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Macedonia 16.11.23 | 22:08

Police in Greece and Macedonia stop the shipment of 85 kilograms of marijuana

Following a coordinated operation by the countries’ police agencies, the international transport of 85 kg of marijuana was thwarted, resulting in the arrest of four individuals and the issuance of an arrest warrant for a Greek national by Greece. At Belasica Mountain on Wednesday, police pursued...

Macedonia 20.07.23 | 18:59

Violations found at two marijuana farms in Negotino

Two marijuana farms near Negotino were audited by the police and it was determined that the stock of one of them is 40 kilograms short. The search in the other farm produced dried marijuana, which was likely meant for sale on the black market. The police is preparing charges against the farms. Marijuana...

Macedonia 20.06.23 | 10:06

Customs Administration seize about 71kg marijuana on the border crossing Deve Bair

“On June18, 2023, a car with German license plates, driven by a German citizen traveling with another person, was reported at the Deve Bair border crossing on their way out of the country. During a detailed search over the vehicle, customs officials in specially made bunkers found 67 packages of...

Macedonia 16.04.23 | 13:28

Drug runner tried to flee the police with a kilo of marijuana

Skopje prosecutors filed charges against a 24 year old man from the lawless, majority Albanian village of Grcec, who was caught carrying 1.2 kilograms of marijuana. The man tried to flee the police and threw the drugs out of his car during a high speed chase on the Skopje ring-road. He eventually admitted...

Macedonia 15.04.23 | 13:42

Police displays nearly a ton of marijuana that was seized in Bitola and Kavadarci

The Interior Ministry displayed the drugs seized recently in large coordinated raids. iDuring the raid near Kavadarci, in a company that was registered for cannabis oil production, the police found 570 kilograms of marijuana. And in Bitola, 300 kilograms of marijuana and almost 500 plants were seized....

Macedonia 02.11.22 | 13:14

The marijuana seized near Veles yesterday was brought from Albania and was meant for the Turkish market

The Interior Ministry revealed details about the drug raid that took place on the Veles – Skopje highway yesterday. A total of 67 kilograms of marijuana, worth about 250,000 EUR on the black market, were seized from a 46 year old man from Skopje. th man was intercepted while driving toward Skopje,...

Macedonia 31.10.22 | 17:31

The Healthcare Ministry has stopped conducting oversight over Zaev’s marijuana businesses

The Healthcare Ministry is delaying the appointment of officials to the board that is supposed to monitor the work of the rapidly expanding cannabis industry. Dozens of businesses received licenses to grow marijuana under Zoran Zaev, many of them linked to his cronies or outright family members, and...

Macedonia 04.04.22 | 17:58

Marijuana dealer arrested near Skopje

Skopje police detained a marijuana dealer in the village of Kadino. During the raid, the police found half a kilogram of marijuana and tools used to crush the dried plant. The 51 year old man was detained during the court ordered search.

Macedonia 26.01.22 | 17:36

Drug runners caught with 25 kilograms of marijuana

Police officers seized over 25 kilograms of marijuana from a group of smugglers yesterday, arresting three of them. The group procured the drugs near Strumica and divided it in two,with intent to take it to Skopje. Two of the smugglers, with 10 kilograms of the drug, were apprehended on the Stip –...

Macedonia 20.12.21 | 17:44

Taravari: I won’t apologize for pointing to DUI party links to drug smuggling

Gostivar Mayor Arben Taravari said that he will not apologize to Deputy Defense Minister and DUI party official Baskhim Hasani, who he accused of being involved with drug smuggling. Taravari said that Hasani was linked with the seizure of 100 kilograms of marijuana near the city last week, and Hasani...

Macedonia 15.12.21 | 12:53

Another businessman from Zaev’s orbit opens a marijuana farm

Goran Mitrov from Strumica, a close associate of Zoran Zaev’s is entering the family marijuana business. Faktor reports that Mitrov registered a company named “Cannabis GNA” – GNA is his nickname – in the Strumica Central Registry office on December 13th. The same day, he...

Macedonia 08.12.21 | 22:55

Drug raid in Skopje nets 200 kilograms of marijuana

Police units in Skopje are conducting a large scale drug raid this evening. According to the initial media reports, 200 kilograms of marijuana have been seized and a number of arrests are made. Details are still scarce, and more information is expected tomorrow.

Macedonia 06.12.21 | 22:13

Marijuana lab raided near Skopje

A marijuana growing lab was found in a house in Katlanovo, south-east of Skopje. During the police raid, 200 pots with marijuana stalks were found, along with air filtration systems and other equipment. Two kilograms of the drug were also found. The owner of the house, a 47 year old man from Katlaovo,...

Macedonia 08.11.21 | 19:01

Detention for Albanian citizen caught with 100 kilograms of marijuana near Ohrid

A 38 year old Albanian citizen was ordered into arrest after he was caught with 100 kilograms of marijuana near Ohrid. The man was arrested yesterday evening, while driving a van with Albanian license plates. He is being charged with marijuana trafficking. Both Albania, and as of recently Macedonia,...

Macedonia 13.10.21 | 16:56

Group of Albanian and Macedonian marijuana smugglers arrested on the border with Greece

Two Albanian citizens were arrested near the Gevgelija border crossing between Macedonia and Greece, as they were transporting 70 kilograms of marijuana. This led to the arrest of four additional persons – two citizens of Albania and two of Macedonia. The arrests were performed on Tuesday, after...

Macedonia 07.10.21 | 13:18

Zaev’s marijuana partner from Serbia was supposed to receive a Macedonian diplomatic passport when he was arrested

Serbian businessman Predrag Koluvija, who was arrested for abusing his marijuana growing license and producing the drug for export on the black market, was about to receive a Macedonian passport. According to the Serbian media, Koluvija himself acknowledged that he was on his way to Macedonia to receive...

Macedonia 18.08.21 | 16:33

Macedonia has become drug business hub

The Republic of Macedonia has become a cannabis hub for everyone involved in the drug business. Media reports that 8.5 tonnes of marijuana are going to be imported in the Republic of Macedonia from Lesotho, one of the most underdeveloped countries in Africa, worth tens of millions of euros, is an indicator...

Macedonia 18.08.21 | 09:50

Lesotho set to export 8.5 tonnes of marijuana to Macedonia

MP Antonio Milososki wrote on Facebook that Macedonia will import 8.5 tonnes of marijuana from the African country of Lesotho. As reported, this shipment of medical marijuana is the largest export made by this small country in southern Africa. It is still unknown who the importer of this huge shipment...

Macedonia 14.08.21 | 14:35

Only the drug mafia and the Zaev family cartel will benefit: Zaev wants to legalize drug trafficking

VMRO-DPMNE accused that the Prime Minister Zoran Zaev and the Minister of Health Venko Filipce want to push through the marijuana law under the “European flag” procedure in the Parliament. Party spokesman Dimce Arsovski said at Saturday’s press conference that VMRO-DPMNE will oppose...

Macedonia 09.08.21 | 13:23

Zaev from Europe recognizes only the European flag on the marijuana law for his plant

They are fiddling while Rome burns. Macedonia is burning because of Zaev’s incompetence, and he gives interviews to regional media, VMRO-DPMNE reacts. EU expands in the morning and closes in the evening, Zaev tells Serbian daily “Politika” Zoran Zaev has shown in the region that since...