The Russian Embassy in Skopje sent a reaction to the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Bujar Osmani, who, as the new OSCE Chairman-in-Office, chose Kyiv as his first destination for a visit. Russia believes that the chairman did not mention all the victims of the shelling and stressed to the minister to stick to the motto “It’s about people” with which he started his mandate..

OSCE Chairman-in-Office Bujar Osmani yesterday in Ukraine speculated about “victims of Russian aggression”, accepting the propaganda of the regime in Kyiv. But when he arrived in Kyiv, Zelensky’s soldiers shelled Donetsk and Makiivka (in the DPR): there were dead, wounded were still under the rubble.

Bujar Osmani has so far not mentioned the victims of shelling by Ukrainian forces, as well as all the dead and wounded from the aggression of the Kyiv regime on Donbas since 2014, whose number is in the thousands. “It’s about people,” you say, the Russian embassy reacts.

Osmani condemned the Russian attack on a residential building in Dnipro, where two days ago more than 40 people died and more than 70 were wounded.