Tuesday, 27 October 2020
Macedonia 27.10.20 | 23:19

Prosecutor Joveski confirms he’s building a case against EU education grant administrator Lidija Dimova

Public prosecutor Ljubomir Joveski confirmed media reports that the prosecutors are pressing four charges against officials of the public institution tasked with managing European education programs. Two charges are aimed directly the recently deposed head of the institution Lidija Dimova. The NGO activist...

Macedonia 27.10.20 | 23:09

Families describe anguish of trying to get Covid-19 treatment for their loved ones as the public healthcare system collapses

Republika spoke to a number of citizens today who say that they can’t have their loved ones admitted to hospital despite clear signs of coronavirus infection. I’m going to wait in front of the “8th of September” hospital with my mother until they admit her. She hasn’t been...

Macedonia 27.10.20 | 23:03

VMRO leader Mickoski will take Facebook questions on Sunday

VMRO-DPMNE President Hristijan Mickoski announced that he will hold another Facebook live chat where he will take questions from the general public on Sunday evening. The chat will begin at 20h. Mickoski urged all citizens who want to raise various issues to join the third such event.

Macedonia 27.10.20 | 19:43

Fifteen new deaths reported as smaller hospitals are unable to cope with the epidemic

Fifteen people died from Covid-19 over the past 24 hours, the Healthcare Ministry informed. Seven of the deaths were reported in Skopje, three in Veles, where the general hospital is having a dismal mortality rate, two in Gevgelija, and one each in Resen, Delcevo and Ohrid. The deceased patients ranged...

Macedonia 27.10.20 | 19:02

Another gaffe: Zaev’s deputy Nikolovski says Macedonia has already joined the EU

Ten days after Prime Minister Zoran Zaev said that Macedonia is now a member of both NATO and the European Union, his deputy Ljupco Nikolovski made the same claim. We are a country that’s shoulder to shoulder with the strongest. Now a member state of NATO and of the EU. Only SDSM can bring freedom,...

Macedonia 27.10.20 | 18:49

Parliament agrees to expedite tough new restrictions that should help stop the coronavirus spike

Members of the Macedonian Parliament approved a proposal to move with expedited debate on a new set of restrictions regarding the coronavirus crisis. The proposal was adopted with 60 votes in favor and 32 abstained. The SDSM led Government demanded an urgent adoption of the law after initially trying...

Macedonia 27.10.20 | 18:39

Parliament again adopts the anti-discrimination law

The Macedonian Parliament re-adopted the law to prevent discrimination. This law was adopted in May 2019, but it was later nullified by the Constitutional Court because it was adopted without the necessary 61 votes in Parliament, after President Ivanov vetoed it because it was adopted under the imposed...

Macedonia 27.10.20 | 18:33

Dimitrov goes to Paris to lobby for the opening of EU accession talks

Macedonian Deputy Prime Minister in charge of EU accession talks Nikola Dimitrov met with the French Minister of State Clement Beaune to discuss the latest delays in the next step on Macedonia’s EU path. Macedonia is hoping to open the accession talks by the end of the year, now that France lifted...

Macedonia 27.10.20 | 17:59

Four new representatives named to the Macedonian Parliament

Four new members of Parliament were added to the legislative body. Mirce Adzioski from VMRO-DPMNE takes the place of Igor Durlovski, the opera singer and political dissident who led the VMRO list in the south-western district, who resigned last week. The ruling coalition of SDSM and DUI had three members...

Macedonia 27.10.20 | 17:38

Repairs in Bulgaria reduce gas supplies to Macedonia

Bulgaria is reducing gas supplies to Macedonia due to servicing of the pipeline. Macedonia uses Russian gas, transported through Bulgaria, for several stations that warm water used to heat apartments in the capital Skopje, as well as produce electricity and for the needs of several industrial plants....

Macedonia 27.10.20 | 17:27

After one of his closest associates tested positive, Zaev says that he tested negative to the virus

Prime Minister Zoran Zaev said that he tested negative to the coronavirus, a day after his close confidant, Interior Minister Oliver Spasovski came back positive. The Government already began holding online sessions and Zaev staged a congress for his SDSM party this weekend over Zoom.

Macedonia 27.10.20 | 17:24

Six coronavirus positive patients stopped at the Skopje airport last week

Border police prevented six people who tested positive to the coronavirus from leaving Macedonia. The attempts were made last week, and the persons had orders to self-isolate at home, but still tried to fly out through the Skopje airport.

Macedonia 27.10.20 | 15:28

Covid-19 mortality rate increased by 71.4 percent in one week, according to PHI’s report

According to the Public Health Institute’s weekly report for October 19-25, a total of 13,993 COVID-19 tests were carried out in Macedonia, 5.9% more than in the previous week, the Health Ministry said in a press release Tuesday. 3,410 new cases were registered in 35 cities in the country, which is...

Macedonia 27.10.20 | 13:50

Government confirmes that the Agreement with Bulgaria will be changed – we are left without the language, Goce and the history

The agreement with Bulgaria will still change. After a month of denial, the government finally confirmed that it would agree to Bulgarian demands regarding the language, history and Macedonian minority in Pirin Macedonia. After Prime Minister Zoran Zaev acknowledged that there would be an annex to the...

Macedonia 27.10.20 | 12:47

Public Health Institute to increase testing capacities, carry out up to 1,000 tests daily

An additional COVID-19 testing site opens on Tuesday as part of the Institute for Public Health, in order to speed up the testing process. The Institute informs that the opening of the new testing site will increase the number of tests per day and it is planned to carry out to 1,000 tests daily, which...

Macedonia 27.10.20 | 12:01

The entire SDSM leadership, Parthenius from Bigorski, MoI employees: Who should go into isolation because of Spasovski’s positive test?

After the Minister of Interior Oliver Spasovski informed that he tested positive for the coroanvirus, the question arises with whom he has been in contact for the past few days and whether they will go into isolation. What can be seen from the photos is that Spasovski had a busy agenda and was probably...

Macedonia 27.10.20 | 11:25

Environmental genocide: Increased air pollution registered in Skopje

A high level of PM10 particles in the air was registered last night in the capital. At some of the measuring stations in Skopje, air pollution reached over 260 PM10 particles. For a week now, there has been a trend of increasing level of PM particles in the air, and this was confirmed by the Ministry...

Macedonia 27.10.20 | 11:20

Let’s save a life, we have that opportunity: Mickoski calls on government to release from work chronically ill people

Hristijan Mickoski, leader of VMRO-DPMNE, called on the government via Facebook on Tuesday to exempt from work chronically ill people, due to increased air pollution, as well as the COVID-19 pandemic. Due to the increased air pollution, as well as the COVID-19 pandemic, I call on the Government, the...

Macedonia 27.10.20 | 10:47

Süddeutsche Zeitung: Identity issues once again block Macedonia’s EU path

Süddeutsche Zeitung wrote that Macedonia will be able to start negotiations with the EU only if it recognizes that its language is a dialect of Bulgarian, and its national heroes are Bulgarians. The country, which not so long ago changed its name to increase its chances of EU membership, now faces another...

Macedonia 27.10.20 | 10:15

VMRO-DPMNE says the citizens are not to blame, Filipce should take responsibility and resign immediately

VMRO-DPMNE reacted Tuesday that 1/3 of those tested in the past 24 hours tested positive for Covid-19, and that, according to the party, means that every 3 person had contracted the virus. Filipce completely failed. The chaos we live in is a result of the incompetence and disinterest of Venko Filipce....