Because the public is once again occupied about the status of the Special Prosecutors Office (gSPO), and closely connected with the SPO is also the future of the illegally intercepted communication, widely known as “bombs”, I consider that some things shouldn’t be left unsaid or unanalyzed. Also, I would like to again ask several questions which have been left unanswered, but are crucial for the understanding of the whole life span of these “bombs”, starting from their genesis, publicity and their use for achieving different objectives.

Primarily, let’s consider some facts about these “bombs”. It is a fact that they are part of the arsenal of SDSM in the political war they are engaged in with their political opponents. The “bombs” are an excellent weapon which is locked and loaded all the time and which can be used in time of need against the government’s targets and the political opponents. As a result of the previously stated fact, it can also be said that the “bombs” are one of the basic pillars of the architecture of political repression the governing party has built. The next fact is that with the including of the “bombs” in the judicial system, the “bombs” got an unlimited potential as a mean for blackmail and installing fear in the opponent. Although a large portion of the public and a big number of excellent legal practitioners warned that the legality of certain evidence which are used in judicial proceedings includes the legal means of obtaining that evidence, and because of that the “bombs” could not be used in legal proceedings, since they are considered “fruits of a poisonous tree”. With this acceptance of the “bombs” as evidence, they can be used as weapon in the psychological war against the political opponents, and the fact that they can be used to install fear in the opponents cannot be overlooked, because everyone who was illegally wiretapped will always be uncertain if sometime these “bombs” will be used against them, and with which purpose it will be done so.

Beside these facts, I would also like to ask several logical questions, which have been left unanswered for the last three years. First, why the source and the origins of the wiretaps was never investigated, but from the moment they appeared, we went straight on the discussion about the content of the wiretaps, with which was made a massive blow to the credibility and accuracy of the conversations on the wiretaps? Couldn’t have these conversations been modified or otherwise technically pampered with? The second question is, why the primary narrative that there was a massive wiretapping from the government, has later been changed with another narrative, which said that whistleblowers from the security service made the wiretaps, because they were motivated to expose the abuse of privacy and other misuse of power by the government? If that is what happened, then where are the wiretaps with the conversations of the journalists or from the SDSM party officials? Why we can hear conversations in the “bombs” only from the people who were part of the government at that time, but nothing from the (then) opposition SDSM? Who, in their right mind, would wiretap himself? Third, was it a propaganda trick the first “bomb” we heard, on which we can hear Zoran Zaev talking to his daughter? Don’t you think that, grading this conversation on a scale by the political weight and importance it carries, it is totally irrelevant? If Zaev was the target, he would have been wiretapped talking to Oliver Spasovski or with some foreign official, or with journalists or with his coalition partners. Each of these hypothetical conversations would carry bigger weight that his conversation with his daughter. This was a cheap propaganda trick, which had the objective of portraying Zoran Zaev as an innocent victim, who couldn’t get privacy even when speaking with his family.

Next, this situation should bring us to the conclusion that if he is being wiretapped even when speaking with his family, then it is more than certain that all his other conversations have been monitored. Was that the objective of this trick?

As a conclusion, I would just like to point out that even after the recent statement from the Minister of justice that the prosecutors from SPO, in the future will not be allowed to use the “bombs” as evidence in court, but could only use them as a source for indications about committed crimes, on the basis of which indications they will be requested to find new hard evidence to make their cases, it is still a fact that the “bombs” remain an excellent tool for future political blackmail, and I have no doubt that there is a large number of “bombs” which is not in the hands of the SPO, but they are stored in private vaults, and whenever there is an need for them, they will be used.