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Macedonia 05.05.20 | 10:05

Racket trial set to resume

The trial in the major Racket case is supposed to resume today, after a delay brought on by the coronavirus epidemic. Chief suspects, Katica Janeva and Bojan Jovanovski – Boki 13, will continue presenting their evidence. The two are accused of extorting at least 1,5 million EUR from businessman...

Health 22.04.20 | 14:40

Macedonian living in England to take part in coronavirus vaccine trial

Macedonian Borko Andreevski, who lives in England, will take part in coronavirus vaccine trial at Oxford University. In an interview with Telma, Andreevski confirmed that he had volunteered for the trial with a desire to help with the situation. He also explained that 500 young and healthy volunteers...

Macedonia 16.03.20 | 17:05

“April 2017” trial postponed because of the coronavirus fears

The Appeals Court postponed the April 2017 trial because of coronavirus concerns. The announcement today came after three consecutive days of hearings were planned starting March 18. It is one of the politically charged trials that the ruling SDSM party has used to pressure opposition officials and blackmail...

Macedonia 03.03.20 | 09:43

“Racket” trial resumes, Pandelevski and Varoslija set to testify

The “Racket” case trial resumes Tuesday. Dejan Pandelevski and stylist Sergej Varoslija are set to appear as Bojan Jovanovski’s witnesses. Pandelevski was due to testify last week but was on a business trip. The list of witnesses is long and Vladimir Todorovic as well as Futa Radulovic,...

Macedonia 21.02.20 | 12:31

Defense proposes 300 witnesses, “April 27” trial postponed

The Criminal Court postponed Friday’s trial in the April 27 case until February 26 because the defendants’ defense was not provided with all the evidence. Although prosecutor Vilma Ruskovska was against it, the judge presiding over the trial, Ilija Trajkov, accepted it. The defense emphasized...

Macedonia 21.02.20 | 09:49

Trial of “April 27” organizers begins

The trial of the alleged organizers of the April 27 events in the Macedonian Parliament begins at the Criminal Court in Skopje. Former Speaker of Parliament, Trajko Veljanoski, former Transport and Education Ministers Mile Janakievski and Spiro Ristovski, as well as former UBK director Vladimir Atanasovski,...

Macedonia 20.02.20 | 09:22

“Racket” trial resumes, Boki13’s witnesses to testify

The “Racket” trial resumes. Witnesses from Bojan Jovanovski’s defense will testify. His lawyer Saso Dukovski did not want to reveal the persons involved. Next week, Katica Janeva is also scheduled to call witnesses who would speak in her defense.  

Macedonia 29.01.20 | 10:47

Lila arrives at “Racket” trial

Lila Stojanovska arrived in the courtroom for the “Racket” case trial as a witness of the Public Prosecutor’s Office for Organized Crime. The trial in the “Racket” case resumes today with the presentation of four new witnesses at the Public Prosecutor’s Office for Organized Crime....

Macedonia 29.01.20 | 09:32

Lila to testify in “Racket” case

The trial in the “Racket” case resumes today with the presentation of four new witnesses at the Public Prosecutor’s Office for Organized Crime. According to the announcement, Sanja Dimovska, Agapi Dika, Lila Stojanovska and Vesna Kostovska are to testify today. So far, former SPO prosecutors...

Macedonia 15.01.20 | 11:28

Trajkovski will not be tried separately, TNT resumes on January 21

Judge Ognen Stavrev did not allow the separation of court proceedings for defendant Toni Trajkovski. After a 20-minute break, Stavrev announced that he was postponing today’s hearing due to defendant Toni Trajkovski’s poor health, and scheduled the next one for January 21.

Macedonia 15.01.20 | 09:39

TNT trial starts from the start

The TNT case has officially begun from the start although it is uncertain how the TNT trial will begin. Defendants’ lawyers have reacted to numerous omissions in the hearings so far. As an example, they point out that in most of the evidence at the trials only the titles were read, which is unacceptable...

Macedonia 27.12.19 | 13:26

Court sentences three ELEM officials in a case initiated by Katica Janeva

Following the open calls from the outgoing Prime Minister Zoran Zaev to the judiciary to deliver verdicts against his political opponents, the court in Skopje today sentenced the former manager of the large publicly owned ELEM energy company Dejan Boskovski and two of his assistants to three years in...

Macedonia 20.12.19 | 14:26

TNT case: Lawyers react to the short time for inspection of 20,000-page material for Janakieski

Defendants in the “TNT” case react that they are given too little time to inspect the materials. They explain that they need to inspect an extensive material of 20,000 pages in just a few hours. They appealed to the judge handling the case for failing to close it for two years and now asks...

Macedonia 03.12.19 | 15:46

Verdict for Zoran Milevski to be pronounced on Wednesday

In separate proceedings on the “Racket” case against Zoran Milevski-Kiceec, who pleaded guilty today to the court, in the course of the hearing, the lawyer for the defendant Aleksandar Novakovski submitted further evidence that the Judicial Council accepted and suggested that both parties...

Macedonia 03.12.19 | 15:14

Janeva’s lawyer: We have enough evidence and the court will be able to make the right decision

Irena Frckoska, the lawyer of former SPO chief Katica Janeva, said they had prepared evidence and, according to her, the court would be able to make the right decision. We have proposed a list of evidence to be presented during the proceedings in support of Janeva’s defense. Some of the charges...

Macedonia 03.12.19 | 14:16

Boki 13: I’ve been sitting in a restaurant with Ruskovska just as much as with Janeva

In his explanation of the indictment, Bojan Jovanovski, the first defendant in the “Racket” case, pleaded not guilty and said that he was a victim of a bigger game, in this case that he did not want to name as “Racket”. He also protested against Prosecutor Ruskovska’sremark...

Macedonia 03.12.19 | 13:47

Dukovski: 71 bags of wardrobe seized from Boki 13

Bojan Jovanovski’s lawyer, Saso Dukovski, in his defense pointed out that the indictment cannot be proven and that there are only allegations. According to him, how will the court prove that the defendant took money from Ana Kamceva when he was in hospital at that time. As regards the footage at...

Macedonia 03.12.19 | 12:53

Kiceec pleads guilty, Boki 13 and Katica plead not guilty

Zoran Mileski Kiceec pleaded guilty, while Bojan Jovanovski and Katica Janeva pleaded not guilty. At Tuesday’s “Racket” trial, the three defendants were asked if they confessed to the crime and if they felt guilty, Boki 13 and Janeva said they don’t feel guilty, and to everyone’s...

Macedonia 03.12.19 | 12:48

Kamcev’s attorney seeks one and a half million euros in damages from Janeva and Jovanovski, judge refuses

At the “Racket” hearing, Jordan Kamcev’s attorney demanded one and a half million euros in damages from defendants Katica Janeva and Bojan Jovanovski, but the judge after consulting with Prosecutor Ruskoska did not accept that because there were no witnesses to the case. The judge allowed...

Macedonia 03.12.19 | 12:22

“Racket” trial resumes: Doctors assess Boki 13 can consciously follow the trial

Doctors who appeared at the trial to explain Bojan Jovanovski’s health condition said that he could consciously attend the trial. His blood pressure is 140 /100 We gave him diazepam, he has abdominal pain, but it is a stressful reaction, doctors said. At this point, the judge explained that the...