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Macedonia 09.09.23 | 12:07

A total of 19 wildfires were put out on Friday

There were 19 wildfires burning in Macedonia on Friday and they were all successfully put out, the Center for Crisis Management (CCM) informs. Apart from the wildfires, the firefighters around the country also had several interventions on private objects, the SSM informed.  

Balkans 20.08.23 | 08:31

Several big wildfires in Albania, the largest one near Hymara

Albanian firefighters are struggling to deal with several huge wildfires around the country, the largest one burning near Hymara, a very popular tourist destination on the Albanian coast, where large police forces and a helicopter joined the fight against the fire. Near another tourist destination, the...

Macedonia 15.08.23 | 13:18

Angelov: Thieves burn forests deliberately to decrease the price of wood

In an interview with TV21, the Director of the Center for Crisis Management, Stojanche Agelov, explained the reasons for the frequent wildfires in the country. “Regretfully, it is the people. There are cases of fires started by electric installations, but it’s rare. The farmers burn the remains...

Macedonia 15.09.21 | 13:39

EU to provide assistance to the most affected families in the wildfires in Macedonia

In response to the wildfires that started in Macedonia in the end of July, the European Union is providing EUR 140,000 in humanitarian funding to assist the most affected families and first responders. These EU funds support the National Red Cross in delivering the necessary assistance, including food...

Macedonia 20.08.21 | 15:16

Four wildfires still active in Macedonia

Four wildfires are reported as being active in the country, including the fire near the villages of Raovikj and Bukovikj in the Municipality of Saraj, Skopje, is burning in an inaccessible terrain, said the Crisis Management Center (CMC) on Friday. The fire in the area of the villages Rakle, Nikodin...

Macedonia 16.08.21 | 12:06

Four wildfires active, three under control

The Crisis Management Center informed on Monday that the wildfires in Skopje, Prilep, Strumica and Stip are still active, whereat three wildfires have been brought under control.    

Macedonia 15.08.21 | 11:15

Wildfires in the country under control, extinguishing activities in Saraj and Centar Zupa continue

The Crisis Management Center has said that the wildfire near the village of Raovikj in Saraj municipality is still active even after week-long extinguishing activities involving domestic and foreign helicopters. French experts for high-risk fires and a helicopter from Montenegro have also been engaged...

Macedonia 09.08.21 | 12:41

Berovo, Skopje, Bitola, Kumanovo wildfires still burning, Delcevo fire contained

Wildfires are still burning near Pehcevo, Skopje’s Saraj, Petrovec, Staro Nagoricane, Prilep, Stip, and Bitola. The fires near Delcevo and surrounding the villages of Dren and Smolane near Prilep have been put under control, according to the Crisis Management Center on Monday morning. According CMC...

Macedonia 08.08.21 | 11:24

There is no other case in Europe where the Prime Minister deserted during a crisis, Parliament to hold urgent session on the wildfires

The deserter Zoran Zaev left his own people, said VMRO-DPMNE on Sunday, adding that there is no other case in Europe where the Prime Minister deserted his country in the midst of a major crisis. He entered the country yesterday, took pictures wearing expensive clothes, and then left the country again...

Macedonia 07.08.21 | 09:47

Wildfire raging in Malesevo region leaves apocalyptic scenes behind

The wildfire that is still raging in the Malesevo region has left apocalyptic scenes behind. This is what the region between Pehcevo and Delcevo looks like now after several days of intense fires in this region. It is a huge territory of forests, with a diameter of 30 km, now ravaged area. The consequences...

Macedonia 06.08.21 | 17:41

The largest active wildfires in the country are those in Delcevo and Pehcevo

Fires are still burning in Delcevo, Pehcevo, Sveti Nikole, Stip, Prilep, Kumanovo, Valandovo, and Radovis. The Gostivar fire has reignited, as well, while the Saraj fire near the villages of Raovikj and Bukovikj has been put under control, according to the Crisis Management Center. The Crisis Management...

Macedonia 03.08.21 | 10:06

Wildfires under control but still active

Wildfires that broke out at several sites across the country on Monday have been put under control overnight but are still active. Firefighters, members of the Army, the Protection and Rescue Directorate and citizens have been working tirelessly to bring the blaze under control. Last night the main battle...

World 11.01.20 | 22:48

Two Aussie wildfires merge into inferno; man seriously burned

Two wildfires merged to form a massive inferno in southeastern Australia and a man suffered serious burns protecting a home, in a night of treacherous conditions during the nation’s unprecedented wildfire crisis, officials said Saturday, AP reported. Authorities were assessing the damage after firefighters...

World 15.01.19 | 09:53

California utility tied to wildfires will file for bankruptcy

Pacific Gas and Electric, facing billions of dollars in claims over the deadly 2018 Camp Fire, is headed to bankruptcy court, CNN reports. PG&E, the state’s largest utility, said Monday it will file for bankruptcy on January 29, after a 15-day waiting period required by California law. It needs...