, much like everything else, Mihajlovski wrote in response to the situation in the Prilep theater, which hosts the Vojdan Cernodrinski drama festival – Macedonia’s leading such event.

Градот во кој се одржува најголемиот и најзначајниот театарски фестивал во Република Македонија, нема театар. Има, но…

Gepostet von Toni Sanac Mihajlovski am Sonntag, 3. Februar 2019