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Macedonia 14.05.20 | 11:47

Baby injured in a car accident near Veles

A three months old baby is among those injured when a car crashed out of the road near Veles and into a railway track where it was then hit by a train. The baby and the driver suffered heavy injuries, while the mother of the baby and tow other persons who were in the car are lightly injured in the initial...

World 31.10.19 | 10:55

At least 73 killed on Pakistan train after gas stove explodes

At least 73 passengers died when a train travelling from the Pakistani city of Karachi to Rawalpindi caught fire, BBC reported. Minister for railways, Sheikh Rashid Ahmed, said the fire was caused by the explosion of a gas cylinder being used by passengers cooking breakfast. The blaze is thought to have...

Macedonia 18.09.19 | 12:12

Man from Skopje killed by a train overnight

A 31 year old man from Skopje was killed overnight when he was struck by a train. The incident happened in the Aerodrom district, at a railway overpass. The Bitola – Skopje passenger train was rolling down the tracks when it struck the man who was killed on site.

Macedonia 12.08.19 | 22:22

Railway traffic between Macedonia and Serbia interrupted because of a fire

A fire at the train border crossing in the village of Cerkezi near Kumanovo cut the railway traffic between Macedonia and Serbia. The fire started at a place where railway ties were stored. Firefighters were dispatched to deal with the situation.

Macedonia 02.07.19 | 11:48

Railway traffic between Skopje and Kumanovo will be interrupted for at least several days

The overnight derailment of a cargo train near Kumanovo will stop all railway traffic between Skopje and Kumanovo for a few days at least. This will affect international transportation as well. Passengers on the international Belgrade – Solun (Thessaloniki) train will be carried by bus between...

Macedonia 02.07.19 | 10:23

Skopje – Kumanovo railway line closed following a cargo train accident

Several train cars overturned while a cargo train was moving between Kumanovo and Skopje around 2 in the morning Tuesday. The railway line remains closed while the damage is being assessed and the train cars are removed. No injuries were reported, but the damages are significant, Macedonian Railways...

Macedonia 22.06.19 | 11:37

Migrant from Pakistan killed in a train accident near Demir Kapija

A Pakistani migrant was killed when he was struck by a train near Demir Kapija. The accident happened at 22:50 on Friday evening. The Gevgelija – Skopje cargo train hit the man, identified by the police as A.N., who was walking along the tracks. Migrants crossing the Balkans on their way to Germany...

Macedonia 18.02.19 | 10:02

Kicevo – Skopje train derails, no injuries

The Kicevo – Skopje train derailed this morning near the village Padalista near Gostivar, after hitting a rock. No injuries were reported on board in the incident which happened around 6:45. Prosecutors are investigating how the rock got to be on the tracks, and repairs are on the way.

Macedonia 14.02.19 | 18:06

Skopje – Kicevo train attacked with rocks near Kondovo, no injuries

A passenger train on the Skopje – Kicevo line was attacked by rock throwers yesterday afternoon. The incident happened between the villages of Saraj and Kondovo, just west of Skopje. One window was broken, and except for the scare they suffered, the passengers were unharmed. Such incidents are...