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Macedonia 07.05.20 | 11:35

TAV Macedonia is preparing to reopen the Skopje and Ohrid airports

TAV Macedonia, the Turkish TAV owned company that manages the airports in Skopje and Ohrid, said that it is conducting preparations to re-open the airports in anticipation of an approval from the Government. General Manager Alper Ersoy said that the company is awaiting to be given an exact date when...

Macedonia 18.03.20 | 09:51

Skopje airport closes at midnight

The Skopje airport will close at midnight, as part of the measures to stop the spread of the coronavirus. Macedonia’s other airport, located in Ohrid, was closed earlier this week, as were most land border crossings. The remaining four crossings closed yesterday. Most flights planned to land in...

Macedonia 16.03.20 | 17:23

Skopje airport asks passengers to use the available disinfecting stations

Skopje’s airport operator TAV Macedonia urged passengers and visitors to keep a high level of personal hygiene and use the disinfectants made available at the airport. Several disinfecting stations are put in place throughout the airport, which is also being scrubbed three times a day to stop...

Health 24.02.20 | 17:55

Macedonian citizens who arrived from Italy last night did not undergo medical check-up at the airport

Macedonian citizens living in Italy have begun to return to their home country due to coronavirus fears, which has already claimed seven lives in Italy. A flight from Milan to the Ohrid airport is also expected tonight. However, although Minister Filipce has claimed for days that there are tighter controls...

Macedonia 15.02.20 | 22:02

Albanian citizen attacked a French border agent at the Skopje airport

A French border agent deployed at the Skopje airport was attacked by an Albanian citizen after he refused his request to fly to Barcelona. The incident occurred when an Albanian family tired to fly to Spain to seek treatment for their child. Albanian citizens have visa free travel to most EU member states,...

Macedonia 27.01.20 | 10:05

Coronavirus checks introduced at the Skopje airport

Controls are introduced at the airport in Skopje for passengers arriving from Dubai and Istanbul, to investigate them for possibly carrying the coronavirus which has killed dozens of people in China. Medical teams will be tasked to examine in more detail any passengers who may appear to carry the virus....

Macedonia 16.12.19 | 09:59

Skopje airport closed for landings due to heavy fog

Due to the dense fog, Skopje airport is closed for arriving planes, and only four plane took off this morning. Visibility is reduced to between 50 and 100 meters around the airport, and in some other key traffic points such as the Gavato overpass and along the Vardar river valley.

Macedonia 13.11.19 | 17:46

Zaev was not on the plane as it developed a technical issue, pilot managed to land safely in Skopje

Airport authorities confirmed that the Government jet had an emergency landing at the Skopje airport. Prime Minister Zoran Zaev was not in the plane at the time, which only carried the flight crew. Acording to the MIA news agency, the pilot observed an urgent issue with the front wheel of the plane and...

Life 27.09.19 | 23:24

Beijing’s Daxing International Airport officially opens

China has opened a vast, multibillion-dollar airport in the country’s capital, in the run-up to a major political anniversary, Guardian reported. Less than five years after construction began, the 450bn yuan (£50bn) Daxing international airport was officially opened on Wednesday in a ceremony attended...

Life 03.07.19 | 15:17

Beijing’s new airport is completed, opens in September

Beijing’s second international airport has been completed — and it’s expected to become one of the world’s busiest. Designed to take the pressure off the overcrowded Beijing Capital International Airport, the new site south of the city will be able to handle 72 million passengers a year by...

World 15.05.19 | 18:27

Inside the largest airport in the world

With an area of 76.5 square kilometers and a price above 10.5 billion euros, 35 kilometers to the north of Istanbul is located the world’s largest airport. For comparison, the airport is three and a half times bigger than that of Frankfurt. The airport contains six separate runways, has capacity...

Macedonia 27.03.19 | 17:23

Skopje airport police called up on a WizzAir flight passenger

Airport police had to intervene when the WizzAir flight from Brussels landed in Skopje after midnight tonight because of an unruly passenger. The flight crew reported that the 22 year old man insisted he can smoke in the plane, lit up in the airplane toilet. He become unruly when told to put down the...

World 02.02.19 | 15:49

Brisbane International airport evacuated amid ‘bomb threat’

Brisbane Airport’s international terminal was evacuated on Saturday amid reports that a man made a bomb threat after entering the building armed with knives. Specialist police have taken the man into custody, and the terminal reopened after police officers finished conducting a clearance search. The...