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Macedonia 12.09.23 | 17:27

Report on violence against women notes 19 murders in the past four years

In the past four years, 19 women have been murdered, said authors of the report on violence against women in Macedonia. The report, prepared by the AIRE center and public institutions labels these crimes – “femicide”. A total of 17 perpetrators were charged, and in 14 instances they...

Macedonia 17.04.23 | 15:57

Women from Russia, Ukraine, Serbia and Albania found in police raids in bars in Ohrid

Ohrid police raided two bars where they found 12 women – foreign citizens – hired as escorts. The women were from Russia, Ukraine, Serbia and Albania. Five of them did not report their stay in the country and will be expelled from the country.  

Sport 06.11.22 | 10:12

Emotional start of the European Handball Championship in Skopje

The Macedonian women’s handball team lost its opening game against France at the European Championship, where Macedonia is a co-host. Our girls collapsed at the start of the game and never recovered for a final result of 14-24. The game was very emotional, with strong support from the audience....

Macedonia 30.03.22 | 13:43

Women outnumber men in Macedonia, number of resident population drops

The 2021 Census showed that the total resident population in the country has dropped by 185,834 persons or 9.2 percent, while the number of households has increased by 34,336 or 6.1 percent when compared to the 2002 data. The number of apartments has increased by 141,031 or 20.2 percent. According to...

Macedonia 16.07.21 | 17:18

Various women’s organizations request parties to nominate more women for mayor

The Macedonian Women’s Lobby, the National Council for Gender Equality, and various other women’s organizations have publicly requested parliamentary political parties nominate more women for mayor. “It is time women were given a chance to compete for the opportunity to be elected ‘mothers’...

Macedonia 22.11.20 | 11:54

Fines for welfare workers, religious institutions, if they don’t fight domestic violence

The Labour and Welfare Ministry plans to introduce fines for heads of its welfare centers if they ignore reports from women who suffer abuse. Managers, but also prosecutors and even ministers can be fined between 100 and 500 EUR if they don’t act in accordance with the new law on prevention of...

Sport 23.09.20 | 09:49

Franch women’s football team beats Macedonia 0:7

The French women’s football team devastated Macedonia 0:7 at the European Championship qualifier yesterday. This is the fifth defeat for the Macedonian team in the group, out of six games. The only win was against Kazakhstan. France scored the first three goals at the Philip II stadium in Skopje...

Macedonia 29.08.20 | 12:00

Zaev nominated only four women in the 19 strong cabinet

With  just four women out of 19 members, the proposed new Government shows that we badly need quotas for gender equality in the public sector, said Daniela Antonovska,  a gender equality expert interviewed by the MIA news agency. Besides Radmila Sekerinska, who holds the department of defense, all...

Macedonia 17.07.20 | 13:27

Number of women in Parliament expected to go down

Even as election results remain uncertain, it seems clear that the next Macedonian Parliament will have fewer women. Depending on how recounting and possible legal appeals go, it’s estimated that there will be 79 men in Parliamant and 41 women. The previous Parliament had ratio of 75 to 45.

Macedonia 08.07.20 | 19:25

Siljanovska pledges to work for gender equality

Professor Gordana Siljanovska – Davkova, who leads the VMRO-DPMNE list in the 1st electoral district, held a round table with women activists in Skopje’s park dedicated to the women fighters in the Second World War. We need to work to change laws and institutions so that our daughters and...

Macedonia 20.01.20 | 16:45

Culev: In the future I will personally stand up for the protection of women’s rights in the police

Minister of Interior Nake Culev said today that he would continue to advocate and stand up for the protection of women’s rights in the police force after the Gazi Baba commander was suspended today, who sexually harassed and threatened to female police officers. From the position of Minister of...

Macedonia 19.12.19 | 15:25

Shock poll shows young people, especially ethnic Albanians, distrust women and LGBT in politics

A report by the Westminster Foundation for Democracy, in which Macedonian youths (15 to 35 years of age) were polled about their views on politics, revealed results which shocked the public. One of the WFD results showed that 59 percent of those polled said that LGBT people should not have a place in...

Life 27.06.19 | 15:19

UN: Home can be most dangerous place for women

One of the most dangerous places for women is in their own home, the UN’s agency for gender equality said in a report released on Tuesday. UN Women urged nations to make legislative moves to protect women under law from violence in its flagship report, “Progress of the World’s Women.” “The...