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Macedonia 19.01.22 | 17:01

Message of unity and defiance sent from the Epiphany gathering in Skopje

A dozen participants and hundreds of faithful who gathered for the Epiphany celebration in downtown Skopje today used the gathering to send out a political message to the Zaev-Kovacevski regime. The hand-selected participants in the traditional retrieving of the cross for the waters of the Vardar river...

Macedonia 19.01.21 | 16:48

Police raided the Epiphany celebration in Ohrid

Hundreds of citizens of Ohrid gathered at the Macedonia quay despite orders not to celebrate the Epiphany/Vodici holiday, and dozens leapt into the blessed waters of the lake. Police officers came to the site and were requiring citizens to provide identity papers, as the crowd sang Christian anthems. This...

News 19.01.20 | 21:39

“Never North, Always Macedonia” chants heard during the Epiphany ceremony

The defiant chant “Never North, Always Macedonia”, used by opponents of the forced name change of Macedonia, could be heard during the main Epiphany ceremony in Skopje today. Thousands of Skopje citizens were gathered along the Vardar river to observe the blessing of its waters by Archbishop...

Macedonia 19.01.20 | 11:46

Macedonians celebrate Epiphany/Vodici

Orthodox Christians in Macedonia celebrate Epiphany/Vodici today, the feast in honor of Christ’s baptism in the river Jordan. Traditionally, the holiday is marked with priests blessing the waters of lakes and rivers, and throwing the holy cross in them, while faithful hurry to retrieve it. It is...

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