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Macedonia 03.05.22 | 14:29

Mayor Dimitrievski: Macedonians in Kumanovo see the UCK as an occupying force

Kumanovo Mayor Maksim Dimitrievski said that the construction of the memorial tower dedicated to the UCK in the near-by village of Slupcane is seen in Kumanovo as a provocation. The large, ethnically mixed city was besieged by the UCK during the civil war in 2001, and left without water for months, during...

Macedonia 02.05.22 | 21:27

The UCK tower does not bring the country closer together, Kumanovo Mayor Dimitrievski says

Kumanovo Mayor Maksim Dimitrievski said that the large monument to the Albanian UCK terrorist organization, inaugurated today in the village of Slupcane near Kumanovo, does not help to bring the country together. Dimitrievski is pushing to build a monument to the Macedonian special police officers who...

Macedonia 29.04.22 | 12:25

Dimitrievski announced the construction of a memorial in honor of the defenders in the 2001 conflict and members of the Ministry of Interior in the Divo Naselje events in Kumanovo

The Mayor of the Municipality of Kumanovo, Maksim Dimitrievski, today announced the construction of a memorial in honor of the defenders in the 2001 conflict and the members of the Ministry of Interior from the unfortunate events in Divo Naselje in 2015 in Kumanovo. I expect at one of the next sessions...

Sport 28.03.22 | 16:56

Mural featuring Stole Dimitrievski in his native Kumanovo

A mural featuring Stole Dimitrievski was painted in his native Kumanovo. The Rayo Vallecano goalkeeper became very popular in Macedonia due to his great saves, and is especially beloved by the female audience. Artists Mladen Trendevski and David Stoilkovski made the mural in order to support the team...

Macedonia 14.03.22 | 16:33

Kumanovo police officer badly injured when a driver ignored his order to stop

A police officer from Kumanovo was injured yesterday evening when a motorist ignored his stop sign and hit him. The driver continued until he hit a parked vehicle. The officer sustained serious injuries.

Macedonia 14.02.22 | 19:57

Locals in Kumanovo mobbed the house used by a small Jewish religious group

The house in Kumanovo where members of the Jewish religious group Lev Tahor are residing was egged overnight by a large group of locals and the metal door was ripped off. People from Kumanovo have mobbed the group due to their strange appearance and have gathered in front of the house to tell them that...

Macedonia 11.02.22 | 15:01

Migrant found dead near Kumanovo

A man, likely a migrant, was found dead near the village of Recica, near Kumanovo. The body was found in a pond, without traces of violence. It was found out by locals yesterday early afternoon. The Kumanovo region is on the migrant route that leads from Greece to Serbia and then north, toward the core...

Macedonia 22.01.22 | 11:50

Energy crisis: If we pay fuel subsidies, as the Government wants, the city of Kumanovo will have no money for infrastructure in 2022, Mayor Dimitrievski says

Kumanovo Mayor Maksim Dimitrievski dismissed calls from the Government that local authorities hand out fuel subsidies to the citizens, as Macedonia faces a major energy crisis. The Government mismanaged and corruptly led the REK Bitola coal plant, leading to a collapse of domestic production and over...

Macedonia 28.12.21 | 11:13

Group of 53 illegal migrants from India and Cuba stopped near Kumanovo

Kumanovo police found 53 illegal migrants in a truck that was headed toward Skopje. A 39 year old man from Gevgelija was transporting 34 people from India and 19 Cubans – which is a rare occurrence on the Balkan migrant route. The migrants were sent to the Kumanovo center, and the driver is detained.

Macedonia 15.12.21 | 15:32

Kosovan President Osmani would cooperate in Zaev’s planned review of the Kumanovo terrorist attack trial

Kosovan President Vjosa Osmani and Stevo Pendarovski discussed today the plan by the Zaev regime to reopen several extremely divisive criminal cases – including the 2015 attack by a group of Albanian terrorists on the city of Kumanovo and the 2012 massacre of five Macedonians, including four youngsters,...

Macedonia 15.12.21 | 12:00

Kumanovo: Charges filed against the father of a young traffic accident victim – he tried to send contract killers against the driver

Prosecutors in Kumanovo filed charges against the father of the young Jelena Filipovic, who was killed in a traffic accident a year ago. The father is charged with trying to get two people who owed him money to kill the driver and others associated with the accident. The 17 year old girl was killed when...

Macedonia 08.12.21 | 19:27

Kosovo official will visit the Skopje prison, but it’s unclear whether he will meet with members of the jailed terrorist group

Uncertainty clouds the visit of Kosovan Deputy Justice Minister Blerim Salahu to Macedonia planned for tomorrow, after he announced that he intends to visit the group of Albanian terrorists jailed for the 2015 attack on the city of Kumanovo, in which they killed eight Macedonian police officers. The...

Macedonia 06.12.21 | 22:43

Interior Minister Spasovski endorses Dimitar Kovacevski as new SDSM party leader

Dimitar Kovacevski, the candidate handpicked by Zoran Zaev to lead his SDSM party, met with supporters today in his hometown of Kumanovo, where his father was Mayor. Kovacevski came supported by Interior Minister Oliver Spasovski, who earlier this year fought a bitter fight with Kumanovo Mayor Maksim...

Macedonia 09.11.21 | 20:33

No answer from Spasovski about whether he’ll resign after losing the mayoral race in Kumanovo for SDSM

Interior Minister Oliver Spasovski refused to answer to reporters who were asking him if he also intends to resign after the devastating defeat in the local elections. Spasovski’s personal animosity with the SDSM Mayor of Kumanovo Maksim Dimitrievski forced Dimitrievski to launch an independent...

Macedonia 03.11.21 | 12:18

Dimitrievski calls for the removal of two of Zaev’s most corrupt assistants

The Mayor of Kumanovo Maksim Dimitrievski, who was ejected from the SDSM party by Zoran Zaev over his independent re-election bid, called on the party to throw out some of Zaev’s most corrupt advisers. Zaev is announcing a resignation from both the Government and the party leadership position in...

Macedonia 01.11.21 | 18:01

SDSM branch in Kumanovo begins push to get Zaev to withdraw his resignation

The head of the SDSM branch in Kumanovo Martin Kostovski initiated a call to get Zaev to give up on his promise to resign as Prime Minister and SDSM party leader. Zaev made the announcement yesterday, as his party lost the local elections across Macedonia, including its once key stronghold of Kumanovo. We...

Macedonia 31.10.21 | 21:37

SDSM candidate Ilievski admits defeat in Kumanovo

Oliver Ilievski, the SDSM party candidate for Mayor of Kumanovo, admitted defeat and congratulated to the incumbent Mayor Maksim Dimitrievski. I’m grateful to the 19,470 voters who supported me. I congratulate on Maksim Dimitrievski, the independent candidate backed by VMRO-DPMNE, on his 25,470...

Macedonia 31.10.21 | 20:42

Maksim Dimitrievski declares victory over SDSM in Kumanovo

Maksim Dimitrievski, the Mayor of Kumanovo who broke with his SDSM party to run an independent re-election campaign, declared victory. DImitrievski narrowly won against SDSM candidate Oliver Ilievski in the first round, and is cruising to easy re-election with the help of the third ranked VMRO-DPMNE...

Macedonia 31.10.21 | 19:15

Mayor Dimitrievski: Police agents are on the ground in Kumanovo, worked all day to help my opponent

Independent mayoral candidate in Kumanovo Maksim Dimitrievski accused the Interior Ministry, ran by his local SDSM party rival Oliver Spasovski, of brutally interfering in the crucial run-off elections. Dimitrievski left SDSM and ran a successful independent campaign, but faced police pressure as he...

Macedonia 31.10.21 | 14:38

Election massacre in Ajducka Cesma also in the run-off: The security of an official goes around polling stations and intimidates

As in the first round, election irregularities were noticed in the Kumanovo settlement of Ajducka Cesma. The presence of a member of the personal security of a senior official, who goes around polling stations, intimidates and exerts pressure, has been noticed. He was filmed in front of the polling station...