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Macedonia 20.06.21 | 14:46

Lake Ohrid: Two brothers from Albania were smuggling marijuana into Macedonia

Albanian police detained a man from a village near Pogradec, on lake Ohrid, and is searching for his brother, over illegal transport of marijuana. The Papajani brothers were using a fishing boat to transport drugs over lake Ohrid, and it’s believed theirs was a well developed route. Albania is a well...

Macedonia 17.06.21 | 10:51

Macedonian police helped Austria break up a marijuana gang in Vienna

Macedonian police assisted the Austrian police to break up a group of marijuana growers who operated near Vienna in May. Three men were arrested and 2,000 talks of the narcotic plant were seized in the operation. The Ministry informed that the groups operated a sophisticated lab for production of drugs...

Macedonia 15.06.21 | 12:01

Police raids an illegal marijuana farm near Ohrid

Two men were detained near Ohrid, after a farm with 890 stalks of marijuana was found. Organized crime units are investigating the area. Macedonia is becoming a major source country for marijuana under the Zaev regime, which is investing heavily in marijuana production, directly, through Zaev family...

Macedonia 07.06.21 | 22:53

The other “green agenda”: Zaev pushes for marijuana legalization again

As the ruling coalition is entertained with the DUI party’s sudden decision to rebrand itself as a “green party”, Zoran Zaev is making another push to expand the level of legalization of the marijuana business – in which his family and cronies are heavily investing. The Government...

Macedonia 31.05.21 | 13:35

North Columbia: Greece intercepts marijuana shipment from Macedonia

A shipment of 167 kilograms of marijuana was intercepted at the Gevgelija border crossing between Macedonia and Greece. A 37 year old citizen of Macedonia was trying to smuggle the drugs to Greece hiding them in his truck. The man was also carrying a gun. He was found out by a trained dog. Under Zaev,...

Macedonia 28.05.21 | 18:34

As calls for investigation into the marijuana business grow, Zaev admits that his family owns “only one farm”

Asked by the press, Zoran Zaev admitted that one of the six dozen marijuana growing licenses is given to a relative of his – a cousin which he did not name. It is likely Trajce Zaev, who was named in connection with the massive seizure of 200 kilograms of marijuana that was being smuggled with...

Macedonia 12.05.21 | 19:57

Report: Drugs grown for “medicinal purposes” in Macedonia end up on the black market

In a new report, the Global Initiative Against Transnational Organized Crime warns that marijuana grown ostensibly for medicinal purposes in Macedonia is being sold on the black market. The marijuana business grew exponentially under the Zaev regime, which awards growing licenses to cronies and members...

Macedonia 04.05.21 | 14:08

Debar police seized 20 kilograms of marijuana

Debar police found 20 kilograms of marijuana hidden in an abandoned house close on the city outskirts. The drugs were likely smuggled in from neighboring Albania which, like Maceodnia, is a major marijuana producer.

Macedonia 20.04.21 | 10:59

Greek police arrests three smugglers who were transporting marijuana and guns from Macedonia

Greek police seized 55.5 kilograms of marijuana and two automatic weapons when it moved against a three men group of smugglers operating out of Macedonia. The drugs and weapons were taken from Macedonia into Greece in the region of Kukus. Those arrested are all Greek citizens.

Macedonia 12.04.21 | 15:08

Zaev denies involvement in the major marijuana seizure last week

After several days of avoiding questions on the major seizure of trafficked marijuana from a farm apparently owned by his cousin, Zoran Zaev was asked today about the scandal. He insisted that the family is not involved in marijuana smuggling, and that the persons responsible will be put to trial. They...

Macedonia 11.04.21 | 12:43

VMRO-DPMNE: Large quantity of marijuana went missing from the farm reportedly owned by Trajce Zaev

VMRO-DPMNE spokesman Dimitar Arsovski called on the Zaev family to explain its involvement in the shipment of marijuana that was intercepted on Friday as it was transported from Bitola toward Skopje. Arsovski said that the party has information that 10,000 enumerated stalks of marijuana were missing...

Macedonia 11.04.21 | 10:55

US Embassy says it worked with the police and provided technical support in both the marijuana raids and the passports scandal

The US Embassy stated that it is providing technical assistance to the Macedonian law enforcement after the two major scandals that hit the Zaev regime – the revelations that passports were issued to mafia figures and the seizure of drugs from farms owned by the Zaev family. Yesterday, a media...

Macedonia 11.04.21 | 10:17

Still no comment from Zaev after the drug raids aimed at his family’s marijuana business

Prime Minister Zoran Zaev is yet to comment on the police raids on Friday, in which marijuana produced in farms owned by his close relative was seized as it was being illegally trafficked. The police commissioner of Prilep and the personal driver to Zaev’s cousin and businessman guru Trajce Zaev, were...

Macedonia 10.04.21 | 22:48

Police photos display guns and money seized from the marijuana couriers working for Zaev’s family

Photographs from the raids conducted yesterday reveal the weapons cache that was seized from Aleksandar Uslikovski, driver of Zoran Zaev’s cousin Trajce Zaev. Uslikovski was arrested along with the police commissioner of Prilep Kiril Spirkoski, as they were escorting a shipment of 200 kilograms of...

Macedonia 10.04.21 | 15:52

Police reveals details about the raid that targeted marijuana plants reportedly linked to the Zaev family

The Interior Ministry issued an official statement on the drug seizure carried out yesterday, in which the police commissioner of Prilep and the driver of a close relative of Prime Minister Zoran Zaev were caught smuggling marijuana. The Ministry said that the raid was carried out in cooperation with...

Macedonia 10.04.21 | 11:40

VMRO-DPMNE calls on the Interior Ministry to explain the involvement of the Zaev family in the latest drug seizure

VMRO-DPMNE called on the Interior Ministry to disclose the involvement of the ruling Zaev family in the latest drug scandal – the arrest of the Prilep police commissioner yesterday while he was personally escorting a large shipment of marijuana. The drugs, worth 800,000 EUR, were driven in a van...

Macedonia 24.02.21 | 13:44

Employees of a marijuana plant caught trying to sell six kilograms on the black market

Three men from Skopje, Kicevo and Kocani were detained for selling marijuana which they took from the cannabis plant they were working in. Crime linked to the rapidly growing marijuana business in Macedonia is becoming an every-day event, as the drugs grown ostensibly for cannabis oil extraction are...

Macedonia 10.02.21 | 11:08

Controversial marijuana plant in Krusevo has its license taken away

5 Letters, one of the biggest marijuana producers in Macedonia, had its license stripped by the Government today, due to broadly specified violations of the permit. The company, which operates in Krusevo, reported one of the two major thefts of cannabis in the country in recent months, which raised suspicions...

Macedonia 31.01.21 | 22:24

Three men arrested with 15 kilograms of marijuana near Kumanovo

Police arrested three men from Kumanovo and the village of Romanovce who were caught with 15 kilograms of marijuana. The drugs were kept in a home of one of the men in Romanovce and they are charged with trading with illicit drug. The marijuana business is exploding in Macedonia under the Zaev regime...

Macedonia 22.01.21 | 09:25

Police raids drug dealers near Skopje

Police units conducted a raid against a suspected group of drug smugglers in Vizbegovo, a northern part of the capital Skopje, yesterday evening. Initial media reports were that the raid is conducted against cocaine smugglers. It was later reported that the police seized 50 kilograms of marijuana that...