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Macedonia 28.01.21 | 14:49

Two arrests made in relation to the scandalous Telegram group

Two persons, from Bitola and from Veles, were detained in relation to the Telegram group where pictures of underage girls were being shared. The “Public Room” group has thousands of followers even after it was broken up once a year ago, and some of the members were harassing and doxing girls...

Macedonia 12.01.21 | 12:04

Nearly 50 people arrested in a cafe in Cair

Police officers detained nearly 50 people in a cafe in Skopje’s Cair district, which was found open at 22h, way past the mandatory 18h closing time. The guests were aged between 17 and 75. They and the owner were briefly detained, while the cafe is going to be closed for a month.

Macedonia 15.10.20 | 17:12

Police raids trafficking group that moved illegal migrants from Greece into Serbia

A series of raids led to the arrest of 10 men who were trafficking migrants through Macedonia. The arrests were conducted mainly in the area of Lipkovo, a village on the border with Serbia, which is a major staging ground for illegal migrants, and in Bogdanci, on the border with Greece. Charges are filed...

Macedonia 13.05.20 | 10:17

Police arrests 19 citizens for violating the curfew

Police officers arrested 19 citizens overnight for violating the curfew, and issued warnings to 12 more who were out without a permit. The curfew begins at 19h and ends at 5h for most citizens. Officers also escorted 35 citizens into mandatory quarantine, most of them people returning from abroad. A...

Macedonia 23.04.20 | 11:15

Police arrests 45 citizens who were violating the curfew

Police detained 45 citizens who were violating the evening curfew, and 11 more released with a warning. Yesterday was the last day of the extended curfew, that began at 16h. Starting Thursday, the evening curfew begins at 19h.

Macedonia 06.02.20 | 18:40

Culev: MoI staff assigned by former ministers, unrelated to my team are being arrested

Interior Minister Nake Culev has strongly denied reports in certain media outlets about alleged arrests of people who are part of his team. According to the Minister, it is a matter of taking official action by the orders of a pre-trial judge for persons employed in the Ministry of the Interior and assigned...

Macedonia 10.12.19 | 15:54

Court releases the last of the dozen people suspected with the Alexander Palace hotel attack

The last of the 12 people arrested over the weekend in connection with last week’s mafia style attack in the Alexander Palace hotel was released. The prosecutors demanded detention for only of the dozen of suspects arrested in a series of raids in Skopje’s largely Albanian districts. Even...

Macedonia 07.12.19 | 20:22

Major police raid in Skopje, a dozen suspected members of an Albanian drug gang were arrested

A large police raid was carried out today in three dozen locations across Skopje, mainly in ethnic Albanian districts such as Aracinovo, Grcec, Cair, Butel, but also in downtown areas. The police informed that it has seized guns, rifles, bullet proof vests, ammunition, vehicles, as well as drugs. A dozen...

Macedonia 29.06.19 | 17:20

Spanish Steps – a cover for Zaev’s international fiasco

Mass pre-dawn arrests meant to instill fear in the public and to gaslight away from the series of failures by the Zoran Zaev regime. As before, the targets are prominent opposition officials. Former minister Mile Janakieski was already in house arrest when he was detained, again, putting into question...

Macedonia 29.06.19 | 17:12

SDSM and Zaev treat their frustrations from the latest drop in polls with politically driven arrests and defocusing with the Pride Parade

SDSM members are aware, and Zaev also knows that, despite all the support from the international community, as well as the power that the government provides, VMRO-DPMNE, led by Hristijan Mickoski, has a higher rating than SDSM and Zoran Zaev at the moment. Former senior SDSM official, MP and journalist...

Macedonia 01.02.19 | 13:53

Spasovski confirms arrests of four opposition officials

Interior Minister Oliver Spasovski confirmed that his police arrested or is searching for four opposition officials – three former Agriculture Ministers, and one deputy. Former ministers Ace Spasenovski, Mihail Cvetkov and Ljupco Dimovski, and former deputy minister Kristijan Delev were detained...

Macedonia 01.02.19 | 11:44

More opposition arrests – four former Agriculture Ministry officials detained this morning

Police today detained three former Agriculture Ministers, all from the small opposition Socialist Party, which, along with the VMRO-DPMNE party, suffered the brunt of the politically motivated arrests in the past years. Aco Spasenovski and Mihail Cvetkov were detained, while Ljupco Dimovski, who is member...

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