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Royal Wedding Live Stream: Meghan Markle heads to ceremony with Prince Harry

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are preparing to marry in a ceremony that will be watched by hundreds of millions of people around the world, Telegraph reports. The couple – the new Duke and Duchess of Sussex – will wed from noon...

Macedonia’s Ilinden monument among world’s top 10 most unique buildings

Australia’s largest architecture, building and design industry media resource Architecture & Design has listed Macedonia’s Ilinden monument among the world’s top 10 most unique buildings. Ilinden is a monument designed...

Should grandmothers be paid to babysit your children?

A mother sparked a debate about whether or not grandparents should get paid for babysitting their grandchildren. She discussed this online so as to hear and know what other people also think regarding this matter. Lauren, from Queensland, Australia,...

Giant wave is southern hemisphere record, New Zealand scientists say

The largest wave in the southern hemisphere ever recorded was measured by New Zealand scientists during a storm a few days ago, the Independent reports. The 23.8m swell was measured off New Zealand’s Campbell Island in the southern ocean,...

Karl Lagerfeld may drop German citizenship after ‘migrant influx’

Fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld has said he might have to renounce his German citizenship over Chancellor Angela Merkel’s decision to allow more than one million migrants into Germany, AFP reports.\ ‘Did she really need to say it...

Eurovision 2018: Protester storms stage during UK singer’s performance (video)

A stage invader interrupted British singer SuRie’s performance at the Eurovision Song Contest on Saturday night, The Telegraph reported. The intruder snatched her microphone as she sang her entry Storm and said “All the Nazis...

Eurovision song contest won by Israel’s Netta in Lisbon final (video)

Israel has won the Eurovision song contest with pop star Netta Barzilai’s quirky entry Toy, the Guardian reported. The Israeli performer was awarded 529 points, beating favourites Cyprus into second place. The 25-year-old was singing with...

Children are victims of physical and other types of violence

We are witnessing violence on children on a daily basis, seeing parents tapping them, pulling their hair, even kicking them in public, in schools and kindergartens, said Minister of Labor and Social Policy Mila Carovska on Thursday. “This...

BBC makes a joke at Macedonia Eurovision representative’s expense: It’s not BACKWARDS mum

Macedonia’s representatives “Eye Cue” in the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest failed Tuesday evening to qualify for the final, and there is a number of comments over the styling of the duo’s singer. BBC published a GIF...

Macedonia’s Eye Cue performance at 2018 Eurovision Song Contest (VIDEO)