The president of VMRO-DPMNE responded to MEP Aleksandar Jordanov to, as he said, “his view of my positions and attitudes, his insults towards Macedonia and the falsification of history and the denial of the Macedonian nation”. Of course, Mickoski writes, this claim comes after the diplomatic benefits he enjoyed as ambassador of Bulgaria in Skopje and Macedonia, and people who know him can say that he often spoke of our hospitality with exceptional love and respect. Then, unlike now, he admitted that he was getting paid because of his stay in the Republic of Macedonia, where the Macedonian people exist.

Now let me answer a little about the essence…
Being a member of the European Parliament does not give you the right to disrespect Macedonia and the constant forgeries, historical and political, that you talk about and produce.
When you talk about Goce Delcev, I can only thank the wisdom of your predecessors and Bulgarian politicians who respected the wishes of the great Macedonian hero and handed over his remains in the only free piece of Macedonian soil, today’s Republic of Macedonia. It was an act of Bulgarian respect for the Macedonian hero Delcev. But, unfortunately, you do not miss a moment to defile both their step of friendship, and our natural right to freely invoke and celebrate his work.
No one disputes your right to respect Goce Delcev, if you wish. But respect him in full and what he really was. A Macedonian who fought for a free Macedonia.
I also understand your unjustified ego and increased aggressiveness that you derive from the silence and indulgence of this Macedonian government towards all your nonsense, lies and deceptions. And here I can say that it is our Macedonian business, about which we inside the country are debating and we will come to an understanding, but while you write insults against my people and Macedonia, let me tell you what is civilized and what is not.
Is there a greater act of uncivilization to punish an entire country and an entire people because of your historical frustrations towards Macedonia?
Is it civilized to submit a whole list of requests that lead to voluntary self-abolition to the Macedonian people and state?
Is it civilized that an MEP like you has insults towards the neighboring country with a vocabulary that is unworthy and filled with pathological and compulsive lying.
Being a member of the European Parliament does not make you a greater European than us Macedonians who have always aspired and were part of the common pro-Western idea, but increases your responsibility to adhere to the civilized behavior that is absent in your actions.
And next time before you dare to qualify an entire nation and country, you should know that the foundations of this Macedonian state are both Ilinden and anti-fascist. As a nation, we have never gone to war against our neighbors, we have never made alliances with the fascists, and we have never, ever, never sought what belonged to others. We had respect for other nations. Remember Macedonia is a libertarian state that has always been on the right side of history, Mickoski told him.